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Alpha Vapes E Juice

Alpha Vapes is a pretty well-known commodity when it comes to flavorful e-juices. Those who have tried the company’s taste options like Heist, Machu, Hoops, and the Dude are already familiar with the recipes and the company’s attention to detailed attention to getting all of their fruity and other tastes just right. When they try to capture a flavor’s essence in an e-liquid form, they generally get the job done in a way that few other manufacturers seem able to do. With that said, they have another flavor out there that is worthy of a more in-depth examination. It’s called Sweet Tooth, and we’re going to look at it, explore its taste, and see whether it deserves to be hyped as much as the company’s other offerings. By the end of this Alpha Vapes Sweet Tooth review, we should have a better idea whether or not this is a taste worthy of your hard-earned dollars.


The Upside and Downside

Alpha Vapes Sweet Tooth E-Liquid 30mlLet’s get this out of the way right off the top: there are pros and cons to any product, and that includes this one. On the plus side, the juice comes in glass containers. The bottles have glass droppers, so that’s a plus in my book – as someone who absolutely loathes e-juice in plastic bottles. It’s just not the same as quality glass. The labels are attractive and easy to read and contain that critical information about the level of nicotine you’re getting with the juice. And, of course, the name of the product is exciting and mysterious – with a creativity that can be seen as either refreshing or lacking in information, since Sweet Tooth as a name doesn’t really describe the flavor all that well.

Perhaps the only real downside is that there is no origin date for the product. For people who purchase a lot of e-juice at a time, that sort of “born on” information can be really important when rotating supplies to ensure that everything is fresh. It also lets you know that you’re not getting old stock bottles that have been sitting in the back of a warehouse for longer than it should. Granted, that’s just a personal quibble and probably won’t mean much to more casual vapers. Still, that’s not the sort of thing that actually asks too much from the manufacturer. Anything using food-grade ingredients should come with that type of labeling information in this day and age.


The Taste

Let’s get right to the high point of any e-liquid review: the taste factor. After all, if the juice tastes bad, you’re probably not going to care much about its other attributes, right? We tested this e-juice with the XEO VOID Vaporizer but if you really want the most out of the flavor then try it with the VaporFi VOX 80 TC mod, it’s just beautiful! So, how’s the taste of Sweet Tooth? Well, it’s important to understand what makes it tick. It’s advertised as providing a combination of vanilla flavoring with cookies and graham cracker sensations – all in a creamy combination that produces “massive clouds of vapor.” Obviously, that’s a lot of hype to live up to, and most e-liquids would wilt in the face of such high praise.


Not Sweet Tooth, though! It almost surprised us a little to find that the juice actually tasted better than its marketing suggested. To be frank, most e-liquids that come with this type of excessively positive praise tend to disappoint – especially if you allow yourself to have elevated expectations. With this one, though, there was none of that disappointment to be found. Instead, there was only the satisfaction and ecstasy that comes from experiencing one of those new juices that have you asking yourself what each new delightful accent might be. It’s that kind of juice, folks.

Usually, these blended flavor recipes are most notable for the different distinct accent that you detect during the vaping experience. Sometimes, you’ll catch a trace of one flavor in one draw and then something altogether different in the next. That’s enjoyable too but can sometimes lead to some confusion about what specific message the liquid is trying to send. That’s not a problem with Sweet Tooth, since the creme, vanilla, and graham cracker taste sensations come together in a way that produces a creamy vapor flavor that is more than the sum of its parts. Is that cliché? Perhaps, but it also has the benefit of being true!The clouds of vapor


The Clouds

Now, a lot of dessert liquids sometimes prove less than satisfactory when it comes to cloud production. That’s to be expected since there is often a vapor price to be paid when manufacturers work to enhance the flavor of a juice. Alpha Vapes has turned those expectations on their head, by producing a dessert juice that produces horror movie-level fog for vape clouds. Even better is the fact that you get those heavenly clouds without sacrificing flavor, enabling you to meet your taste and vapor needs without compromise. Having a good vape pen also helps with the cloud production of course, we suggest you read and learn more about the best e cig and vaping techniques.


The Bottom Line

Look, we could go on and on about the great job that the company did with its synthesis of unique flavors. We could rave about the vapor production, the creaminess of every draw, and the quality of the packaging, but that kind of hype is as common as ants at a picnic. Here’s what you really want and need to know: we liked this e-juice. A lot. It’s sweet, creamy, and delicious, without being stingy on vapor production. At the end of the day, we can think of no higher praise for such a quality e-juice offering than these words: order some and try it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Nicholas King
Nicholas King
Nicholas King is the sole owner and editor of SmokeTastic. Nicholas, use to smoke 30 a day back in 2011 before converting to vaping. With a depth of knowledge in the vaping industry and the research he conducts, makes him one of the most recognized and experienced vapers in the industry.