The Best Vape Pens of The Year

If you are after the best vape pen then you are in the right place we make it as easy as counting 1, 2, 3!! Just pick the one that is important to you and pow, you have the best! We constantly update our reviews and rankings to make it easy for you to see the best and find out about the latest models on the market. Below you will see our top 3 brands that we think you will love, using a simple formula:

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The Best Vape Pens So Far This Year:

Updated: March 2018.

1st Place - Best Overall Performer

The Juul Pod Pen as best vape pen

The Juul Pod Pen

Juul have been around for some time now, but these types of vape pens are starting to become more popular and all the manufacturers compare their product to the best, the Juul!

Easy to use is the key thing the Juul pod system has, just charge the pen, pick your flavor and start vaping! Many others state that the Juul is the iPhone of the vape industry, not just for its quality, but for what it was built to do; produce an enjoyable vape.

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2nd Place - Best For Vapor and Taste!

The Halo Triton 2 as best vape pen

The Halo Triton II

Halo have produced a new version of their Triton vape pen and it's simply stunning! Named as the Triton 2!

With huge thick clouds it's hard to disagree, and then the flavor comes through, you just fall in love with the Triton 2 and think this could be your vape pen for life! Perfect for all types of vapers and so easy to use it is the perfect vape pen for beginners and those who want a pen that produced the best flavor and smooth vape!

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3rd Place - Best Selection!

The Series 3X by V2 Pro

The V2 Pro Series 3X

V2 have releases an upgrade to their popular V2 Series 3, introducing the 3X!

They have delivered a sleek and low-profile all-in-one tool for e-Liquid, Wax or Dry Herb. Perfect for the beginer who wants to try out vaping for the first time.

Easy to use and creates a vape which resembles smoking, and the bonus, you can even sub ohm vape on this thing, so when your ready to go to the next level, you don't have to buy a new vape pen!

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