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September 14, 2015
eGo E Cigarettes
September 28, 2015

The Apollo electronic cigarette is one of my personal favorites, although it does have some disadvantages like the size, refilling and the manual battery which can be a bit of a disadvantage for new comers to e cigarettes, but the amount of vapor and the quality of the vapor is one of the best on the market, and I have no trouble in recommending it to my readers.

The eGo range has been out for a little while now, and is now fast becoming the most popular product in the industry, and it’s not hard to see why it’s on our list of the best e cigarettes, I personally use this brand and the eGo model ticks all the boxes for me personally. The new esmoker however may find it a little on the large size, and prefer an automatic battery. That said, if you can come to terms with the size and pressing the button to activate the battery (which lets you control the vapor quantity), then you will find it hard to go back!
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This particular brand of electronic cigarette sells for $69.95 (or £44.95) for a superior kit, which although is rather on the expensive side, does give you 2 e cigarettes, so you can keep one spare for when the battery runs out. You also get a bottle of eliquid a wall charger and of course the usb charger!

The eGo product looks great, although a little bigger than the other 2 piece designs, but produces more vapor, and lasts the day of continue smoking, I smoke it a lot and it has always lasted.


Video Review

So the two important things that need to be seen is the size in comparison to the other brands, and the amount of vapor, we can see this in our video review:

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Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the Apollo eGo kit for some reason, then they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee, they also offer a 1 year guarantee on their products, excluding the clearimizer which only have a 2 week period due to the nature of the product!



The eGo superior kit does have a number of advantages, the main being the vapor quality and quantity, it compares very closely to the top range electronic cigarette at V2 Cigs for example. If you’re a smoker you may find over time that smoking the other brands becomes a little struggled, that is you don’t get the hit that you want and often end up smoking your regular cigarette. The eGo kit from Apollo however produces so much vapor that at first you may struggle not to cough! Although this may seem a disadvantage, after continue use, you always get that hit, and you will learn to love the eGo more than actual smoking!



Now let’s be honest and tell you why it’s not at number 1, well there are a couple of disadvantages to the design. The first is the size, not only is it about another third in length, but it is also double the diamter, making it the largest electronic cigarette in all my reviews. Another disadvantage is the battery, it is manual, although this is good that you can control the amount of vapor, it does have a tendency to be accidently pressed when it’s in your pocket. The last disadvantage is the e liquid, you have to fill the clearimizer up yourself, although this really is no big deal. Our video above shows all these features so you can see for yourself.

apollo starter kit
Apollo Endeavor Starter Kit

I was considering if this kit was suitable for a new electronic cigarette smoker, as it does have a number of disadvantages, as I’ve mentioned above, but I thought, if I was to start smoking again, which one would I like to smoke, and it would have to be the Apollo eGo kit.

The eGo Superior kit shown in the image above comes with 2 complete electronic cigarettes, i.e. 2 batteries, and 2 clearimizers, along with the charger, wall mount, eliquid and instructions.

Vapor and Battery

Although the battery is twice the size in diameter in comparison to the other models, this does not mean it lasts twice as long, at least not with myself, as I smoke it all the time, it does however see out the day. The batteries thickness is to do with the power, and this power is what produces the amazing amount of vapor. It’s thick and the quality is smooth, this has a lot to do with the quality of the eliquid, so make sure you but from Apollo or another recognized reseller.

Apollo eCigs Live Chat
Live Chat

As I have mentioned before on another Apollo product, they do offer the usual lines of support, which include phone lines, emails but more impressively live chat.


Apollo’s eGo electronic cigarette is my personal favorite, when it comes to electronic cigarettes, do consider the disadvantages that I mentioned above, but if you can live with them, then go with this brand. Try the different flavors available as well, as you will probably surprise yourself, my personal favorite is cherry!

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Nicholas King
Nicholas King
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