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It isn’t often that you come across a vaping product that lays claim to origins from the last century. Then again, Charlie’s Chalk Dust has never laid claim to being just ordinary. In fact, this e-juice brand’s makers seem to take delight in their eccentricities, with everything from the juice’s origins to its wide array of flavor options shrouded in an air of exoticism that at times boggles the senses and confounds the mind. The alleged history of the company is inspirational, regardless of the level of truth it actually contains. And the taste options promise an experience unlike any other. The question is, though: can the reality live up to the lofty expectations? In this Charlie’s Chalk Dust e-liquid review, we’ll try to answer that question.


Charlie’s Story

charlie chalk dust badgeTo understand the eclectic nature of this product, it can be helpful to start at the beginning and get some sort of overview of how this brand got its start – or at least how we’re told it all began. According to the company, the product’s origins go all the way back to 1923, and a humble hot dog vendor. That’s our Charlie. His tale on the company website is as seemingly whimsical as many of the flavors contained in his e-juice: a mysterious and mystically wise man dropping an even more mysterious piece of paper on the ground before disappearing from sight forever; sudden insight gained via revelation; and those who later discovered that paper buried in Charlie’s journal nearly a century later –a paper that, it turns out, contained seven key recipes that would serve as the foundation for Charlie’s Chalk Dust vaping juices.

The company itself is based out of California’s Orange County, and today provides its wide array of e-juice flavors to vapers around the world. Those juices come with names as wild as their alleged origins. Charlie’s branded products offer two labels and include brand names like Drama Swirl, Wonder Worm, Honey Badger, and Mustache Milk under the white label. The black label includes Dream Creme, Head Bangin’ Boogie, Trueberry Sugar and Knife, Peanut Butter and Jesus, and Slam Berry.

charlies chalk dust collection

But are They Cosmically Delicious?

Obviously, taste is going to be a subjective thing for every individual vaper. Each of the nine flavors on the Charlie’s roster (and yes, we know that the story suggests that there were only seven recipes on that original list, but cosmic inspiration is apparently not bound by the confines of any sheet of early 20th-Century paper) offers a unique blend of tastes both familiar and exotic, providing vapers with a flavorful experience unlike any other they’ve ever encountered.

Dream CremeTake Dream Crème, shown on the left, for example. If you’re a fan of vanilla cream, you’ll be immediately struck by the authentic and rich taste of vanilla that comes through in every cloud of vapor. But if that were all there were to this flavor, you’d have reason to yawn. The good news for your taste buds is that there is more – much, much more. In addition to the taste of vanilla, you’ll also be hit with the unmistakable flavor of cinnamon and just a touch of fudge. It’s dessert in vapor form!

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Under the white label, you’ll find great options like Honey Badger. This is a perfect flavor for anyone who wants that rich tobacco taste with a touch of sweetened honey and a creaminess that will make your mouth explode with flavor. Or you can take your sweet tooth to another level and try Wonder Worm. This juice brings together a delicious blend of gummy candy and a fruit base – all cut through with a tarty candy flavoring that will remind you of your childhood – but without the calories or sugar damage to your teeth and gums!

Of course, if you’re a peanut butter lover, then you simply have to try the black label’s peanut butter and Jesus. Unlike many of its rivals, this blend combines the taste of both peanut butter and jelly, while at the same time giving hints of the taste of fresh sandwich bread. You have to experience it to believe it.

Obviously, we loved the taste of these juices, and recommend them to any vaper who is serious about quality flavor. Be forewarned, however: Charlie’s doesn’t offer user quantities on its website, so you’ll have to buy them from their distributors. Still, this magical brand is worth tracking down.

charlies chalk dust house display

Check our Charlie’s Chalk Dust website for more information.

Nicholas King
Nicholas King
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