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The electronic cigarette industry has been earmarked as one of the industries that are likely to experience tremendous growth and development, despite all the speculations about further regulations and sanctions. These speculations have however; done very little in hindering the meteoric pace and advancements that excellent vaping products and devices continue to rise. In fact, most of these new vaping products are released with the users in mind with the main intention of promoting the e-cigarette experience and getting consumers into a more DIY approach.

Most of these products were released in December 2015 specifically to promote post-Christmas purchase going into 2016. They include a selection of high-power, temperature control capable box mods, rebuild-able atomizers and sub ohm tanks among others. And thanks to these incredible and amazing products, consumers will be able to refill their own e-cigarette juice and use eGo-style battery, which are more powerful. Let’s take a look at some of these new vaping products released and due in 2016.


Topbox Nano TC Kit

Topbox Nano TC KitAs one of the amazing products going into 2016, Topbox Nano TC kit is a beginner-friendly mod starter kit that not only comes at an extremely affordable price, but also offers a top tank and runs on single powerful battery that is capable of offering power ranging between 7 to 60 watts. It also comes with a spring-loaded 510 connection, superb temperature control, support for coil downs and a plethora of safety features. Its top-fill design, which has a capacity of 3.2 ml capacity with a Pyrex tank, an adjustable airflow and a top stainless steel construction, makes it one of the best.


Pioneer4You iPV D3

Having been released on in December 2015, the feedback that the Pioneer4You iPV D3 is receiving from vapers is simply remarkable. It has a lot of incredible support and love from vapers who like its increased power of 80 watts and an absolutely astonishing temperature control of 100 to 300℃. It has an improved battery life, which is obviously better than previous models and support coils from 0.15 ohms and 0.05 ohms in standard and TC mode respectively. Its absolutely affordable price adds taste to it and does not compromise the fantastic performance that it brings to the table in satisfying the needs of every vaper.


Innokin Cortex 80 W TC

Innokin Cortex 80W TCWith Innokin being a huge name in the vaping industry, nobody expected the latest Cortex 80 W TC to be any less different. This is a product that is upping the temperature control box mod game to another level. Apart from its amazing power capabilities of 80 watts, this new vaping device comes with a temperature control ranging from 300 to 600℉. This is enabled by the titanium and nickel coils that form a major part of this latest product. It also has a gold-plated, spring-loaded 510 connection and can support resistance down to 0.01ohms. This is definitely one of the best.



Zephyrus V2 by Youde

Being the second version of RTA from Youde, Zephyrus V2 offers simple-to-see success when it comes to a go-to rebuild-able tank that many vapers will definitely fall in love with. The tank capacity stands at a whopping 6 ml and has a redesigned top-filling system; thus there is no need of removing the top cap every now and then when you want to refill the tank. The adjustable quad airflow slots and insulators, as well as pre-built coils make it superb, to say the least. All these still come at a very affordable price that any vaper can easily afford.


Baijiada Mermaid Tank by Sense

Baijiada Mermaid TankThis is obviously a new offering from Sense, the manufacturers of Cyclone and Herakles tanks. On even a higher note, the Baijiada Mermaid is a stainless steel atomizer with a Pyrex glass of tank with a capacity of 2 ml. The airflows are adjustable, with amazing coils that are crucial in temperature control vaping. Even though it has some downsides such as a small juice capacity, it is still functional and pretty much affordable.


To this end, it is obviously noticeable that these are some of the greatest vaping devices going into 2016. Even though these are the selected few, there are undoubtedly some more products out there, such as the Scylla Sub Ohm Tank by Freemax, iSub S TC by Innokin, Aeolus Lite RDA by Syntheticloud, DOG3 RDA by Congrevape, Twisted Messes 150 W TC Box Mod, and iStick Basic among others. Nonetheless, if we missed any new vaping product for 2016 that you feel is particularly great, kindly let us know!

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Nicholas King
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