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Smok Stick V8 Kit Review and Deals From $24.99

9.4 Final Score
Smok Stick V8 Review Bottom Line

On the back of a successful box mod from Smok, i.e. the Alien Kit, they have now released their version of a vape pen. The pen comes with the TFV8 Baby tank, hence the name V8, and an awesome 3000 mAh battery. Basically if you love the clouds and taste of the TFV8 tank, which most people do, then you will love this vape pen! We do!

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Smok Stick V8 Kit In-depth Review

If you’re an intermediate vaper who’s enthralled with the pen-style vaping devices, then you know how frustrating it can be to find the right device to meet your needs. It sometimes seems like every other device you try is an epic fail. Well, if you’ve yet to try any of Smok’s offerings in this area, then you’ve been missing out on some of the best pen devices around. Not to worry, though; there’s a new product on the market now following the success of the Smok Alien Kit, and it’s yet another great Smok vaping pen. In this Smok Stick V8 Kit review, we’ll let you know whether it’s worthy of bearing the great Smok name.



Recently Smok have released a new version of this kit known as the SMOK Stick X8 which is a slight improvement to the V8 kit, nevertheless let’s take a look at this kit. This is a starter kit, so you almost know what you’re going to see before you open the package. After all, the whole reason for buying a kit is to get everything that you need to own to get started vaping right out of the box. Well, with the Smok Stick V8, you get a powerful 3000 mAh battery to provide all the power you need for those prolonged vaping sessions. You also get the infamous TFV8 big baby tank, and 2 V8 baby m3 core dual coils – one of which is pre-installed. There’s also the standard USB cord for charging, spare parts, a manual, and a vape band to help you keep track of the device.

Like many of the best vape pen devices of its kind, the Stick comes with a battery life indicator prominently displayed a short distance below the drip tip. The tank is clear, so that you can see your e-juice level, and the rest of the pen is a shapely, tube design. You can order your stick in several different color options, including matte black, metallic silver, and a 7-colored design that looks a bit like some tooty-fruity candy. The entire device can be easily disassembled, which makes it a breeze to clean. If you’re obsessive about cleaning your vaping devices – and I know I can’t be the only one – then you’ll really appreciate just how simple that is here.

There are two large air slots on the device – and both are adjustable. That can help you to get better control over how the device functions, and the amount of vapor that you’re able to squeeze out of it. You’ll be using those slots a lot, since the baby m2 coils are built to bring those clouds that you know you love. We’ll get into that as we examine how well this baby performs.


The Performance

Okay, we’re all used to having to deal with mods and other more advanced tools to achieve those great sub-ohm results. We enjoy that, of course, but there are times when it would just be nice to get a similar experience with an even easier setup. Enter the Smok Stick V8, right in the nick of time. This is a sub-ohm device worthy of the name, and it’s made all the more attractive by its elegant and simple pen design. This is what every cartomizer and clearomizer vape pen aspires to be!

We really gave it the old once-over to examine every square inch of it and see what makes it tick. Our examination revealed that everything starts with that powerful battery. Face it; if you want to get those sub-ohm clouds, you need to have a battery that you can trust in a pinch. With 3000 mAh, this unit’s power source can get the job done – and you won’t be setting it down for a recharge every hour either.

That airflow control really gives you the flexibility you need to find that perfect spot for vapor production. Unlike some airflow holes that you can only exercise marginal control over, this device gives you the ability to fine-tune air intake to get just the right amount that you need. Do you know of any other vape pens that are that accommodating? We’ve yet to see one. The engineers also included an enlarged chimney diameter to ensure that all that extra air doesn’t get impeded. The result: uninterrupted air flow that you control, and vapor clouds of unspeakable beauty.

So, what did we find when we got over the elegant simplicity of the Stick V8 and got down to brass tacks with our actual performance tests? After three separate vaping sessions spaced out over about an eight-hour period, I have to say that the vapor and taste got better with each attempt. The clouds are not as large as you can get with some other Smok tanks and mods, of course, but I didn’t expect that to happen anyway. Then again, I also didn’t expect to see that much vapor produced, or have that much flavor released. To be honest, vape pens are generally rather banal offerings that are seldom worth writing home about. This was somehow different.


My Conclusion

The Smok Stick V8 is far more powerful than its pen design would suggest, and its batter capacity provides everything that you need to maximize its coil effectiveness and airflow. If I were comparing this to other sub-ohm devices in the mod category, it would qualify as a somewhat average alternative in a pinch. When I compare it to every other vape pen I’ve tried, however, it’s far and away the best e cig offering I’ve yet seen. In my book, that makes this device one that is worthy of my recommendation.


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