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The Full Halo G6 kit review
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Halo G6 Review Bottom Line

For those who want an alternative to smoking the Halo G6 starter kit is perfect. Not only does it resemble the look and feel of a traditional cigarette, it also smokes like one. The flavors offered resemble traditional tobacco and the smoking sensation is a little smoother so the switch will be even easier. The G6 is a perfect kit for the new vaper.

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Halo G6 Review

The Halo G6 e cigSome E-cig enthusiasts like to refer to the Halo G6 as the best overall compact e-cig system currently available in the market. Simply by glancing at it, you would attach a hefty price tag to the product only to realize that it only goes for a little over $30. If you are an ex-tobacco smoker, you may love this one because the Halo G6 assumes a similar shape and size.

We will look at the battery life, flavor options, vapor production, cost and the overall quality of the starter kit and by the time you are done reading this review, you will have all you need to know about this product and decide for yourself if this is the best electronic cigarette for you.


Product Features

  • Two batteries of your choice (between 280mAh and 180mAh)
  • USB charger
  • A halo case
  • Five pre-filled cartridges+ blank cartridges

Features of the Halo G6 Starter KitThe two batteries in the G6 starter kit are available in both automatic and manual varieties which are both very impressive. They also come in a variety of colors. With the manual, you get a slightly higher vapor content than the automatic but both have pretty good throat hits. If you are an average vaper, then you can recharge your battery in the evening.

E-Liquid for refill cartridgesWith the Halo G6, you are really spoilt for choice. The cartridge refills contain nine different US made flavors; Malibu, Turkish Tobacco, Tribeca, Belgian Cocoa, Prime15, Torque56, SubZero, HX3 and Menthol ice. The flavors are in four different strengths of 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg.

The blank carts come in various sizes, and you can choose from 1ml or 1.5ml, which means you can buy the Halo eliquid of your choice. Halo also offers mini see-through tanks for the G6 which are easier to refill than the blank carts.

The throat hit that comes with the 24mg is pretty decent. In fact, some users have had to hop down to the 18mg which is easier on the throat and the lungs as well.

What the Halo G6 box looks like



  • This product is just a myriad of options. This gives every user the chance to choose from a wide range of options and customize what works best for them
  • The advantagesThe overall presentation of the Halo G6 evokes elegance
  • The fact that is similar to a tobacco cigarette makes it ideal to use in public
  • The blank cartridges and mini tanks make it easier for a user to have a variety of flavors
  • The two batteries come in handy when one goes flat
  • Recharging the battery is a quick process which takes a little over 2 hours; it shows a blue LED light once it’s done charging


  • An odd nicotine smell after unpacking The disadvantageswhich quickly subsides after using the G6, this is quite common with cigalikes
  • The G6 does not have a portable charging case which would have been a valuable addition factoring in its price and size
  • Short battery life
  • Some vapers may consider the vapor production quite low



Wrapping up, it is worthy to include that the Halo G6 is a high-quality cigalike e-cig with adequate vapor production and a wide range of well-selected flavors all in a compact product. You have to understand that this type of electronic cigarette is really for the smoker out there and not the serious vaper enthusiasts. It’s not going to give you the huge vape clouds like the Halo Reactor Mega or the taste depth of the Halo Tracer but what it does offer is an alternative to smoking with the same style, look and feel as the real thing.
The Halo G6 in another color - red

As far as this category of electronic cigarettes, the Halo G6 is one of the best on the market. The vape clouds are subtle but the taste is so similar to the real thing, I don’t think you’ll notice. For the value of money, you do get a lot, and that is expected of a highly respected company such as Halo Cigs.

The bottom line is, if you’re after an electronic cigarette to replace smoking, then the Halo G6 is in the top 3 products you should consider. You can check out the other electronic cigarettes in this category on our Cigalikes page.

Hope this was helpful, if you have any questions, please get in contact with us, you can find our details at the top of our page, under the contact us area, happy vaping!


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