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When it comes to vaping mod kits, it’s become almost impossible to define a real norm. The fact is that manufacturers have taken us on a dizzying roller coaster ride of innovation, both in terms of appearance and performance, and there now seems to be something out there for every vaping preference. That does not mean, however, that it is impossible to differentiate quality, and the fact is that some products seem to position themselves on a level that is far and away superior to many of their rivals. In this iStick Pico Kit review, we’ll consider whether this mod kit from eLeaf should be given that sort of lofty praise.

Note: Eleaf has just released a new mod onto the market with an improved chipset and an internal 4,400mAh battery. Check out the Eleaf iStick MELO Starter Kit review.


Meet the iStick Pico

Appearances aside – and we’ll get to those aesthetics in a moment, this device is an interesting offering for the mini market. It comes with an 18650 battery that offers hi-amp performance. And yes, it’s replaceable, so no more worries about those captive batteries that leave you at their design mercy. The good news is that this high-powered battery unit can ensure that you get those tremendously large hits you’re looking for- including lung hits, thanks to the device’s Melo III sub-ohm tank.

iStick Pico look_1


Size Matters!

iStick Pico size_1If you’ve been paying attention at all in recent months, then you’ve noticed that the current trend seems to favor a regular influx of new miniaturized products. Now, if you’re one of those traditionalists who like their mods big and boxy, then products like this probably aren’t your cup of tea. For anyone interested in a mod that can fit in your pocket with ease, however, this eLeaf offering is going to hit your sweet spot perfectly.

And when we say small, we mean small! The Pico measures in at a mere 1.77-inch wide by 2.77-inches high, with a depth of .0 inches. Even with the Melo tank’s height tacked on, the device still measures less than 5 inches high! Now, if you’re wondering how they managed to fit all of the devices many components into such a tiny frame, the answer is simple: magic. Without doubt it could be there new best seller after the iStick 30W which every experienced vaper has tried and loved!

The magic of engineering, that is. The battery is snugly secured with a cap – which provides a creative way to hide a component that is actually longer than the device itself, while the important buttons are all located along the device’s bottom side. Thanks to that bit of creative placement, eLeaf was able to use standard buttons rather than those tiny, difficult to handle options you often see on miniaturized technological creations. That decision, of course, left more room on the device body for the display screen.


Features of Interest

Obviously, the very fact that the Pico offers sub-ohm vaping reveals that the device comes with temperature control. In this case, though, there is a complete sensory system onboard to monitor temperature and provide you expanded control over your vapor. The company inserted the same high-tech system it uses on some of its more advanced models, so that’s a nice bonus for a mod that sells for under $50!

iStick Melo III tank_1The Melo III tank provides 2 ml of liquid storage, which is about on par for a unit this size, and it arrives with two Kanthal EC coil heads, offering two ohm levels: .3 and .5. The tank itself can use other coils as well, of course; they’re just not provided in this kit. The Melo III has a hidden airflow feature, fills from the top, and offers adjustable customization that enables you to choose either mouth to lung hits or straight lung hits of vapor.


The Benefits

It is worth noting that the battery life on this unit is – as you might expect – greater when your vaping is done at a lower wattage level. That’s not uncommon, of course, and most high-wattage vapers expect to see their batteries drain at a faster rate. What truly sets this device apart is the amount of vapor that you can generate from its diminutive body. You have to actually experience it to understand just how impressive the volume and flavor of that vapor truly is.

The fact is that this may be one of the most impressive entries into the mini market in some time. And while its ease of use might seem to favor new vapers, its capabilities and high-tech features should appeal to a large number of more experienced enthusiasts as well. With its small size, sleek design, and powerful vapor-producing capacity, the iStick Pico Kit is a great product – and one that is probably worth far more than the asking price.

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