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Greensmoke electronic cigarettes review
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In-Depth Review of Green Smoke:

This Green Smoke Review was updated on 14th November 2016

If you’ve seen electronic cigarettes, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen Green Smokes products too. The company has been in business for some time now and has long been providing some great products for people who want to get away from traditional combustible cigarettes. The company itself began with humble origins in 2008 and is thus one of the most long-lived American e-cig manufacturing firms. Today, though, the market is flooded with clearomizers and other more advanced products for vaping, and that might make some think that products like Green Smoke’s may not be as relevant as they were in the industry’s early days. In this Green Smoke review, we’ll try to determine whether that’s the case or whether this company’s best days are still to come.


Getting Started

Unlike some of the simpler electronic cigarette options out there on the market today, Green Smoke offers a diverse array of products for its customers. The company has been lauded by many for its simplicity of design, ease of use, and quality products. They’ve even made getting started a fairly simple process, but offering several different kits that consumers can choose from, and each of those kits is a great option for getting started on the smoking cessation path. As you might expect, those kits come in a variety of price ranges as well, and the most expensive kits often come with added accessories that enhance the product’s value. There are five starter kits you need to know about:

  1. The Essentials Kit

As its name suggests, the Essentials Kit is designed to give you just what you need to get started with your vaping experience – no more and no less. Like many kits from other manufacturers, this one includes a battery and two cartomizers, as well as a USB charging section to power up your battery when it runs out of energy. The cartomizers are available in two flavor options: menthol and tobacco, and both contain nicotine at a 1.8% level.


Is the kit fairly simple and routine? Absolutely! And that’s the beauty of it; this is the perfect option for anyone who just wants to get on with the vaping, rather than deal with a host of confusing options and accessories. Best of all, you can get this basic starter kit for as little as $29.99.

Green Smoke Review

The Green Smoke Express Kit


  1. The Express Kit

The Express Kit is comparable to the Essentials but comes with some added niceties that make it a great buy for someone who’s ready to go beyond the simplest option. Like that simpler kit, you get one battery. You also get five cartomizers, a USB battery and charger, an adapter for wall charging, and even a carrying case. This is the right option if you’ve tried the Green Smoke e-cigs and know that you want to continue vaping with them. The price clocks in at slightly below $60.


  1. The Pro Kit

The Pro-Kit is reportedly the company’s most popular item when it comes to these starter kits. That may be due to the fact that it really loads up on the accessories, and even doubles the batteries that are included and the cartomizers. Yes, that’s right; you get two batteries and a total of ten of the cartomizers. There’s also a USB cigarette and charges, adapters for both the wall and your vehicle, and that handy carrying case. And you can get all of this for just under $100.

Green smokes Pro kit review

The Pro Kit by Green Smoke


  1. The Ultimate Kit

The Ultimate Kit has what vapers need when they’ve tried Green Smoke and recognize that they’re in it for the long haul. That’s when it’s time to get serious and make sure that you have a kit that can really keep you vaping. You get three batteries, and a USB cigarette, two USB chargers, ten cartomizers, a car adapter, wall adapter, and the company’s gorgeous leather case. Best of all, these extra goodies only raise the price to a mere $129.97.


  1. The Love Birds Kit

Not everyone wants to quit smoking on his own. Sometimes, couples do it together. Well, this kit is for the lovebirds out there who both want to make the jump to Green at the same time. It is basically two Pro Kits in one, but instead of costing you the $200 you’d pay for both of those pro kits, you get the combined package for just around $170. That offers $30 in savings that you won’t find anywhere else!



Of course, not everyone needs or wants a full kit. Sometimes people just want to try out a disposable to see whether they actually want to leave behind those cigarettes for good. Green Smoke disposables are the perfect answer. You can get six of them for just under $60 – which is comparable in price to many other brands you can buy in convenience stores.


Reviewing the Prices

As you may have noticed, the products offered by Green Smoke encompass a fairly wide range of prices. That may seem counterproductive in an era when the cheapest price often seems to get the most attention, but it’s actually brilliant. Different vapers have different needs and it is wise for the company to recognize that fact and build their marketing and product decisions around it. As far as price point goes, Green Smoke is certainly not the least expensive option out there – but it is one of the best products in its price range.
The Design of the e cigarette


Reviewing the Design

Everything about the design is ideal. There is plenty of green in the sealed boxes, and the batteries have that sleek design users love. Along with the coloring used in the cartomizers, the product presents an appealing aesthetic that should have users feeling comfortable vaping anywhere.


Reviewing the Flavor

In the end, only two things really matter to most vapers: flavor and vapor. On the flavor front, Green Smoke has you covered. Their Tobacco Gold flavor offers a rich and natural tasting tobacco flavor that will remind you of your favorite cigar. Their Menthol Ice is a cool and refreshing menthol blast that should delight your sensations. Mountain Clove is an almost dead-on imitation of those old clove cigarettes that used to be so popular. There are two other tobacco flavors too, to ensure that former smokers can find just the right blend for their needs: the classic Absolute Tobacco, and the Marlboro-imitating Red Label Tobacco.

Green Smokes 5 Pack Classic FlavorsGreen Smoke's Mixed Cartridges

The one thing many people complain about with these cig lookalikes is that the sweet flavors often get the short end of the stick. Not so with Green Smoke! The company offers an assortment of dessert flavors that should have you longing for more. There’s Vanilla Dreams, which gives you a burst of sweetened, smooth vanilla, Mocha Mist, which delivers just what the name promises – a delightful combination of chocolate flavorings and coffee accents and the brownie-flavored Smooth Chocolate. You need to try each of these to begin to understand just how great dessert can be in vapor form.


Overall Performance

Vapor is next up on the evaluation block, and here too Green Mist outperforms expectations. To be honest, we usually don’t expect much from the cartomizer e-cigs. Vapor is not always a priority, it seems. Here, however, the company actually pays attention to such things. In testing, we were able to generate enough vapor to consider it a “cloud” and that’s always a good sign.

Overall, there’s no denying that Green Smoke continues to be as impressive as the company was in its early days. Its diverse range of product offerings and innovative flavor choices – as well as its relatively long-lived batteries – all combine to make it a true pleasure to evaluate. While it might not be exactly what most advanced users are seeking, it is without question well worth the price for anyone just venturing into the e-cig market.

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