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120 Cream Pop

120 Cream Pop Container

In the world of e-liquids, it’s easy to get caught up in the debate over all of the different tobacco and menthol flavored juices and sometimes lose track of those more exotic options that so many companies offer these days. To make matters worse, there are many people who are so used to their staples that they seldom venture outside of their wheelhouse to try anything new. Unfortunately, that can cause many to miss out on some of the truly great innovations in taste that seem to flow out of the e-juice industry like water for Niagara Falls. A classic example of this phenomenon is the 120 Cream Pop E-liquid from Mad Hatter E-Juice.

Mad Hatter is a name that many vaping experts are beginning to know more about, as the company is responsible for some of the most unique flavors to hit the marketplace in the last few years. Anyone who had the chance to try I Love Donuts – the company’s hot bakery-inspired flavor – understands just how innovative their recipes can be. I Love Cookies was another creative option that had a lot of vapers talking. So now we have 120 Cream Pop, and the obvious question that needs to be asked is this: is this another great hit for the company, or something less worthy of praise?


The Flavor

Let’s begin by noting a couple of important points: if you are one of those traditionalists who just wants that standard nicotine delivery with a little tobacco or menthol kick, then this flavor is probably going to be outside of your comfort zone. Face it: dessert-type taste sensations aren’t for everybody, and even some of the most discriminating e-liquid fans simply wrinkle their noses at sweet-tasting or other more exotic recipe blends. In addition, even fans of the sweet tastes don’t necessarily love every variation on that theme.

The flavor of 120 Cream Pop


With that said, there’s just something about ice cream that attracts most everyone I know. From the time we are children, most of us – at least those who aren’t sensitive to dairy products, that is – eagerly chase after the ice cream truck when it meanders down the street. By way of full disclosure, I should note that I still do that when I hear that awful music. Now, that love of ice cream can be a curse or a blessing for a company trying to mimic that great creamy taste. In most instances, it’s little more than a gamble.

With 120 Cream Pop, however, it’s even more of a gamble for the company since the flavor is not just a straight attempt to create an ice cream taste. Instead, it’s a blend of ice cream goodness that leans toward that old creamsicle taste – but with some major flavor accents that you might not be expecting when you take that first draw. There’s an accent that gives the whole thing the type of cool sensation that you’d expect if you were eating an actual orange popsicle. That might be a bit shocking to some vapers, but we found that it made the entire experience more authentic than if the creamy flavor had arrived with a warming sensation.

With the addition of that mentholated coolness, the 120 Cream Pop is able to provide something that few other creamy e-juices can: a perfect combination of creamy fruit flavors delivered with the authentic cold sensation you would usually only expect from an actual popsicle. That’s a neat trick any way you slice it, and definitely earns Mad Hatter some major respect from this reviewer.


Vaping Smoothness

Different size bottlesOf course, a few draws on any sweetened liquid might be fun for a time, but many vapers want to know whether a given juice can serve as their all-day option. Sure, there are plenty of us who like to work with a variety of flavors, switching juices throughout the day to fit our mood and taste needs at any given time. Some, however, just want to locate that one perfect juice that can fulfill their vaping needs at any time of the day, week, or month. Well, this can be the ideal taste sensation for that need as well. While there is a bite to each draw – something that anyone familiar with menthol will recognize all too well, it is not the harsh hit that you find with many strong menthol flavors.

As a result, this juice comes across with grace and smoothness. Depending on your style of vaping, you could experience moderate creaminess with mid-level vapor production or a lessened cream sensation if you choose different vaping temperatures and vapor levels. That’s a nice feature with a quality cream since it helps to ensure that you can modify your vaping techniques to make your 120 Cream Pop experience exactly what you need.

To get a true and great experience with this e-juice you need to use it with a really good vape pen, this makes a huge difference as the coil can lose a lot of the flavor and that’s the last thing you want! Alternatively, if size is not that much of an issue then go with the best box mod you can afford, they do come in different sizes but are generally a little bigger than the standard vape pens.

If you noticed at the start of this review, the company’s other taste sensations all make liberal use of the “I Love” theme, followed by the name of the targeted taste source. You may have wondered why this new flavor strays from the tendency, and what the number 120 might have to do with anything. Well, as it turns out, the 120 is a direct reference to the 120 ml bottles in which this product will be marketed and sold. The company probably wanted to make that distinction clear right from the start, since their other e-juices are sold in 30 ml containers.

Here’s the thing, though: it almost doesn’t matter what they call it. They could just call it Cream Pop if they wanted, and it would be just as accurate. The important thing is that you know just how great the flavor is, and the type of taste sensations you can expect when you order your own bottle. And you definitely should order your own bottle, so that you too can experience what we’re going to consider as one of the best creamy e-juices to come down the pike in quite some time. If you buy only one new e-liquid to try this year, we highly recommend the 120 Cream Pop. If your interested in other flavors from the same guys then check out our full Mad Hatters E-Juice review.

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