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Halo Cigs is one of the best brands out there with top notch starter kits and e-liquid that pleases any vaper.

Are Halo E-Cigarettes heavenly? What a pleasant question to have to answer; after all, I do have to smoke a Halo E-Cig if I am to answer this question honestly. And Halo is widely reviewed as a five star vapor cigarette. Do I agree with them all? I’ve gotta say that I do to a degree. I am looking at a cloud of Halo vapor as I type this sentence – it is thick and somehow sensual. I am in a heaven of sorts.

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I chose the Voodoo flavor of Halo because I just could not resist the name but man there is a flavor for everyone here: you can choose among 12 tobacco variations. 12. As you will know if you’ve been reading about what other brands have on offer, this is a generous buffet of e-flavors.

You’ll probably be impressed by the quality of the design of the Halo Website – this is no fly-by-night operation. You’ll find all that you ever wanted to know – and more – on this comprehensive site, which is how it should be.


Starter Kits

Halo offers 1 starter kit in 9 different colors – Electric Lime, Emerald Green, Deep Purple, Demon Red, Princess Pink, Midnight Blue, Classic White, Titanium, and, of course, Jet Black.

  • The G6 E-Cigarette Starter Kit. At $44.99, this starter kit contains 2 batteries, 1 5-pack of cartomizers, 1 wall charger, 1 USB adaptor and 1 special Halo case.


Our Recommended Kit: G6 Starter Kit

Halo G6 Starter kit

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We categorize all the starter kits as being the same, as it is only the colors that change with each one – though there are some smashing colors to choose from – I went for the arty Electric Lime and I think it looks perfect.


halo e-liquidHalo ECigs have lots going for them, including the vapor produced by their e-liquid. If you put your research hat on, you will read that some vaping aficionados give the nod to Vuse when it comes to bringing on a hit that keeps you coming back for more. And then more. Most reviews do give Halo vapor two thumbs up on vapor thickness, throat hit and overall quality. I add my thumbs to theirs.

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Halo believes in offering its customer a wide and wild selection of flavors to choose from. Without further ado…

Let’s begin with the Tobacco offerings…

  • tribeca e-liquidTribeca – Tribeca gets a lot of love from the E-Cig community. Think of a smooth tobacco sprinkled with a hint of caramel and vanilla. It’s intoxicating.
  • Turkish Tribeca – If you’ve been to Istanbul and smoked its cigarettes, you know what this tastes like. Fabulous.
  • Prime15 – A favorite among ex-smokers or those who are trying to quit. A solid stand-in for the traditional thing.
  • Torque56 – Not a layered, subtle flavor but a full on hit of old-style tobacco flavor.
  • LongHorn – Imagine you are smelling the smoke of someone’s cigar. That’s LongHorn.
  • Midnight Apple – This is a spicy apple hit, not at all like a fresh apple.
  • Captain Jack – If you are looking for a pipe-like hit this is your flavor.
  • Voodoo – First, what an awesome name for an E-Cig flavor. Fruit + cinnamon + vanilla = yay.
  • Hx3 – You’ll find a tiny bit of menthol in this sweet tobacco flavor.
  • Tiki Juice – The spiciness of Tahiti. Bring it on.
  • Freedom Juice – Hey, we all want to be free. Sweet and subtle.
  • Southern Classic – Honey, cloves, citrus and vanilla come together here.

Now, on to the Menthol flavors…

  • menthol e-liquidMystic – Another awesome name. This is mint with zero tobacco.
  • Cool Mint – Cool and crisp, like a February morning in Canada.
  • Menthol Ice – This flavor comes closest to replicating a traditional menthol smoke.
  • SubZero – Minty. Like the garden plant.

Now, on to the Gourmet flavors…

  • Shamrock – Do you like chocolate mint cookies? Done!
  • Kringle’s Curse – Clear peppermint flavor without the slightest hint of tobacco.
  • Belgian Cocoa – A mild blend of sweet cocoa and dry cocoa. Soothing.
  • Malibu – What do you drink in Malibu? A Pina Colada.
  • Cafe Mocha – Are you into mocha and hazelnut flavored coffee? If so, this is your flavor.
  • Twisted Java – Intense espresso flavor bangs up against peppermint.


Our Favorite Flavor: Tribeca

Whew. Let’s face it, Halo brings on diversity when it comes to flavors. We gave the nod to Tribeca because it is almost impossible to find a user who disses it. Oh, and it tastes awesome too.

Nicotine Levels

  • 0mg
  • 6mg
  • 12mg
  • 18mg
  • 24mg



battery g6Halo batteries come in three sizes: 65mm, 78mm and 102mm. They mostly glow blue except for the old-school white one that looks like a traditional smoke. How many puffs do you get with each length? 65mm will bring you about 200 puffs a charge, 78mm, about 300 puffs and 102mm about 400 puffs. Halo tells us that their batteries last for about 300 cycles or charges which is excellent.



  • The design of the Halo E-Cig is top notch, Grade An and all the other words that mean totally awesome. This is an E-cigarette you will be happy to pull out in any crowd. Even if you are not particularly into design, you will like the way these smokeless cigs feel as you hold them and this is important – after all, you’re going to be holding them a lot.
  • The vapor quality is up there with the best smoke juice available. There will always be differences of opinion as to which e-cig brings the best vapor though there is consensus that Halo will not disappoint.
  • The batteries last a long time. This is important, puffers. The most common complaint in the vaping community seems to be that some companies produce cheap batteries that not only don’t power a heavy hit of vapor but constantly need recharging.
  • Halo products are manufactured in the Good Ole US of A, for those who care about that kind of thing.
  • A kick-ass website. You will find the information – and products – that you need easily.



  • There is no diversity in the Halo starter kits; you have to take what is on offer, though at least you get to choose the color you want.
  • Some reviewers have not found that 1 Halo cartomizer replaces 30 traditional cigarettes as Halo claims it does. I am on the fence in this dispute as I can find no way to tell whether smoking a full cartomizer is the same as smoking 30 traditional cigarettes.
  • The price of the starter kit, at $44.99, is a tad expensive for students or others restrained by a tight budget.

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All hail Halo. Halo makes fine e-cigarettes that look as good as they make you feel. I can write with absolute confidence that you will not be disappointed if you order some Halo Cigs. Unless, of course, you have a personality disorder!

Halo offers free shipping, but only if you spend more than $75 dollars. We think that this threshold could be lowered to the price of a starter kit. How about it, Halo?

Halo has a loyalty program; you can earn 100 points for every 20 dollars you dish out for E-liquid and 75 points for the same amount spent on hardware. Sign up!

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The Triton 2 from Halo Cigs reviewHalo Triton 2 – The Triton 2 is an upgrade from their popular Triton design. Uniquely crafted for the smokers out there looking for an alternative. Utilises both mouth to lung inhales (for the smoker) and direct lung inhales (for the vaper) this kit is ideal to get you started.

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