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The prospect of switching over from tobacco cigarettes to any of the new vaping devices can seem somewhat daunting for many newcomers to the world of electronic cigarettes. After all, anyone who spends any time at all researching these products understands that there sure seems to be an awful lot of technical jargon associated with most serious discussions about the industry. We have put together a simple guide for those smokers looking for the best e cigarette to quit smoking which may help! Tobacco seems easy by comparison, since the act of pulling a cigarette from a package and lighting it with a match or lighter is about as simple as any process can get. The good news, however, is that using your first electronic cigarette doesn’t have to be complex at all!

Assembling Your Product

assemble ecigaretteNow, this part won’t matter if you’re simply using one of those single-body disposables that you can buy in any gas station, check out the types of electronic cigarettes available. With those, you just open the pack and inhale. With any other type of e-cig, however, there is some minor assembly required. Don’t be alarmed, though; this is easier than you might think.

  1. Locate your battery and charging cable inside your product package. You always want to start your first vaping experience with a fully charged battery. Simply connect the battery to the cable and plug it in. Within four hours, it should be fully charged and ready for use.
  2. Find your clearomizer, cartomizer, or tank and connect it to the battery. If there is an e-liquid cartridge, connect that as well. If not, you may have to fill the tank with e-liquid prior to connecting it.
  3. Different products have slightly different setups, so be sure to read any provided directions to ensure that you know how everything fits together properly.


Taking that First Puff

first drag(1)If you’ve been a tobacco cigarette user for some time, you’re no doubt aware of the most common way to smoke one of those products. Most smokers take a series of short drags and hold the smoke for several seconds before then exhale. When you switch to vaping, you need to cast aside that inhalation method, since it is ill-suited for electronic cigarette use.

Vaping devices are not designed for short puffs. In fact, short puffs can result in a mouthful of your favorite e-juice if you’re not careful! You actually need to inhale slowly, with a steady draw that allows the vapor to come into your mouth. Then, just as you would with a tobacco cigarette, you hold that draw for several seconds before exhaling. At that point, you should wait for the effects of the nicotine to hit your body.

This is the part that confuses many new vapers, because they are accustomed to feeling the nicotine within a few seconds after inhalation. Tobacco smoke delivers nicotine to the lungs, where it is rapidly absorbed. With an electronic vaping device, the nicotine absorption actually begins in the mouth before making its way to the lungs. The vapor absorption uses the mucous membranes, so it takes a little longer to get started – roughly 30 seconds after inhalation.



New vapers who are unfamiliar with how nicotine absorption works often make the mistake of chain-vaping, as a way to quit smoking for vaping. This habit entails repeated draws from a vaping device over a short period of time, and is usually the result of a vaper feeling as though he is not getting his nicotine as quickly as he would like. As a general rule, you should limit to yourself to a handful of draws in any vaping session – somewhere between 3 and 5 inhalations. That will provide plenty of nicotine for most users.

When a vaping session is complete, set the device aside for at least several minutes to allow your body to absorb the nicotine completely. Nonstop vaping can result in the same type of throat irritation you experience from chain-smoking, and can dull the taste buds to the point where your e-liquid flavor loses its appeal.

Remember how you used to smoke several times a day, with regular breaks between cigarettes? Simply take that same approach with electronic cigarettes and you should soon settle into a comfortable vaping routine. As with all good things in life, moderation is the key to success!

That first vaping experience may seem like an unfamiliar challenge, but it’s really not. When you make your first e-cigarette purchase, just be sure to read the enclosed documentation, take your time with any assembly, and approach that first draw with care and attention. Once you see how easy using your first electronic cigarette truly is, you’ll be vaping like a pro in no time at all.

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