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Cosmic Fog Review Bottom Line

Cosmic Fog is without doubt one of the best e-liquids out there. The choice of flavors and the smoothness of the vape is just world class. If you haven't tried Cosmic Fog out yet, then you really need to, many vaper only use this brand for a good reason!

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For serious vaping enthusiasts, one of the most difficult challenges has long involved finding the perfect e-liquid to match individual tastes. With a multitude of manufacturers producing a variety of different flavor options, it’s no wonder that so many vapers end up trying dozens of different options before they find their own personal favorite. Sometimes, the best way to avoid all that hassle is to see what others are saying about a given product. Take Cosmic Fog, for example. You could run out and buy this and several other e-juice brands, try them all, and let the chips fall where that may. Or you could simply forgo that expensive trial and error process and find out more about this brand by relying on this Cosmic Fog e-liquid review!


About Cosmic Fog and its Juices

cosmic fog logoCosmic Fog operates in Orange County California, and has rapidly developed a reputation for creating quality juices that offer some truly innovative taste combinations. Sure, every company claims to be different in the flavor option department – and to be fair, there are typically some differences worthy of noting, but this company is known for its diverse array of truly creative juice ideas. Many of them are unlike almost anything you’ll find in the vaping marketplace.

At present, there are seven different flavor combinations, with each offering a dramatically different taste experience for vaping enthusiasts. These flavors are typically crafted over the course of more than half a year of research, experimenting, and recipe tests conducted by some o f the industry’s most expert mixologists. Those tests actually include weeks of use by the mixers to ensure that the recipe maintains its attractiveness so that so-called vaper’s tongue is avoided wherever possible.

Those seven flavor offerings include:

  • Church
  • Euphoria
  • Cola Gummy
  • Kryptonite
  • Milk & Honey
  • Nutz
  • The Shocker


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If you’re an ice cream lover with a sweet tooth for chocolate, then the Church e-liquid might just approach the status of religious experience! Picture the taste of that old-time vanilla ice cream, lathered in creamy hot fudge chocolate, with subtle hints of banana, whipped cream, and cherry. Yes, that’s right; the Church in the name is more a reference to ice cream sundaes than it is to Sunday worship. Like a good Sunday-go-to-meeting, however, this flavor can be awe-inspiring.


EuphoriaCereal fans will love the Euphoria blend, as it combines those sweet fruity cereal flavors with traces of blueberry and vanilla. When you first try it, you may be a little apprehensive. After all, many adults find fruit cereals a little too sweet to stomach on a regular basis. Surprisingly, though, the flavor works well in vapor form.

Cola Gummy

Cola Gummy’s tastiness really does seem to vary from user to user. While we personally found that it reminded us of that sensation we all used to get when we drank soda with a mouth full of gummy candies, there are users who profess their belief that this might be the worst flavor ever invented. You’ll have to test it to see which group you actually align with.


You don’t have to be Superman to get weak in the knees when you taste this Cosmic Fog entry. Still, this combination of melon flavoring and sweet candy seems to be one that draws users back time and time again.

Milk & Honey

Advertised as being lighter than air, this combination honey, milk, and marshmallow flavor really does seem to be light. The delicious sweetness seems to confound description, as users report different experiences with the blend – everything from graham crackers to cereal. Maybe they should have named it Milk, Honey, and Mystery instead!


This is another great entry into the peanut butter and jelly hall of vaping fame, but with a twist. This time, the flavors combine strawberry preserves and almond butter, producing a creamy vapor that will have you begging for more – especially when you catch that first hint of honey cream!

The Shocker

Does the combination of fruit flavor and lemonade sound shocking to you? If so, then you’ll find the Shocker aptly named. Be forewarned though; if really sweet tastes are too rich for your liking, then this one may be more than you can handle.

selection of cosmic fog e-liquids

Final Thoughts

With those great options to choose from, selecting just one may seem like a difficult objective to achieve especially if you already have one of the best electronic cigarette brands. One thing is for certain, though: you’ll thoroughly enjoy yourself as you work through the available flavor options to narrow down your choice!


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