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Kanger Cupti 2 Starter Kit Review

Update 31st January 2017: Kanger have released the new Subox Mini-C, check out our review!

We always look forward to reviewing products from companies like Kanger, since many of the major brand names often come out with some complete departures from their previous offerings – and that kind of innovation can make for an exciting first-contact experience. With the Kanger Cupti 2, the company has unveiled a new vape mod that is designed to be compatible with a host of sub-ohm devices – which should make it an appealing option for many of the more advanced vapers out there. The look of the Cupti 2Of course, there are many things in life that should happen but don’t. In this review of the Kanger Cupti 2 All-In-One 80W Starter Kit, we’ll try to determine whether this product actually achieves everything it seems to be striving for.


At First Glance…

When vapers found out that Kanger was coming out with a new version of the Cupti, there was some understandable excitement. The first version was a pretty popular offering, but there were some areas in which it could obviously be improved. And given Kanger’s history with responsiveness to market sentiments, most users probably figured that the updated version would address any prior concerns about the original, and offer even greater satisfaction for the customers who used the Cupti. That’s a lot of lofty expectations for any one product to meet!

At first glance, the device sure seems promising. It’s one of those mod units that is designed to fit ergonomically within your hand, so that’s always a plus for vapers who obsess as much about the way the device feels as they do about its actual function. Keep in mind that this is an all-in-one, so the tank is located inside the mod body – just as it is inside the Cupti. From an aesthetic standpoint, there is certainly nothing to complain about. The design has those nice contoured edges that most vapers appreciate, and a stylish, space-age looking exterior that just screams “high-tech.” As far as looks go, that’s definitely a plus.

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The Essentials…

Whats in the kitOnce you dig deeper than the exterior, you can see all of the state of the art components that went into making the mod. It uses two 18650 batteries to provide it with that 80 watts of power. Yes, those batteries are fairly standard throughout the industry, and there’s a reason for it: they work. Moreover, they are simple to replace, so if one fails you can still keep your machine running! A standard USB cable can keep it powered up for you. Now, even though this is an 80W unit, you should also know that it can actually provide anywhere from 80-100 watts of power for you.

Even better, the device comes with temperature control, with modes that accommodate nickel, stainless steel, NiChrome, titanium, and TCR. IT also includes flexible air control to provide even more vaping customization options, as well as some of those essentials that vapers loved from the original Cupti model – like the larger drip tip.


The Features…

Now, those are all nice essential components, you’re saying, but what about the more exotic features? Well, Kanger included some of those too. The new Cupti is heavier than its first iteration, but there’s a reason for that. It’s designed with an adapter tube that enables you to convert the Cupti 2 into an actual box mod (and no, it doesn’t magically transform its shape and lose those soft rounded contours) for sub-ohm use. That’s an incredible feature that instantly transports this device out of the realm of an ordinary mod and into the rarified ranks of the advanced mod devices. Using the adapter, you can make the device compatible with any of your sub-ohm tanks, provided they have 501 threading. You can also utilize the child lock organic cotton coil option (CLOCC) and just fill the juice tank to start your vaping experience. The coil is conveniently connected right to the drip tip, so using it is as simple as can be.

Cupti 2 in piecesIf that were all that Kanger did to make this device an improvement over the original, we would all be justified for singing the company’s praises based on that move alone. Of course, being Kanger, the company just couldn’t stop there. It listened to feedback from users of the original and made design improvements to correct some of the weaknesses that the first device demonstrated. One particularly noticeable improvement is in the micro-USB’s location on this unit.

On the original, the device had its port for the USB on the bottom. The weakness in that design was obvious: nobody could leave the unit standing up while it was getting its charge! As obvious as that weakness was, the solution was even more self-evident: place the port on the side. Kanger did that, providing a much more accessible charging port for users to enjoy. In addition, they placed the LED display there too. The buttons have been moved to the Cupti 2’s topside.


Using the Device

Of course, nothing matters more than performance. But if you’re expecting us to just tell you that this device is another one of those average mods that give you rich clouds of vapor and tasty flavor, think again. After all, you’d expect that – since Kanger is so well-known for creating devices that meet user expectations almost without fail. We spent a lot of time test-driving this unit, and we can tell you that there’s nothing average about it.

We can say this without equivocation: this is a solid mod that you’ll be proud to add to your collection of best electronic cigarettes. But if we just stopped there, we would be derelict in our duty to our readers. The fact is that all of our experimentation revealed one clear truth: this is a model that is far superior to the original Cupti. In fact, the Cupti 2 is literally a perfecting of that original Cupti model – and that’s saying quite a lot.

The Kanger Cubis 2 in white


In our opinion, the best results from this device came about when using the stainless steel coil. That option gave us thick clouds of vapor and still managed to preserve as much actual flavor from our preferred e-juice as we could have hoped for. On the performance side of the equation, there is certainly nothing to complain about.

The device also holds up well with use. Some e-cig devices have problems with faulty buttons or other technical glitches (poor software is a common problem we’ve experienced), but not this device. The Cupti 2 has buttons that are made to be pressed, and a display that couldn’t be any clearer. More importantly, the various temp modes, coils, and wattage options are all easy to use and efficient in operation.

The bottom line is simple: Kanger had a high set of expectations that needed to be cleared, and it did it with style. The Cupti 2 is more than just a slightly modified version of the device from which it takes its name. It is a reimagining of the Cupti that aggressively worked to improve every area of weakness in that original model. The end result is a mod that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to work with, and extremely effective at doing its duty: providing you with the rich vaping experience you need. Well done, Kanger; well done!

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