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Geek Vape Ammit Review
7.3 Final Score
Ammit Single Coil RTA Review Bottom Line

For a single coil RTA device we believe this is the best on the market right now, if your willing to sacrifice a little vapor volume for taste then this is the RTA for you. With the lack of single coil RTA's on the market Geek Vape have jumped on this space with an awesome tank! Get yours now!

The Ammit TankIf you’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Geek Vape’s new rebuildable tank atomizer, and anticipating the enhanced flavor opportunities that it promises, then your chance to test it is finally here. Hailed as offering one of the easiest building decks ever, and outfitted with its own three-dimensional air flow capabilities, this device looks like the world-beater we were promised when rumors of its release first started circulating. The question is, though, can it possibly meet expectations and deliver that great vapor and flavor the company’s fans demand? In this Geek Vape’s Ammit Single Coil RTA review, we’ll try to find out! You can learn more about RTA and RDA devices in our guide here.


Why Would the Flavor be Any Different?

In the lead-up to the product’s release, I have been asked by friends and acquaintances to explain why the flavor would be any different when vaping with this device as opposed to other products. Based on what I knew at the time – which was admittedly not as much as I would have liked, mind you – I was able to offer only one real answer: the single-coil deck.  As most serious vapers know, there isn’t exactly a glut of RTA devices designed for single-coil use.


I know some of you are probably thinking, “but XYZ’s RTA can be used as a single-coil” or “well, I know I’ve seen single-coil RTAs before” – and you’re right; the idea of a single-coil RTA is not unique. What is unique, however, is that Geek Vape has actually set out to create an RTA that is specifically designed for single-coil use. Their design emphasized that style of vaping – and that is something new in the marketplace.

So, what does that mean for you? Well, single-coil vaping can deliver more consistently pure flavor. That’s the intent, and that’s what you get. In other words, if the flavor is your priority and you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of vapor production to get it, then this style of the vaping device should be right up your alley.

Ammit Tank broken down


Key Features and Results

In looking at the key features that this RTA offers, it’s impossible to avoid a discussion of its so-called “three-dimensional airflow” capability. The design placed the coil in just the right position to ensure that the air flows over not only the front of the coil but the sides as well. There’s an advantage to that, of course, since that type of airflow can ensure that your vapor production remains higher than you might anticipate with a product designed for flavor retention.

The device also offers a nice, wide chimney that we assumed would aid in vapor production. The specification of the Ammit RTA TankIn our tests, which we complete on all the best performing e-cigarettes, we were expecting to see a slightly larger amount of vapor production due to these airflow aids, so there was no way that we were going to be surprised to see sizable clouds of the type you wouldn’t ordinarily see with a flavor-first build. Wrong! This unique design actually did surprise us, as we were met with some fairly impressive vapor.

Your results are going to depend on the exact build that you use, though – as is true with any rebuildable device. If you can find images of the device online, I’d urge you to check them out. Take note of the large post holes and try to imagine the various wire options available to you in your building efforts. Also, focus your attention on the oversized surface area and try to imagine how that airflow will work to provide the types of clouds you want. Finally, factor in the advanced flavor retention that you’ll enjoy – and then try to envision any other of the best RTA’s coming even close to matching those results.

Keep in mind that the tank is a 3.5 mm capacity wonder that’s easy-to-fill and use. The wicking is also designed for ease of use, so you shouldn’t have any complaints in that area. Moreover, you can use a variety of different coils with the device, making it extremely flexible. Have fun customizing your build to your heart’s delight. You can even choose between a stainless-steel body or a sleek, black finish.

Components of the Ammit Single Coil Tank

Now for the really exciting news: you can actually find this device online for less than $32 – which is an incredible deal when you consider that its recommended price is more than three times that amount. With that in mind, our recommendation couldn’t be clearer. If you’re looking for a great single-coil RTA that will be flexible enough to meet your customization needs, then you need Geek Vape’s Ammit Single Coil RTA in your build collection. And if you already know that you need the device, then it only makes sense to buy it as soon as possible to ensure that you get the best deal available. In short: we like this RTA a lot and are pretty confident that you will too. Get yours today.

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