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I’m Nick, the featured editor here at SmokeTastic and yes, I use to be a heavy smoker of 30 a day. About 7 years ago I tried my first electronic cigarette and comparing the brands available today it was bad, really bad! But I really liked the idea of them and knew they were going to get better as more companies released improved versions. It was a really exciting time for me, having tried other smoking cessation products like patches and gum and although over the first 6 months I smoked and vaped I soon became an ex-smoker and loved trying out all the different new releases! I have learned a lot over the years and love sharing my experience with my readers. Hopefully, I can help you make the right choice to find the best possible electronic cigarette type and brand to suit you perfectly.

Vaping helped me quit smoking and it became a passion to show others the best products on the market, plus I love reviewing them!

My Personal Tips

Half the battle in switching to electronic cigarettes or any vaping product is the time it takes to transition to this new type of smoking or should I say vaping! I found that in the beginning, I was using both, mainly using the e-cig when it wasn’t convenient to smoke, back then I was using cigalikes, but these days I would suggest starting with a simple to use vaping pod.

My biggest tip is not to just quit smoking altogether and start using vape pods or cigalikes, start by replacing a few smoking breaks with vaping breaks, and slowly change the amount of nicotine in your e-cig to the level that satisfies the most.

When you have pretty much identified the right amount of nicotine, start trying a different array of flavors, don’t be afraid of trying something you wouldn’t usually pick, as the taste of something in vapor form differs from that of a solid or food form.

It is then, you can start vaping on a larger scale, start by replacing 1 vaping break to 2 and if your anything like me, you will start liking and enjoying the vaping breaks more than the actual smoking breaks! If you get to a point that you feel you’re not getting a bigger enough hit from vaping, you have 2 options; 1, increase the nicotine levels or 2, increase the cloud volume by upgrading to a vape pen or box mod.

About SmokeTastic.com

SmokeTastic has been reviewing all types of electronic cigarettes and vaping products since 2012, owned and run by Nicholas King who was the owner of other review sites from back in 2011 with sites such as houseofelectroniccigarettes.com, best-e-cigarette.com, best-ecigs.com and a few other vaping blogs and information sites. He has helped run such highly popular vaping news sites such as vaporsdigest.com site in 2015 and vaporlives.com in 2016. He also owned a number of quit smoking sites such as smokingonline.net, handysigns.net, and quitguru.com. Nicholas also ran a successful vaping shop throughout 2016, on kingzing.co.uk but sold the business in order to continue his passion of writing and reviewing. All of Nicholas’s former sites are slowly being migrated into SmokeTastic.com to produce one central source for vaping and vapers.

Nicholas now runs SmokeTastic.com full time with the simple mission of helping fellow vapors identify the best e-cigs, pod vape, vape pens, box mods, tanks, coils and all other vaping products on the market.

SmokeTastic often receives requests from other bloggers to write for SmokeTastic.com, but due to quality issues and many other bloggers writing in exchange purely of backlinks we often refuse, this, we believe, keeps the SmokeTastic site pure and honest, without any outside influences. We will, however, consider such requests, so please write to us with your proven history in the vaping field and we will consider your request.

We do welcome your feedback, and any relative comments will be published or answered, to contact us please use our Contact Us page, our emails are regularly checked (daily), and if you ask us a vaping related question, we will respond!

You can also contact us on our phone numbers, we have two offices one in the US: (937) 660-8080 and one in the UK: 020 8144 2322 if you can’t get through, please leave a message and we will return your call.

Our Reviewing Approach

We have tried to create a site with honest reviews of all the latest brands, but if you think we’ve missed one, please let us know! We also try to help you if you have any questions concerning your device, just shoot us a message and we usually respond within 24 hours!

At SmokeTastic.com we deliver electronic cigarette rankings based on tests that we conduct over 1 week of continual use. Our goal is simple, to locate and identify the best electronic cigarette or vaping product on the market in each category and explain to you why we think it is the best. With hundreds of electronic cigarette companies out there to choose from, it is becoming ever more difficult to locate the right one to suit you.

We believe that testing each brand for a week gives us the confidence of knowing the products good and bad points, we then and only then record a short video and write up our reviews. We are not persuaded or influenced by any of the companies that we show.

We do not claim to be the only site and absolute authority on the subject. Ultimately the decision depends on you and your particular needs. But we do our very best to keep you informed of the information that we think is important before choosing.

If you have any products that you would like to get reviewed by us, just drop us an email using the form below. Also if there’s a particular subject, event or anything else that you would like us to write about or investigate, then please let us know. Please try to keep the subject related to electronic cigarettes though!