Cigalike electronic cigarettes are devices that mimic traditional cigarettes and generally come with a cartomizer (carton containing e-liquid solution) which screws onto a rechargeable battery.

These types of electronic cigarette are perfect for people who are curious about vaping but want a simple kit to try to see if it suits them without spending a small fortune.

They come in starter kits, so typically they come complete with everything you need to start vaping, they are simple to use, do not require refilling, buying separate components or e-liquid, just simply purchase your choice of brand and start using your cigalike e-cigarette (charging of the battery may be required first)!


Now you do have to be careful as there are many cheap brands being imported from China, so if you want to try this type of e-cigarette, then choose from the recommended list below:

The Best Cig-a-like Electronic Cigarettes:

October 22, 2015
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