The Best Pod Vapes and Pod Pens for 2018

Types of Pod Vapes and ModsPod vapes are becoming more and more popular taking over as the first choice of e-cigarette for smokers who want to switch to vaping. Example of a pod penThanks to their simplistic and yet stylish design Pod pens and pod mods are really easy to use. You usually buy a pod which is pre-filled with e-liquid and simply place it into the body containing the automatic battery, then you just start vaping.

Pod pens usually only come with one nicotine strength, our advice is to choose one at around 3-5% nicotine which will deliver a more smooth and tasty vape. The higher in nicotine you go the harsher the vape.

There are basically two types of pod systems on the market; pod mods and pod pens, but by far the most popular are the smaller, stylish pod pens this is the type which we will look at here.

We tested all the leading vape pod pens on the market, some performed really well, others not so good.

The Best Vape Pod Pens So Far This Year:

Updated: 2nd, August 2018.

1st Place - Best Overall Performer

Juul - 1st best vape pod pen

The Juul

Juul were the first company to release a pod style electronic cigarette and it remains today as the best pod pen on the market.

There design has been copied throughout the market, but Juul have taken their leading edge and improved their product over the years. Claiming to be the most satisfying alternative to traditional cigarettes, the Juul pod ecig delivers a smooth vape. With many flavors to choose from, each having 5% of nicotine delivered in a prefilled pod, it's easy to use and a very satisfying vape.

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2nd Place - Smoothest Vape

The Aspire Breeze 2

The Aspire Breeze 2 Pod

The Breeze 2 Vape Pod Pen has been improved and introduces a huge 1000mAh battery, about 4 times bigger than the Juul.

It's not all about the power though! The breeze 2 also benefits from a large tank for your e-liquid and supports atomizer changing from mouth to lung 1-ohm coils and 0.6ohm coils for direct lung inhales. Along with adjustable airflow, this pod is one step above most, producing a great smooth vape for every type of user.

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3rd Place - Readers Choice

Best Pod Vapes Bo Vape

The Bo Vape

One of the smallest vape pod pens on the market, but with a hell of a punch! Somehow they managed to fit in a large 380mAh battery into the tiny 10cm pod ecig.

There design is similar to the Juul, slightly smaller and stealthier looking with a ceramic coating making it have a nice rubber feel. The Pods are pre-filled with 3.5% nicotine levels which produce a slightly smoother vape, but the hard smokers out there might need a couple of draws on it to get that nicotine fix. Plenty of flavors to choose with a 50/50 PG/VG make up.

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