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The Aspire Atlantis tank is a clearomizer of high performance offering a range of sophisticated features for the more experienced user. These features include sub-ohm optimized coils and adjustable airflow.

The device is a stainless steel construction measuring 22mm (w) x 70.3mm (h) and the Pyrex tank has a capacity of 2ml. The device is 510-type Connection Threading with an Anti-leakage Design. The resistance of the coil is 0.5ohm (20-30W) and Aspire Atlantis is made in the U.S.A.

aspire atlantisFor using this device, you have to unscrew the cap at the bottom and you unscrew the coil head from the bottom of cap before to affix new coil head. With your favorite e-liquid, you fill the tank. Then, you replace the bottom cap. Before to use your device, wait roughly three minutes for allowing the fluid to settle and absorb into the wicking. Then, you connect to compatible mod. You can enjoy vaping again.

The main competition with this tank is the Kanger Sub Tank mini. It is probably a little better in our opinion, but did have the advantage of coming to the market a little later, so add any modifications to it to compete.

The Aspire Atlantis tank offers a sub-ohm coil of high resistance for allowing users to produce easily puffy and huge vapor clouds. The durable Pyrex glass inner construction is built to resist to the tank cracking superpowers of some e-juices available on the market. The Pyrex glass tank is the best tube/tank available on the market today. This is a must for your clearomizers. Thanks to this feature, you can enjoy harsh juices without worrying that they will crack your tank.

When you are trying to enhance the flavor of your liquid, the device offers you numerous tricks and tools. One of the favorite features, as mentioned above, is the airflow design. This enables vapers to tailor their experience. You will not have such opportunity with basic models. A common issue with other clearomizers is insufficient vapor flow due to the outlet size. This issue moves some users to drill bigger holes in their tanks in order to increase airflow.

You have to know that the smallest setting of airflow on the Atlantis is the same size as the biggest setting of airflow on the Nautilus. If dripping is your stuff, then, the Aspire Atlantis will become your favorite since its airflow holes produce impressive cloud of vapors. If you like dripping but you are not ready for a full commitment; the Aspire Atlantis will give you a wonderful idea of the dripping nature.

For a good set up, vaping the device at 35 to 40 watts using a 30% PG/ 70% VG combined on the second highest airflow level. When you vape e-juice at some temperature, you can the true and real flavors can come out really. This is the reason why you should not vape some liquids without having the appropriate equipment.

For making sure that your Atlantis work properly, the Aspire designed the CF Sub Ohm battery. This battery comes with a carbon fiber coated tube, stainless steel endpoints, and a metal button. The battery contains also a revolutionary spring connector. The control circuit and the design of this battery series make its use extremely stable and reliable. The vape tank is an amazing combo with the sub ohm battery.

There are numerous compatible mods. The Cloupor T8 (150W Box Mod), is one if the best box mods available on the market today. The Cloupor T8 is a 150 watt box able to handle the sub-ohm vaping provided by your Aspire Atlantis. This mod is compatible with 0.15-4.0 ohm atomizers and offers a reverse battery protection. The 150W Box Mod comes also with IC board providing a self-heat dissipation system.

Another compatible mod is the VaporFIVox 50 Mod (50 watt box mod). This mod has an adjustable output power between 7w and 50w in 0.1w increments with an atomizer resistance of 0.2 ohm to 3.0 ohm. In addition, you enjoy a warranty of 6 months after the purchase.

When it comes to threading, the Aspire Atlantis tank features 510 threading. Therefore, any eGo/510 device available on the market will fit with the Aspire Atlantis clearomizers. However, in order to appreciate truly the difference its features and design make, the Aspire Atlantis clearomizer requires more power than the basic tanks provide.

If you are always worried about the performance of your device, you can put your mind at ease with the Aspire Atlantis coils. You need these bottom vertical coils for retrieving the wonder of vaping world. However, you have to keep in mind that there is a big difference between the setup of the Bottom Vertical coils for the Aspire Atlantis coil and the original BVC coils.

The bottom vertical coils of the Aspire Atlantis increase the production of your vapor by 15% with a uniform distribution of the heat. The reason of this advantage is the absence of rope in the center of coil that blocks the airflow within the coil itself.

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