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Review of the Halo Triton Tank

Update: The new Halo Triton 2 kit is now available, the review below is of version 1, which is still available.

Recently I decided that I wanted to make an improvement in my electronic cigarette smoking experience. Up until 2 1/2 years ago I smoked over a pack a day of Marlboro Reds. That’s when I first started smoking an electronic cigarette.

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halo logoI was smoking a “regular” electronic cigarette that was purchased from Green Smoke except that I was refilling the cartridges with an e-liquid called Torque56 that was sold by a company called the Halo Electronic Cigarette Company.

However, the Green Smoke e-cigarette that I was smoking with the refilled cartridges with the Torque56 e-liquid just didn’t quite have enough vapor (there is no smoke associated with an electronic cigarette but rather a vapor that is produced by vaporizing the e-liquid contained in the cartridge) to satisfy me.

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I mean, they were okay. I did like them and I thought if this is all of vapor that I can get, so be it. But I still missed the quantity of smoke in my old Marlboro Reds.

Since I was already smoking an e-liquid from Halo, it was natural that I look around their website a little bit to see if there was something new as far as the type of electronic cigarette.

And low-and-behold, there it was – the Triton Tank System looked very, very promising. I was primarily after more vapor when I was smoking my e-cig to provide a more satisfying and realistic smoking experience. The Triton looked like it would deliver this for me. And it really did.

Halo Triton Tank

The Triton also had a much larger battery (which would obviously mean it would last longer) and a larger cartridge for e-liquid. That would mean that I could smoke my electronic cigarette longer between changing or refilling cartridges.

I purchased the Triton Starter Kit about 30 days ago and started testing it out. I was not disappointed at all. The smoking experience is excellent! The amount of vapor of its produced by the Triton has got to be three or four times as much as I was getting for my regular e-cig.

halo e-liquidI kept smoking my Torque56 e-liquid (I really like this “real tobacco” flavored e-liquid) and as I did so, I found that I really did enjoy my smoking experience much more. The amount of vapor that the Triton produces is perfect for my taste.

As I smoked my Triton, I found that I used more e-liquid then the “regular” e-cig did but I guess that’s to be expected when you’re producing 3 to 4 times the vapor. That makes sense, right?

The Triton battery lasts a long time – probably 2 to 3 times as long as the regular electronic cigarette did. The Triton is heavier too because of the larger battery and liquid cartridge but I did not find the weight to be objectionable whatsoever. It’s more like smoking electronic cigar.

The Triton Starter Kit I purchased was $69.00 and it consisted of two batteries, two e-liquid cartridges, a USB charger and a wall charger and a very nice carrying case. The kit does not come with any pre-filled liquid – you need to buy one of Halo’s premium American Made e-Liquids separately.

The Starter Kit is available in your choice of one of 11 different colors so you can probably find a color to suit you quite nicely. Being a plain and simple man, I chose the black Starter Kit.

The Triton electronic cigarette from Halo is a very quality electronic cigarette that could be termed a second generation e-cig. It’s really a completely different device than a normal electronic cigarette. That’s what makes it unique and what makes it a much better smoking experience than a regular electronic cigarette.

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