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Griffin 25 RTA review

Many vaping fans have been raving about Geek Vape offerings of late, and with good reason. The company has been providing some truly wonderful products for the vaping community, and some say that they’re even raising the bar for their competitors. Their new Griffin 25 RTA is only the latest offering to come out of their labs and offers the company yet another opportunity to separate themselves from the pack where tanks are concerned. So, is this latest RTA tank up to par with what users have come to expect from Geek Vape, or are the company’s fans about to be disappointed? In this review of the Griffin 25 RTA by Geek Vape, we’ll answer that question and more.
Update August 18th 2017 – GeekVape have now improved this RTA with the release of the GeekVape Griffin 25 Plus RTA, which you need to check out!

The Build

The Build

First of all, the Griffin uses a Velocity two-post deck style – regarded by many as being one of the easiest decks on which to build. The two posts are situated on a 16.1 mm deck, and each has two wick holes. The outer assembly turns to open and close these wick holes, providing the user with flexibility over how much juice flows into the ports. Because these posts offer vertical hole orientation, even less experienced builders will have no trouble getting their coils mounted properly.

The airflow design uses a controller that allows dual coils but designed to provide a smooth draw thanks to the tinier inlets that move air through the system. Just be aware that this design can produce a whistling noise if the airflow is not set properly. Keep it open as much as possible, or somewhere below half open and you’ll be fine. You can read more about the different types of vaping here.


Appearance and Performance

Griffin 25 tankFrom a pure appearance standpoint, the Griffin is a beautiful and sleek black piece of stainless steel craftsmanship. Obviously, the materials indicate that it’s built to last, so it should serve as a powerful workhorse for your vaping needs. Naturally, it looks like an RTA – and why would you expect anything else? The one real distinguishing feature is its height, which is very noticeable on certain box units. As you might expect, the device is beautifully engraved with the company’s Griffin log and the Geek Vape insignia can be found on the device cover.

The performance of the unit is the real selling feature, however. Obviously, an attractive or well-built RTA will only take a company so far in the vaping world. When the chips are in and the betting has stopped, vaping enthusiasts know that the only real winners are the products that can provide that superior performance we all expect. In this instance, the Griffin 25 wins the pot.

Despite being an RTA, the Griffin really outdoes itself in the flavor department. Naturally, it is not going to compare to most solid RDA devices when the taste is the determining factor, but it still manages to offer a respectable level of flavor production that really surprised us when we tried it. We found it better than a number of similar products on the market and provides very few dry hits – unlike some of its competitors.

The vapor production, on the other hand, leaves nothing to the imagination. If the device’s flavor production is admirable, then the only way to describe its ability to produce thick plumes of vapor is to call it “outstanding.” It’s difficult to find a setup that can provide both tremendous vapor production and great flavor, but Geek Vape seems to have accomplished that here.


Other Considerations

Coil inside the Griffin 25Of course, there are many individual features that make this device easy to love, including its quality use of wicks, top-filling, and its solid seal that helps to prevent leaks. That whistling from the airflow will prove a nuisance to some, but I already noted the best way to avoid that. Besides, you will likely want the increased airflow anyway, to ensure that you get everything you need out of this great device.

It is important to note that we’re talking about a device that you can currently get online for well under $30 when it’s on sale. Even at full price, it’s under $50, making it a truly affordable rebuildable atomizer that will serve a variety of needs. For that price, you get a 6.2 ml tank, an easy-to-build deck base, temperature-resistant glass tank construction, gold plated 510 pin, and a host of spare parts – including an Allen key. What more could you need?


Final Thought

At the end of the day, the verdict is pretty clear: the reality matches the hype. Sure, vaping experts have been raving about this company’s products since it first entered the marketplace, and sometimes that can just be emblematic of groupthink herd mentality, or an indication that something is just a passing trend. Where the Griffin 25 RTA is concerned, however, the hype is just another sign that Geek Vape continues to do what it has done since its introduction: produce high-quality and affordable products that consumers are aching to buy.

Nicholas King
Nicholas King
Nicholas King is the sole owner and editor of SmokeTastic. Nicholas, use to smoke 30 a day back in 2011 before converting to vaping. With a depth of knowledge in the vaping industry and the research he conducts, makes him one of the most recognized and experienced vapers in the industry.