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If you’ve heard the name Cuttwood in association with e-juice, but never had the opportunity to actually try out one of their products, then it might be easy to assume that the brand is just another label slapped onto the same only e-juice flavors. That assumption would be almost tragic, since it might cause you to miss out on one of the truly innovative product lines in the e-juice marketplace today. And if that all sounds like marketing hype, then you don’t know Cuttwood. There’s a reason “the Sauce Boss” has earned its reputation, as this Cuttwood e-liquid review will soon demonstrate.


Cuttwood’s Story

cuttwoodThe manufacturer of this innovative product line is based out of Los Angeles, California, and has survived controversy and attempts to destroy its brand only to emerge from that period of confusion stronger than ever. Today, it stands among the leaders in the e-juice industry, but still focuses on that same attention to quality ingredients and attention to detail that helped elevate the company to prominence in the first place. This makes it one of the go to e-liquids to be vaped with the best electronic cigarette.


The Liquid

Cuttwood has chosen a blend that leans toward vegetable glycerin (VG). In fact, that base ingredient makes up 70% of the liquid, with propylene glycol (PG) comprising only 30% of the mix. As you might imagine, that high VG content ensures that you receive the type of thick vapor you’re looking for, and the juice has just enough PG to strengthen the flavor and preserve the subtler notes. That increased VG content does, however, make these juices less suitable for any clearomizer devices, so you’re probably better off choosing a higher-quality tank or RDA if you want to get the most out of this brand.

cuttwood E-Liquid

The Flavors

Unicorn Milk is the flavor you’re most likely to have heard about, as it made news some time ago due to the company’s use of Titanium Dioxide to provide its distinct milky appearance. Controversy ensued, as vapers became concerned that this might pose a risk to their health, since the FDA has only judged the compound safe for ingestion – not inhalation. Cuttwood responded quickly, reworked its formula to eliminate the worrisome ingredient, and that has seen this flavor rise in popularity once again.

cuttwood Bird BrainsAnd no wonder. It is an almost perfect vapor reproduction of a classic strawberry milkshake – but without those troubling calories or dental hazards! If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying it, put Unicorn Milk on your bucket list.

Bird Brains is a more recent offering, and provides the company’s attempt at delivering that sweetened fruit cereal that so many kids love these days. Its citrus tones are apparently too overpowering for some users, but it has received fantastic acclaim from others. One thing is for certain: you won’t find another brand with an offering just like this one!

Sugar Drizzle used to be called Sugar Bear, but don’t worry: it still has that original flavor. This is a cinnamon-flavored juice that perfectly highlights the sweet pastry flavor that forms its base. With cinnamon providing such an overpowering amount of flavor in most products, finding that perfect balance can be tough. The fact that Cuttwood accomplished that difficult challenge to this extent is a real testament to the quality of its team of mixologists.

Mega Melons also enjoyed a name change, setting aside its original Big Melons moniker. The name suggests something along the line of watermelon or another melon flavor, but that simply isn’t the case. Instead, the juice provides a rich blended taste of fruit that somehow manages to nullify all but the slightest trace of melon flavor. That’s great for any vaper who wants an absolutely delectable cloud of tropical fruit flavoring, so this is highly recommended if that’s your preference. If you come to this juice looking for a powerful taste of melon, though, you’ll leave disappointed.


My Summary

On the whole, there is much to love about all of the different flavor offerings Cuttwood provides. Each has its own unique appeal, and there are few things to dislike. It’s rare that any manufacturer is this successful in creating a variety of innovative flavors, and that makes the company’s achievement all the more praiseworthy. If you try the brand, it’s almost certain you’ll find at least one flavor you won’t want to live without.

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