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Five Pawns E-Liquid Review

Over the last several years, an amazing array of e-liquid manufacturers have burst onto the scene with an impressive variety of flavors and other e-juice options that provide vapers with a seemingly limitless number of vaping choices, making vaping better than smoking! Five Pawns has managed to become one of the better known juice providers, offering a premium selection of brand options that many believe to be among the most flavorful in the world. In this Five Pawns e-liquid review, we’ll take a look at this company and their selections and try to determine whether these juices really are as good as people would have us believe, or if it’s all just marketing hype.


Five Pawns: The Company

This is one of many California-based vaping liquid manufacturers, with its offices headquartered in Irvine. Unlike many e-juice companies that have tried to carve out identities more in keeping with the high-tech world of vaping than more traditional industries, Five Pawns has sought a more well-known model for its branding efforts – intentionally branding itself as something more like a beer distiller than a lab for producing e-juice. Even the names of its two lines of products demonstrate this branding effort: the Signature Series and the Mixology Edition. E-juice bottles are uniformly offered in 30ml bottles, and contain a 50/50 mix of PG and VG. That naturally fails to produce those big clouds you see with higher VG content offerings, but with Five Pawns the focus is on flavor.


The Cost

If there is one complaint that you hear about Five Pawns juice, it’s the price. These are not the cheapest juices you’re likely to encounter, and can cost more than $27 for each bottle. It is only natural that vapers expect that such a premium price be supported by premium flavor results. So, how do those flavors actually measure up? Read on!


The Flavor Results

We’ll run through each of these flavors and give you our impression. First, let’s examine the Signature Series:


The Mixology Edition offerings are also worthy of note, of course:


Obviously, Five Pawns has spared no effort in its quest to create the most unique array of e-juice flavors in the marketplace today. In our opinion, they’ve managed to produce the type of premium product line that most customers expect to come with premium prices. You owe it to yourself to experience the brand at least once in your vaping life.

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