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February 20, 2016
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Update 31st January 2017: Kanger have now released the new Subox Mini-C, take a look at our review!

Anyways, I have been waiting for this, after using the Kanger SubTank as my preferred tank for some time I have tried the istick 30W and the KBox battery combination, and left feeling that there is room for improvement, does the new Subox Mini Starter kit deliver, let’s take a look!

First off impressions are really good, the design comes in either black or white, and I have to say the matt black actually looks better than the pictures give it credit for, I already know that the tank is one of the most popular tanks on the market, so the question for me is whether their custom built battery mod actually makes that much of a difference.

The Company

Kanger have been making electronic cigarette for a few years now, and although you may not have heard of them they are one of the most popular brands with the more advanced and serious vapers, that said they concentrate on the manufacturing side, and distribute their products to vape shops and other retailers to sell. Other brands that appear on review sites, including ours, only review products that are both manufactured and sold by the same company who then offer sites commissions if they sell their products. But we believe in giving reviews to the industry in general, and comparing all products on the market, no matter the commission levels. Kanger should be amongst the brands that you look for when choosing your electronic cigarette.

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Video Review

Let’s dive straight in and take a look at the Subox Kit and how it vapes in our video:


What You Get

subox kit containsInside the starter kit you will find:

  • 2 x atomizer heads, 1 at 0.5 ohm perfect for lung inhales and 1 at 1.5 ohms suitable for mouth to lung inhales
  • RBA Kit – If you’re looking to start building your own coils, you get a kit with pre wound coils and cotton to try out
  • Battery housing – The main battery housing allows wattage from 7W – 50W
  • SubTank Mini – The tank has the 0.5ohm atomizer already in, just prime, fill with e-liquid and your good to go
  • Instructions, warranty etc

Basically you get everything except an 18650 battery, which can cost anything from $5 – $15 (£5-£10).


The vapor produced from the subtank is awesome, it always has been and the taste is great, in our opinion, if you don’t mind the size it’s the best tank available on the market. Combined with the custom built battery Kanger have now produced the best kit on the market! It just works! No leaks, no faults, no annoyance, what can we say, just quality!
subox starter kit


Now it is a little disappointing that they do not include an 18650 battery, although these are cheap it would be nice to have it complete. When choosing your battery bear in mind that you are not likely to need the full 50W output that this device can deliver, you’re probably going to need a maximum of 30W, meaning any 18650 battery that can discharge over 20A will do you fine. The costs of these are as little as $5.

Comparing To the iStick 30W and Original KBox

As the video shows the Kanger subox is a tiny amount taller and wider than the iStick 30W, however you can barely see the difference, only if you put them side by side you will notice a few mm difference, as far as performance, the Subox wins hands down, the responsiveness of the power as soon as you press the button, the quality of the build and the overall look are all won by the Subox kit. With the Kbox on the other hand, which is Kangers first release of a battery pack for the sub tank, it is just in another league, at the time of release I was impressed, but comparing it to the original Subox, it’s just not in the same league! They have obviously learnt a lesson and used the feedback to help design the subox.


We are so impressed with the Subox Mini kit, in fact all of us in the office are using it as our preferred device at the moment, how long this will last, I’m not sure we will have to wait for other brands releases. The vapor quantity is great, and although not the most essential point, the flavor produced by the kit is phenomenal. In fact the flavor is so intense that some of my preferred e-liquids are actually too strong for the device! This product is perfect for those of you who want to start out in sub-ohm vaping, or want to upgrade your current model to one of the best on the market. Take a look at our top chart where we review every electronic cigarette on the market, that’s worth buying!

Check Out The New Kanger Topbox Mini Kit

Nicholas King
Nicholas King
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