If you’re one of the many millions of smokers who have finally made the decision to switch to electronic cigarettes so that you can finally kick the tobacco habit for good, congratulations. The vaping experience should offer you everything you need to ensure that you leave those old burner cigarettes behind forever, so long as you pick the best electronic cigarette. Of course, you may be somewhat hesitant to begin with, and wonder where the right entry point might be and which product you should choose. Here are some tips for finding the right electronic cigarette that can help to ensure that your transition from smoker to vaper is as smooth as possible.

Looking For The Best E Cigs For Smokers

Whether your a smoker looking to cut down or someone who want to quit smoking for good and want to try the best e cig specifically to mimic smoking, we can help. In this guide we take a look at the best e cigs there are on the market just for smokers.

Check Out The Best E Cigs For Smokers


Know Your Goal

goalsAre you intending to quit the nicotine habit altogether, or simply looking for a safer alternative? That question matters tremendously, because if you’re only planning to vape for a short time on your way toward being nicotine-free, then you may not want to invest in durable vaping devices. Disposable e-cigarettes may be enough to meet your needs. If, however, you enjoy your nicotine and just want something safer, a reliable and rechargeable vaping device that you fill with your own e-liquid may be the best bet. Understand the different types of electronic cigarette by reading our guide.


Know Your Budget

You probably already realize that you’re almost guaranteed to save money by switching from tobacco to e-cigs. However, if you plan on doing it long-term, and want a reliable device, you need to expect a more substantial initial investment. Do your homework and select a device in your price range.


Looking for a Particular Flavor?

flavorsYou can get different flavors with the disposable variety of electronic cigarette, but you should also know that your options will be more limited. Every major brand offers traditional cigarette flavor as well as menthol. If you want something more exotic – and e-juice can get about as exotic as you can imagine – then a refillable device is probably going to be your best bet. Once you get some experience, you can even create your own flavors at home – or visit one of the sites that allows you to order custom-mixed e-liquid flavors.


How Complex Do You Want this to Be?

There are essentially two different choices here: single-piece disposables that you use and then discard, and refillable devices that have tanks and atomizers powered by a rechargeable battery. The disposables may be enough to get you started – and for those who plan to transition away from nicotine altogether, but they offer less flexibility, fewer flavors, and a limited choice for nicotine strength.

The tank varieties offer an almost limitless customization potential, and can be used with an incredibly wide array of e-juice flavors. They also last longer than the disposables, and can save you money if you vape frequently and on a long-term basis. There are also higher-end devices that offer more flexibility for customization. You can change mods, tanks, batteries, and gain even more control over the amount of flavor and vapor your device produces.

To get a better idea, take a look at our beginners guide to e-cigs which will take you through all the basics you need to know.


Know Your Supplier

ecig supplierYou also want to decide how and where you want to get your vaping supplies. Disposables are available almost anywhere cigarettes are sold, making them perhaps the most convenient option in that regard. However, if you have a vape shop nearby, or are comfortable ordering from internet stores, then you can find an incredible variety of options available for purchase. The online option also tends to offer more competitive pricing options, so that’s a great way to go if your budget is a concern.


If You Plan to get Serious, Start with a Kit

If you know that you’re going to be vaping long-term, then there is no sense wasting time and money with lesser quality products. Do a little research, read some reviews online, and find a quality product that offers pre-made liquid cartridge refills or that you can refill with your own preferred e-juice. Since most products can be found in some type of starter kit, focus on finding one of those. A kit comes with the atomizer, battery, tank, and charging cables. In short, with the right starter kit and e-juice, you can get started as soon as your product is in your hands. Or you could dive straight into making your own coils with the best RDA atomizers!

It may seem like the e-cig buying experience is complex, but it is actually simpler than it might seem. Just focus on identifying your needs and then select a product that meets them. With these tips as a guide, you’ll soon discover that finding the right electronic cigarette is so easy that you’ll wonder why it took you so long to make the commitment to switch to vaping.

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