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All-in-one (AIO) kits are a hot trend in the vaping world these days, and all of the major players seem to be racing to catch this consumer wave. March 2016 saw Aspire reveal a powerful new entry into this niche market hoping to provide the best e-cig, as they introduced the new Aspire Plato. This vaping option is reportedly the result of many months of planning and testing, and, on the surface, it would appear that the company’s time was well-spent. To really judge just how well they did with their efforts to create a top of the line AIO vaping product, a closer examination is in order.


An Aesthetic Delight

plato1Aspire fans are used to being spoiled by the company’s attention to design detail, having grown accustomed to ultra-stylish aesthetics when the Aspire Pegasus arrived on the scene. They won’t be disappointed by this latest offering, as it comes with that same metallic sleekness that these enthusiasts were probably expecting, as well as rounded box design that is made for a comfortable grip.

For those to whom color coordination is paramount, there is extremely good news. The device comes in a total of eight colors, with three for the women, another three for the men, and two neutral shades: rose gold, lavender, pink, blue, grey, weathered gold, black, and white. Want to match your mod to your home décor so that it looks even more attractive just sitting out on a shelf or table? No problem!

A Technological Marvel

Without question, the Aspire Plato is a fine example of just how much technology a company can pack into a small device. Its single 18650 battery provides the power needed to achieve its maximum 50w wattage output and enables the type of variable output needed to maintain strict control over temperature – something today’s enthusiasts demand. Its sleek design places the tank inside the box mod, and users will be delighted to see just how much liquid that tank can hold. Unlike some of the smaller tanks on the market, this one can be filled with up to 5.6 ml of your favorite e-juice!


plato 2


Flexible Options

plato 3Of course, when it comes right down to brass tacks the only thing that really matters is usability. Does the device actually meet your vaping needs? Well, relax. The Aspire Plato has you covered on that front as well and offers the type of flexible vaping capabilities that every serious vaper demands. The device’s multiple coil options will satisfy virtually any vaping desire.

Are you a mouth to lung enthusiast? The Aspire Plato comes with a cartridge specifically designed with the narrow air tunnel and coil setup you need to ensure the best mouth to lung experience. The entire setup is designed in a way that ensures that the vapor still ends up being cooled enough to make every draw as smooth as possible.

At the same time, the Aspire Plato also comes with a kanthal Clapton coil and cartridge set up to facilitate the increased air volume needed for vapers who want that direct to lung experience. The setup is designed to provide maximum control over the amount of airflow the device receives, which should help you to guarantee that your vaping enjoyment is customized to your exacting specifications. The only limitation with this setup is that the tank capacity is sacrificed by a full ml, to leave more space for the chimney.


Other Points of Interest

As noted, the rounded shape offered by the Plato is a real treat for the hands, but a comfortable grip would be useless if the device were a mismatch for the hand. Small-handed vapers often find some of these mods to be uncomfortable to hold, but that problem is resolved with this offering from Aspire. At just 50mm wide and 23mm deep – with a height of just under 88 mm, the Plato is a smaller, more manageable device for most users.

plato filing

Other notable features include an easy to clean tank, a replaceable battery, and firmware updates via the included USB connector. That last feature is important for users who want to keep abreast of any new updates that may be coming in the future. That glass tank is easy to fill, and large enough to make the device more portable than many others on the market today.

As a result of these features and more, the new Aspire Plato is definitely among the best new mod entries to hit the market in recent months. Its aesthetically-pleasing design, flexible options, well-conceived size and weight, and affordable price truly make it one of the premiere All-in-one devices available today.


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