Is Nicotine Really That Bad?

Is Nicotine Really That Bad

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If you spend your time online, you can see much health news with click-bait headlines. This may lead you to distrust some of the latest health news on dangers of health. We know that almost all the matters, even the atmospheric air are linked to serious health conditions. You may question whether nicotine is bad or good for health. But we have to consider some of the facts associated with intake of nicotine and its risks.

Nicotine Bad for you?We all know that smoking is not good for health as it contains carcinogenic and other harmful chemicals. There is also misconception prevailing that cigarettes labeled ‘mild’s’ or ‘lights’ are much safer than ordinary cigarettes. We do not say as mild cancer or light cancer! The indication of mild or light cigarettes relates to the concentration or taste of tobacco and not the content of nicotine added in tobacco.

The foremost thing to be known is, Nicotine is not carcinogenic and does not lead to cancer risk. Then, Is Nicotine bad for health? When you ask a public health agent like CDC or CDPH, the answer varies depending on the context. In terms of pharmaceutically authorized therapy for nicotine replacement, they do not raise any issues on nicotine and they accept it as an appropriate aid to quit smoking.

But when discussed in terms of vaping or e-cigarettes or e-cigs, nicotine is considered as a bad element by the public health agent. This double standard leads to confusion among the people. So if we ask the public health agencies for a correct answer there is a disappointment and no clarity.

When wearing a nicotine patch the nicotine molecules reaches our body through our skin which is very much similar to the nicotine molecules in e-cig or vaping. It goes the same way with Nicorette gum also. So the great health hazard comes from the smoking of tobacco with thousands of hazardous toxic substances.

As such Nicotine has many positive effects. The size and shape of nicotine molecule is similar to neural transmitter acetycholine and so it stimulates the pleasure centers of our brain. Because of this nicotine property, it is very much attracted by our brain.

Positives Of Nicotine

When we look at the positive effects of nicotine further:

  • it helps to improve the memory and concentration.
  • It is used to treat neurological disorders
  • It slows down the development of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • It can also protect people from the attack of Parkinson’s disease.
  • Like coffee it is a good stimulant.
  • It can kick the function of adrenal glands to produce adrenaline.
  • It can temporarily increase the blood pressure and heart rate.

With so many positive effects, why nicotine is having a bad reputation? It is because of its link to smoking. Most of the people consider smoking and nicotine are similar in effects. It is found that while smoking nearly 7000 chemicals are produced in the combustion of tobacco and the other additives. These chemical additives promote nicotine absorption and fast burning. Thus smoking leads to all sorts of health hazards and not the intake of nicotine.

How much Nicotine Is In A Cigarette?

nicotine in a cigaretteBecause of the presence of nicotine naturally in tobacco, Cigarette smoke contains nicotine. Nicotine in the tobacco plants helps to repel the insects, thus acts as natural insecticides to prevent infestation in the plants. Similar to cinnamon, nicotine is a natural insecticide to keeps the bug out. But when used in large doses it becomes toxic, even cinnamon also. Wet tobacco leaves releases nicotine and so the farmers working in wet tobacco plants used to take precaution to prevent the intake of excess nicotine.

The amount of nicotine in a cigarette varies from but the studies show that a person absorbs about 1mg of nicotine in one cigarette. When you light up a cigarette you absorb not only the 1mg of nicotine but also the other chemical additives. Nowadays cigarettes are becoming still worse because of excess chemical additives.

Whenever we think of a cigarette, the word ‘nicotine’ only comes to our mind. And we do not think of ammonia in the cigarette that accelerates in-take of nicotine and methanol that supports in the rapid burning of tobacco. The burning of tobacco and other chemical additives leads to combustion creating carcinogens and toxic substances. health? It is the tobacco that kills human beings and not nicotine.

How Much Nicotine Can A Person Take?

A person can become fatal if he consumes 0.5mg — 1.0mg of nicotine per kg of his weight. So if a person with 66 lbs consumes nicotine of 36mg-72mg will surely die. And the toxicologists states that an adult may become fatal if takes 40mg-60mg of nicotine. So nicotine or anything that is taken in excess is bad for health

Does It Depend On Your Age?

Age also plays a major role in the tolerance of nicotine. The studies have revealed that nicotine may have great impact on the development of brain for the adolescent people. So nicotine is bad for teenagers and children.

Nicotine In E Cigarettes

When we consider e-cig or vaporizer, it functions by heating the e-liquid releasing the vapor. Eliquid comprises of Propyl glycol, nicotine, vegetable glycerin, flavor, and water. You cannot find any toxic additives like in tobacco cigarettes. Actually, when e-cig heats the nicotine in liquid form, it becomes vapor and then inhaled. In e-cig/ vaporizer there is no burning and there is no emission of carbon dioxide and other toxic substances.

The burning of e-liquid or overheating is completely eliminated by using quality e-cigarettes. Nowadays e-cigs based on microprocessor technology are also available in the market which can control the discharge of power from the battery, cuts off power automatically to prevent long-time heating of e-liquid.

When we considering nicotine consumption in vaping, it is only one-third or one-fourth of smoking a cigarette. A person who vapes 12mg of e-liquid absorbs 0.25mg to 0.33mg of nicotine whereas a person who smokes a cigarette absorbs 12ma of nicotine. So an individual who starts vaping has to choose e-liquid with appropriate nicotine concentration to match his tobacco habits.

The Danger Of Cheap E Liquid

More than 500 e-cigarette companies are in the market. Most of them are not that good. They can make the product and add any liquid as e-liquid. It is very much essential for people to stick to a quality e-cig company.

popcorn lungsCheap e-liquid can also lead to chronic diseases like popcorn lung. It is an irreversible disease difficult to diagnose, treat and may be fatal. Medically it is called as bronchiolitis obliterans. This serious disease is caused by Diacetyl organic compound which is used as artificial butter flavoring while making popcorn and so the term popcorn lung’ came from this disease. This diacetyl naturally occurs in alcohol beverages and it is used as food additives. In the food processing plants especially in the popcorn factory, the workers inhaled this artificial flavoring agent diacetyl for a long time and so prone to popcorn corn lungs (bronchiolitis obliterans).

Diacetyl is one of tobacco additive and it can be found in cigarette smoke. Some of the e-liquid vendors are using this diacetyl as a flavoring agent and it is very much essential to buy the e-liquids from vendors who rely on lab standards professionally and do not add diacetyl for flavoring. Professional knowledge, experience, and care are essential for a safe blending of e-liquid.

Round Up

Nicotine is sold as OTC (Over the counter) product and allowed by FDA. Nicotine does not affect one’s health until it is taken in limits. Nicotine can leads to health hazards only when it is absorbed in huge amount. Nicotine is addictive. Precaution, common sense and proper care are required to be safe with the consumption of Nicotine.