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November 6, 2017
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VaporFi VAIO Mini Review
November 10, 2017

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Aspire Gusto Mini Review Bottom Line

If your new to vaping, or a smoker looking for an easy to use, no frills mod then the Gusto and Gusto Mini from Aspire is one great choice. Supports both mouth to lung and direct lung inhales with some great flavors available we can see why ex-smokers are excited about this pod system. The mini has a built-in 900mah internal battery whilst the standard, larger Gusto has a 1100mah battery, with an output power of just 17W this relatively small battery can last all day. Overall a great mod for newcomers and smokers, but a little short of features for the more experienced.

Aspire Gusto Mini Pod System

Indepth Aspire Gusto Mini Review

Aspire have been known to produce some of the best vaping products on the market for some time, but now they are changing direction somewhat with a new pod system mod. The Aspire Gusto and Gusto Mini mods are a new era of vape mods hitting the market, known as an all-in-one (AIO) pod system which has the tank, atomizer, and battery all housed in the same unit, known as a closed system making it less likely to leak, smaller and in some cases much more convenient to vape.



Blue version of the Aspire Gusto MiniThe Gusto Mini has a 4.2ml capacity tank, versus the 6ml tank on the Gusto standard model which is only available in the US. The mini has a built-in 900mah internal battery versus the 1,100mah on the standard model; both are charged via the USB cable provided. This saves on buying those 18650 batteries.

There is a led which flashes to indicate when the battery is fully charged, green represents good battery life and as you use the device the led will change to red indicating it requires a recharge.

The atomizer which is built into the tank is at 1.5ohms so perfect for the mouth to lung inhales and those looking at e-cigs to quit smoking as this resembles the same draw process. That said with the relatively low resistance you can actually perform direct lung inhales too.

Simply click the button 5 times, similar to most mods, to switch the unit on, and then click when inhaling to fire the mod up.

That’s it, hence the term all in one and simple to use, there is no playing around with voltage levels, temperatures or resistance settings just click and go!

All the colors of the Aspire Gusto Mini


Pod System

The disposable pods for both the Gusto and Gusto Mini can be bought separately and a number of flavors available were initially low. Luckily Aspire has teamed up with Halo Cigs and now Halo is offering all their flavors for both the mini and standard Gusto! This is great news as all their popular flavors are included, Halo e-liquids are premium class, and they include the following flavors for the Gusto pods:
Pod system on the Aspire Gusto

  • Tribeca
  • Turkish Tobacco
  • SubZero
  • Sugar Twist
  • Cryptic Blast

The Gusto Mini pods hold 4.2ml whilst the standard Gusto hold 6ml of e-liquid and all, obviously, come with a new atomizer installed as they are all built in! This makes it easier for the user as all they have to do is throw away the old pod and insert the new one into the mod, then they are good to go!

At the low end of the price scale for mods, this is one to really consider, but make sure to check out our vaping deals page like this and other mods do come up in the sales!

Aspire Gusto Mini with USB attached


The Gusto and Gusto Mini are perfect for those new to vaping and want a mod that is easy to use without having to adjust any settings. We thought, with this limitation the performance would be affected, but to our surprise, both units perform really well for both mouth to lung vapers and direct lung inhale vapers.

The size of the Mini Gusto is amazing! With only 900mAh battery though we thought it would require constant recharging, but as it only draws 17W of output the battery actually lasts a long time, all day in fact.


To Conclude

The performance is really good, and although this unit is really aimed at new vapers, we actually really enjoyed using it too, we believe for new vapers this is one of the best e-cigarette devices you can buy. With the simple to use pod system, you can literally figure out how to use this device without reading any instructions, even if you’ve never even seen a vape mod before!

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