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Atlantis EVO Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Every so often, people in the industry start raving about how this product or that product represents some sort of next-generation innovation in one area of vaping technology or another. Atlantis EVO Tank in blackUsually, the claims end up being more hype than honest reporting. Sometimes, though, they’re absolutely correct in that assessment. Take the Atlantis EVO Sub-Ohm Tank, for example. It’s already been hailed as the next major breakthrough in sub-ohm vaping. With a name like EVO, of course, there had better be some strong evidence to back up those claims – since the EVO stands for “evolution.” So, does this new product from Aspire do all that the company claims? This review will attempt to answer that question.

First of all, let’s examine some of the major innovations that are supposed to be evolutionary in nature. Aspire has placed the juice ports in a different place, and widened them to increase air flow in an attempt to make the vaping experience more enjoyable and compatible with all the best e-cig brands on the market. In theory, that should help to deliver huge clouds of vapor, right? Ordinarily, that might come with a reduction in flavor, since there is often a certain trade-off between clouds and taste. The Evo, however, is supposed to prevent that taste loss and ensure that you can have your clouds and flavor too. Well, there’s nothing like setting lofty goals, right?

Here’s the thing, though: The Atlantis Evo actually accomplishes this feat with remarkable aplomb. When we started testing the product, we knew that we were going to receive sound results. This is, after all, Aspire – and they don’t exactly have a reputation for producing failure. What we didn’t expect was so much vapor and flavor all at once. Suffice it to say, there was little hype involved in any of these claims. All we got was a taste of flavorful vapor.


Key Features

To understand how the company achieved these results, it’s important to know about some of its more important features. For example, the tank itself is made of stainless steel – which does an excellent job of preserving the natural flavor of any e-juice. The tank also has an O-ring that is thick and leak-proof, just in case you were wondering – so no more worries about unwieldy spills when you least expect them.

Evo Tank in parts

The device also has top-line airflow controls to provide you with the control you need – conveniently located near the bottom of the mod, with larger holes than you might expect. Obviously, those holes are one of the main reasons why you can enjoy the type of huge clouds that the Atlantis Evo can provide.  We focused a lot of our attention on the quad flow capabilities since that seemed to provide us with plenty of vapor and taste – so we’d suggest that to other users as well. That airflow provided us with smooth draws. The sub-ohm production is absolutely outstanding in every respect.


Things to Remember

EVO Tank E-juice fillingThere are a few things to keep in mind with this device, of course – and we would hate for you to be surprised! For one thing, you should expect to run through a lot of juice. Experienced users who have been focused on sub-ohm vaping for a while will probably know this already, but that style of vaping can use a lot of e-liquid in a hurry. Naturally, all of that juice goes to good use, since it is the fuel used to create those wonderful clouds of vapor. That’s important to remember because it can increase your costs since you’ll go through more juice than you might be accustomed to – although long-time sub-ohm users probably won’t notice any difference.

You also need to remember to prime your wick any time you insert a new coil into the device. And then you need to wait a few minutes to five the wick time to get accustomed to its new environment. After that, you can put the new coil in and start vaping. We didn’t pay attention to that sequence the first few times we experimented with the Atlantis, and it really showed in the poor results we got. When you do it properly, though, you’ll see nothing but positive results.


Who is it for?

Some newer vapers may wonder whether the Atlantis Evo is right for them. The Atlantis EVO TankThe answer is complicated. As a general rule, the best we can say is that some newer vapers might find the device a nice change of pace from their simpler units. Most new vapers, though, will struggle with the MTL (mouth to lung) vaping that sub-ohm typically involves. For them, a more basic model of mod might be a better option. To be fair, this probably is something best reserved for more advanced users.

Because it has large ports for juice, you can use thicker VG liquids – so that’s a real benefit for cloud-chasers. That also makes this a good choice for many drippers. The device is top-fill for convenience and has a tank that is guaranteed not to leak – a real positive, no matter how you slice it. Finally, that powerful airflow ensures smoother draws.

So, if you want big clouds of vapor and reliable performance, there is no question about it: The Atlantis Evo is the right device for you we also suggest using this tank with the best box mod you can afford to truly get the magical experience! Just be prepared for the extra juice you’ll use, and don’t be afraid to get lost in the haze-filled room you’re about to create. Try it now!

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