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There are many nicotine facts pertaining to the substance and how it interacts chemically with the human body. A drug that has shown use since approximately 6000 B.C., humans have adapted its use from a plants defensive mechanism to a widely used stimulant and relaxant.

Nicotine is a substance with qualities that make it highly addictive and cause a significant dependency from to its users. Most nicotine is derived from the tobacco plant Nicotiana tabacum, although there are over 60 other species of plants that contain the toxin. Nicotine belongs to a chemical group called alkaloids whose function in nature is have a bitter taste and dissuade animals from eating tobacco plant. Alkaloids are organic compounds that are composed of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and small traces of oxygen. An interesting nicotine fact is that it makes up about five percent of a tobacco plant. We have written an interesting article showing some impact of electronic cigarettes to tobacco cigarettes, but you can use the table at the bottom of this page to see a quick overview.

So if nicotine is addictive, does that mean vaping is also addictive. The short answer is ‘Yes’. But what are the consequences of being addicted to vaping?

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The toxin works by tricking the body into releasing dopamine that controls the brains pleasure and reward center by acting as a stimulant and simultaneously as a relaxant. Individuals who smoke describe the feeling of being relaxed and more alert.

The human body can absorb nicotine in three different manners — inhalation, through the skin, and ingestion. When a smoker inhales a cigarette, the nicotine is brought to the lungs were quickly penetrates the blood-brain barrier as it is absorbed into the blood and delivered to the rest of the body. It takes approximately eight seconds from inhalation until it reaches the brain. A single cigarette contains 1.2 mg of nicotine, but most of this not inhaled; rather it becomes part of the emissions in the smoke.

Once nicotine is in the body it releases over a half dozen types of neurotransmitters and hormones. Smokers report higher concentration, alertness, and arousal as a result of the acetylcholine and norepinephrine released. Individuals who feel anxious often report feeling a calm after inhaling nicotine and this is because the beta-endorphin has been increased in the blood stream the same neurotransmitter that is released by morphine and opium use.

Nicotine has a very short life span in the human body and on average requires smokers to experience cravings every 40 minutes. Of all the nicotine facts, one of the most startling is its high toxicity rate, and although smoking alone could not cause an overdose, in combination with nicotine patches and nicotine gum could be deadly.

Nicotine is expelled from the body mostly by being broken up in the liver. Small traces are also excreted directly through urine, and the remainder passes through the kidneys before being passed through urine.

Nicotine is used in some treatments Alzheimers Disease and Tourette’s Syndrome to increase the function in the brain since both illnesses are a result of slow firing neurons. However, nicotine was created in nature to be a protective toxin and not a product ingested or inhaled by the human body, and as a result is linked to many health problems. One of the nicotine facts that cannot be overlooked is that significant use of nicotine is linked to increased levels of cancer, emphysema, heart disease and stroke.

Comparison With Electronic Cigarettes and Tobacco Cigarettes

Category Electronic Cigarettes Tobacco Cigarettes
What is in them? Nicotine, Propyl glycol, water, a small number of chemicals mainly for flavoring considered harmless to be harmless.This does depend on the brand selected look for SGS, CE standards for the UK and USA. Nicotine: 4000 chemicals – 80 of which are considered to be cancer causing and several known poisons. Cancer causing examples: Tar, Arsenic, Benzene, etc.Poison examples: Hydrogen cyanide, Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen oxide, etc.
Associated Health Problems Nicotine is no more harmful than caffeine with stimulant and addictive effects. Dryness of mouth and Throat. Interference with cellular function, Cancerous genetic mutations. Shortness of breath. Increased risk of heart attacks and Coronary artery diseaseIncreased risk of strokes.Death – smoking is responsible for approximately five million deaths worldwide every year.
The Feel Closely Simulates the smoking experience with vapor instead of smoke.Not exactly the same as the act of smoking but close to it.Positive effect on mood and satisfies cravings. The real deal. Feels nice and comfortable but you are left with the smell of smoke, yellowing of teeth and fingers.
Legal Restrictions No current legal restrictions to the smoking of electronic cigarettes in the UK. UK and US wide smoking ban in all enclosed public and work places. Enforced on 1stJuly 2007 under the Health Act (2006). Smoking restricted to non-enclosed spaces.
Cost Average Starter kit: $50 normally 5 refills – 125 traditional cigarettes 5 refill cartridges: $10.Equivalent nicotine to 125 traditional cigarettes.Total: $60 for 250 cigarettes.After only 1 refill pack there is roughly a saving of $2.50 over traditional cigarettes.1 pack of refills = 125 cigarettes = $10Saving $22.50 over tobacco with every purchase there after. 20 traditional cigarettes : $5125 traditional cigarettes: $32.50 traditional cigarettes: $65


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