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Halo e-Liquid Review

Every e-juice manufacturer claims to be the best, and each individual vaper has his or her favorite brands. Naturally, that can make it difficult to distinguish the mundane brands from the truly exceptional, and make it hard for vapers to know what to expect from any product line. Unfortunately, that causes many vapers to simply stick with what they know, and often leads them to continue to use flavors that are a far cry from what their vaping hearts would actually prefer. It can also result in them missing out on some truly amazing companies and products. That includes Halo, which has a reputation for delivering some truly quality vaping options. In this Halo e-liquid review, we’ll see if the hype is supported by reality.


A Well-Known brand

Halo is among the better known brands in the e-liquid market. Based in the United States, the company is among the oldest manufacturers making these e-juices, and its market encompasses a large portion of the globe. They also have an e-cigarette range that you can read about here. With that type of global audience, it is only natural to assume that they must be doing something right. A review of the company’s own website reveals that this assumption seems to be grounded in fact. There are thousands of individual customer reviews to be found, and they all seem to be satisfied – so satisfied, in fact that they almost uniformly rate these e-juice flavors with either four or five stars. That’s almost unprecedented for any company or product!

The products themselves are offered in two sizes, and come in either a 7 ml bottle or a larger 30 ml container. The smaller bottles sell for less than six dollars, while the larger bottles – more than four times the liquid – sell for less than twenty dollars. That places them within the price range of most quality e-juices – a factor that almost certainly contributes to the brand’s popularity around the world. To top it off, they also offer sample packs in all four of their main categories: tobacco, gourmet, menthol, and their catch-all variety group.

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Quality Matters

Like most sensible vapers, you no doubt have some interest in where your products are manufactured, and the type of quality control measures in place at the point of production. The good news here is that quality really is this company’s primary mission. Their manufacturing is done in the U.S., but the focus on quality and safety doesn’t end there. Each batch of components used in the manufacturing process is thoroughly tested to ensure purity of ingredients. When that purity is confirmed to be at least 99% pure then the ingredients are allowed to be used in Halo e-juice. It is that type of exacting attention to quality that makes these juices so exceptional.

The end result of all that effort is a product line that offers a unique level of taste excellence. That sort of commitment usually costs you at every stage of the ordering process, but not so with Halo. In fact, they not only have reasonable pricing structures in place, but they also send their products without shipping costs. That helps to encourage larger orders, which can help you ensure that you have the supplies you need at all times.


A Look at the Choices

There are roughly two dozen different options, each with its own unique flavor. With new options being added all the time, there is sure to be a taste you’ll love. We’ll start with the tobacco and variety flavors that are so popular with today’s vapers:


Of course, the company offers delicious gourmet flavors as well. You can get a wonderfully rich chocolate flavor with Shamrock, accented with mint. Or opt for an espresso and peppermint taste with Twisted Java. Café Mocha gives you the undeniable taste of cappuccino with hazelnut and mocha notes for good measure. Malibu is a menthol-tasting Pina Colada flavor that will have you wishing for the beach, while Kringle’s Curse brings the power of peppermint to all your throat hits. And who wouldn’t love Belgian Coca, with its strong cocoa base and ever-present touch of sweet chocolate?

Finally, there are the menthol options. For many vapers, this can be the best category of all – especially when compared to the limited menthol flavorings offered by Halo’s rivals. These include the highly-rated Menthol ICE option that delivers pure, unadulterated menthol flavor in every icy hit, and the well-regarded Mystic menthol blend that adds a hint of sweetness to its otherwise refreshing taste.

SubZero is on another level entirely, as it triples the menthol power of the other Halo offerings, providing even more of that chilliness that menthol lovers seek. MetholX brings peppermint, eucalyptus, and menthol together to provide the underlying tobacco foundation with a thick layer of icy rejuvenation. Finally, CoolMist seeks that common ground between springtime and the deepest chills of winter, as it provides the ideal level of menthol flavor.


My Conclusion

All in all, Halo would seem to be living up to its reputation. With a firm commitment to quality, excellent customer service, and an amazing array of powerful and recognizable taste sensations, this is one brand that definitely deserves our recommendation.


Check Out Halo E-Liquids on Their Site


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