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Joyetech Cuboid 200 Review Bottom Line

The Cuboid 200 is an upgrade to the original Cuboid and it brings with it more power and extra battery life, thanks to the 3x 18650 batteries needed to run this thing! That said it looks slick and should satisfy most intermediate vapers who want a long lasting box mod.

Side profile of the CUBOID 200

The Cuboid 200

If you’re one of those people who thought that the original Joyetech Cuboid was a great idea with poor execution, you’re not alone. The thing weighed a ton (relative to similar devices, of course – not the literal 2000 pounds!), and had a refill process that was nothing short of agonizing. Of course, the company no doubt encountered a great deal of pushback based on that and other concerns, so there was good cause to be hopeful that its next Cuboid offering would address those problems. With this Joyetech CUBOID 200 Review, we’ll examine that latest product and see if the company learned from its past mistakes.


First Thoughts

The first impression is a good one since the company went and upped the wattage from 150 watts to 200. That’s a sizable increase, and our testing revealed that the new rating is not just a boast. It’s testing pretty close to the real-world rating, which is a major feat in and of itself compared to the other best box mods out there. The new mod also comes with preheating capabilities and a new design that makes it thinner and even more shapely than the original. It’s powered by a total of three 18650 batteries, but you’ll have to buy those separately since they don’t arrive with your mod. Of course, if you were put off by the weight of the original version, just know that the extra battery in this new version helps to ensure that it weighs about the same as its predecessor.


The Cuboid 200 with 3x 18650 batteries


The new product does make use of the latest tech, though – and in ways that I hadn’t expected to see. Joyetech’s latest firmware offers its variable temp control system. That’s been something I’ve been wanting to see in a Cuboid, since it’s supposed to enhance the nickel temp control accuracy, as well as the accuracy for stainless-steel and titanium. Accuracy is important, especially for sub-ohm vaping.

The Cuboid 200s featuresThe display is gorgeous. At almost an inch in size, you have plenty of room to see all the control data that you need to have access to. They did this in a bit of a clever manner, but it works – despite the fact that they moved the OLED to the mod’s top section. That OLED screen displays performance data for each of those three batteries – which is important to have if you want to maximize your efficiency. Batteries rarely wear out at the same pace, so it’s always good to know which ones are getting old and need replacing. That’s also important for safety, since you want to replace worn out batteries before they become a danger.

The pre-heat function is interesting and well worth a look. It’s similar to that used in devices made by eLeaf and other companies and can help to warm your coils more rapidly. Basically, it just fires the device at high wattage for a brief time to warm everything up before you start vaping at normal wattage levels. That can help to enhance the vaping experience by allowing ceramic coils to begin with a warmer base rather than a cold start.



Size in a hand of the Cuboid 200First, this thing has plenty of power and provided us with fairly consistent and accurate wattage. While vaping with it, we noticed that we were getting more consistently enjoyable hits than some of the other devices we were experimenting with that week. In addition, the temp control features were better than we could have hoped for. What made it even better for us was that the device clocked in at less than $50. That’s a lot of value for something that costs less than half a C-Note.

More importantly, however, we have to consider this an upgrade from the original Cuboid. Sure, you might assume that would be the case since that’s why Joetech designed it – but that’s rarely how things work. Too often, we’ve got products that were supposed to be next-gen but actually took a step back from their predecessors. Thankfully, that was not the case in this instance, although it doesn’t quite compete as one of the top electronic cigarettes on the market right now!

We could have been put off by the weight. Again, the addition of that third battery is great for the additional power that it adds – but it did tend to offset the company’s efforts to make this a more streamlined, lighter version of the Cuboid. The end result? This device felt about as heavy as that first offering. However, the redesigned body tended to compensate for the extra weight and made this unit a lot more comfortable to use than we expected.


Final Thoughts of the Cuboid 200

All in all, this is another fine product from Joyetech, and a step up from its first Cuboid offering. It’s not perfect by any means, but it has more than enough features to thrill most intermediate vapers, and comes in at a price that should be attractive for most buyers. Give it a try; we think you’ll be glad you did.


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