A Look at the Best RTA Atomizer Options

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By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: May 26th, 2016.

For many vaping enthusiasts, the simpler vaping device setups eventually prove inadequate for their needs. That often necessitates a move toward a more customizable setup, which leads many users to rebuildable tank atomizers – more commonly referred to as RTAs. These devices are similar in some respects to the best RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizers) in that they are high-performing machines capable of tremendous flavor and vapor production. Unlike RDAs, however, they have tank systems that eliminate the need for continual dripping. If you’re only just starting to experiment with these more flexible options, however, the task of locating the best RTA atomizer options can be quite a challenge. Here is a look at some of the top choices available on the market today to help you get the best electronic cigarette you can!

Geek Vape’s Ammit Single Coil RTA

The Ammit TankThe Ammit single coil from Geek Vape is one of the best for taste, as you maybe aware the choice of single coil RTA is rather limited, although it produces the best taste the vapor volume is a little lower. Geek Vape are well known in the industry of creating some top notch vaping devices mainly for the more experienced vapers out there, and with this knowledge the Ammit does not disappoint.

Comes in 2 colors, black or silver, also comes with spare coils, screwdrivers, spare o rings, safety bad and a spare glass housing. For the money of under $32 it’s a must have in anyone’s collection of tanks!

The tank holds 3.5ml of juice, is approximately 43mm long with a 22mm diameter. It also has something called a three-dimensional airflow, which is suppose to accelerate the air within the device, but you need to try it to really appreciate it.

The Ammit kit basically, comes with everything you need to start using, except e-liquid, just pop a coil in and happy vaping!


The Lemo V2

The Lemo V2_1If you spend any time in online vaping forums, chances are that you’ve heard people raving about their Lemos. The Lemo V2 is manufactured by Eleaf, and is a great-performing 22mm RTA with a top-filling liquid system. Its glass tank provides room for 3.8 ml of your favorite e-juice, in an easy to fill design that will make the unit a true pleasure to use on a long-term basis.

With two adjustable airflow slots, you have maximum control over the amount of vapor your produce on each draw. More important for tinkerers is the fact that the device is designed with a deck that makes it easy to attach new coils and modify the setup to conform to your needs. Orders of this device usually get sent out with extra cotton and pre-built coils that can help you to get a head start on your rebuilding effort.


The Kayfun Lite Plus

The Kayfun Lite PlusThis is consistently among the most popular RTAs on the market today. It is a great-looking device with a host of flexible features, and produces good flavor and vapor – a combination that is not always easy to find. Unfortunately, the Kayfun Lite sometimes seems to be just as elusive! In fact, many users find that the best way to get their hands on one is to import it from abroad. But most users find that added expense well worth the cost.

This device comes with a 4.5 ml tank and a window made from polycarbonate, as well as a stainless steel replacement option in case your original gets damaged by more acidic juices. Its coils are located near the tank’s bottom, and e-juice is bottom-fed into the wick. The bottom line is simple: there’s a reason this is so hard to find, and it’s the same reason that has caused so many other companies to create cheaper knockoffs of the Kayfun Lite: it’s a really fantastic product.


Vapor Giant Mini V2.5

The Vapor Giant Mini might seem like a surprising entry on any list of the best RTAs, since it is actually intended to be used with the mechanical mod of the same name, but it deserves its spot. With a 23 mm diameter and a stainless steel design bolstered by either a glass or polycarbonate tank, the Mini is a true powerhouse with a tremendous fill and production capacity. The poly tank holds 6.9 ml of e-juice, while the glass can store 5.4 ml. Your coil builds end up in a chamber toward the tank’s bottom.

Vapor Giant Mini V2.5_1The two-post deck is similar to that employed in the Kayfun, and the airflow enters from beneath the coil housing. You have plenty of control over airflow due to the four-hole design that enable changes in air flow to be made by turning screws. Overall this is simply one of the best RTA options available on the market today, and can be picked up for just over $80.


The Squape R

The Squape R_0Squape RTAs are regularly included on everyone’s short list of great rebuildable tank atomizers, and for good reason. They’re loaded with great design and safety features, including the inclusion of non-conductive coatings that offer protection against malfunctions caused by electrical shorts. The device’s tank is made of borosilicate glass, and can hold as much as 5 ml of juice. All those features come at a price, however. Squape R prices typically begin at $150 or more.


Kanger Subtank Mini

Obviously, Kanger had to make the list. As one of the best-known manufacturers in the industry today, you can read the full review of the KangerTech products here, so no need to repeat ourselves here, but Kanger routinely creates some of the most interesting and affordable products available to vaping consumers. With the Subtank Mini, they meet that lofty standard once again. This time, with a device that offers solid construction design, coil build flexibility, and a large 4.5 ml glass tank that looks great alongside the stainless steel housing. For many newcomers to the rebuildable scene, the price on this RTA is sure to be seen as one of its more compelling enticements: just $29.95!


The Goblin Mini

The Goblin Mini_1This RTA falls into the compact category, as it is a mere 28mm tall and provides only 3 ml of tank capacity. Despite its small size, it still manages to pack a hefty punch. It offers an adjustable ring for airflow control. The flow control holes are located beneath the coils. Juice is fed to the deck using a four-channel system. Tinkerers will love it due to its split-center post that makes building as easy as it can be. This small device also comes at a small price that enables consumers to get their hands on it for less than $28.


And all the Others

Obviously, that list just scratches the surface when it comes to identifying all of the great RTA choices available to any vaping enthusiast. Even as sub-ohm tanks continue to receive a great deal of coverage these days, manufacturers continue apace with efforts to create even greater rebuildable atomizer units for serious vaping fans. Obviously, that’s great for vapers who have become accustomed the achieving optimal results through maximum flexibility in their RTA products. So, if you are looking for a new way to vape, or simply want a different rebuildable atomizer than the one you’re currently using, rest assured that any of these great options could be just what you need.

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