How to Make E-liquid for E Cigarettes

Before we get into the detail about the making of E-Liquid for your Electronic cigarette it is best to understand a little about the devices. Electronic cigarettes are known to have taken the market by storm, most smokers who normally buy regular cigarettes are seen to have diverted to the electronic version of it. There are various reasons why people tend to do this, mostly because of health benefits. It is argued that electronic cigarettes are way healthier than regular cigarettes due to the less percentage of nicotine and the absence of the various chemicals that normal cigarettes contain.

One of the major reasons why people like the idea of electronic cigarettes is because of the idea that you can smoke it anywhere and anytime, knowing the governments constant pressure to restrict smoking in public areas, electronic cigarettes have proved to be the next best option.

What is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette is a device, which is made to mimic the effects of regular cigarettes, it is shaped like a cigarette and with the help of its atomizer, which is a heating component, and it heats up a certain liquid, which contains nicotine. This liquid comes out as vapor which does not it give it the usual smell or inconvenience that most cigarettes have.

The benefits of an electronic cigarette

There are various benefits that an electronic cigarette has, one of the main ones being its health benefits, most electronic cigarettes are known to be relatively healthier that actual cigarettes. The reason for this is due to the less percentage of nicotine in which it contains. It also contains no tobacco, tar or any other toxins related to the smoking of tobacco. This basically means you still get your dosage of nicotine but just not with the other unnecessary chemicals that come with it.

One of the main inconveniences of smoking cigarettes is the irritating lingering smell of smoke that comes with it, electronic cigarettes emit vapor, and this makes it odorless and pretty much more environmentally friendly. Besides the replaceable cartridges, the device is not disposable which makes it lessen pollution, with regular cigarettes you would have to worry about where to dispose of your cigarette butt. And the best part of it all is that there isn’t any ash. It also does not leave your teeth with that smokers yellow stain nor leave you with the stench of smoke in your breath.

Besides being environmentally friendly, they are also much more socially accepted, smoking bans have been seen to be put up almost all over the globe, but with an electronic cigarette you could smoke anywhere and anytime. To get an idea of the best brands, take a look at out homepage where you will find a full list of all the brands on the market.

How electronic cigarettes work

This device is made up of three components, the mouthpiece, the atomizer and the battery pack. The cartridge, which is inside the mouthpiece, contains the liquid that is heated for smoking. The batter pack can either be automatic or manual, with an automatic battery you can just stick it in your mouth and start vaping, but with a manual battery pack you would have to press a button to start inhaling.

E-liquids and their content

How To Make E-LiquidE-liquid is the main catalyst for an electronic cigarette, without this liquid the e cigarette would be just a vaporizer. These liquids are made up of nicotine, flavoring and diluents.

The stimulants in cigarettes being nicotine are the most addictive aspect of smoking. Electronic cigarettes also contain this substance although not with high levels like normal cigarettes do. Nicotine is naturally found in tobacco leaves and is released alongside with other types of toxins when burned for inhalation.


For E-liquids the nicotine is extracted from the tobacco leaves through various processes, it is then turned into a liquefied version, which we all know as e-liquids. To make sure these e-liquids taste like normal cigarettes, flavoring Is inserted into them. Most e liquids come In different flavors depending on how the consumer would want it.

How to make your own e-liquid

Most people are used to going to their nearest store to purchase e-liquid for their vaporizer not knowing you can do this process from your very own home. Although it might take a lot of measurement and time but eventually it will be worth it, because it will be considered your very own e-liquid. If you were once very good in chemistry then this will be easier that you think.
It is recommended to make your own e-liquid because you can measure out the levels of nicotine and other substances that you put in it. You can basically customize it, to you likes.

What materials would you need to make your own e-liquid?

There are many vendors online who offer supplies for do it yourself e-liquids, since this is done online, not all of them can be trusted, you should confirm the validity of the vendor first before actually purchasing the supplies. Some vendors have been known to market supplies of higher dosage than was actually mentioned in the advertisement.
You will need chemicals such as:

• Nicotine
• Propylene glycol
• Glycerin
• Flavoring

These are the main ingredients needed in order to make your own e-liquid, it is advised to properly check the validity of all these chemicals in order to avoid any health risk while consuming the finished product.

Hardware needed to produce your e-liquid

You would need certain equipment’s to in the do it yourself process of making an e-liquid, these hardware’s include:

• Gloves
• Pipettes
• Funnels
• Dropper bottles
• Amber bottles
• Child proof caps
• Graduated cylinders

These are just a few of the essential products needed to start the process of making your very own e-liquid.

The process of making the liquid will include a calculator, you would have to measure out all the chemicals properly, for you to get the right dosage or else you might end up creating a concussion. Once all these chemicals have been measure to proportion, you would need to mix them accordingly, after mixing it is advised to let the solution sit for a few days. After this is done you are pretty much ready to vaper.

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