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Kanger Subox Mini-C Review Bottom Line

Kanger have released yet another version of their popular box mod and yet it seems they are running out of ideas! Yes the box mod is very nice to hold, with 1 x 18650 battery (not included) but the functions really lack other models on the market right now. That said if you want a reliable and trustworthy box mod, Kanger never fail to meet your expectations.

SUBOX Mini-C Starter kit in silver and blackKanger is a well-known and highly respected brand in the vaping industry, and it’s always an exciting time when they put together a new product and get it to market. This latest offering is another Subox entry, and it comes in the form of a starter kit. These starter kits have been phenomenally successful for Kanger in recent years, and it’s easy to see why they would continue to introduce hot new items under that line. In this Kanger Subox Mini-C Vape Starter Kit review, we’ll try to determine if this newest offering is one that’s worthy of the Kanger name and find out if it’s one of the best box mods on the market.

The Mini-C is coming in with a whole bunch of promises that you wouldn’t expect from any other company by Kanger. It’s vowing to offer powerful wattage and temp control, despite being only rated for 50w of power. It’s the flexibility of wattage that makes this device unique though since it can vary wattage between seven and fifty watts- providing users with an incredible array of power options to manage their vapor and flavor settings.

The Mini-C and whats in the kit

Kanger Mini C Battery compartment openThe Mini-C has one battery, but it’s a solid 18650 unit. That means that you can count on that 18650 reliability that we always get with that option. It’s a high-drain battery too, and it needs to be purchased separately since Kanger didn’t bother to include one with the device. For the record, that’s been bugging me for some time. I know that people like me always have excess batteries lying around, but the need to purchase them separately can be a real turnoff for less experienced, casual vapers. But to each his own, I guess.

The temperature control settings are outstanding, and the chipset is offering true accuracy that is about on par with some of the best devices I’ve seen on the market lately, granted it doesn’t perform as well as say the Halo Reactor Mega or Joyetechs Cuboid 200, but it does well for a starter kit. The device is a top-filling unit and purports to be leak-free. We’ll be seeing more of that, as companies try to comply with European Union requirements to maintain access to that market. The tank offers the 3ml capacity to hold your favorite e-juice. You can also adjust the e-juice channel and airflow to customize your vapor production and flavor enhancement. That’s pretty solid engineering.


What We Like

Kanger Subox Mini-C tankThere’s a lot to like. The company has made quite a few changes, though they’re small and might not be as noticeable to casual users. The design includes portability, so there’s an emphasis on miniaturization. The power button is one of those “press me five times” features that help to ensure that you don’t accidentally have the device on. There are also plenty of safety features designed to protect you from short circuits due to low resistance or low battery issues. After about ten seconds of vaping, the device will stop.


What We’d Like to See Changed

The codes that show up on the screen sometimes seemed to appear without any rhyme or reason. When we looked them up in the manual, they seemed to refer to problems that we obviously weren’t having – and that could be a distraction. The Subox Mini-C Vape SpecificationsThe problem that we had is that the device worked really well. We were able to control everything that we needed to control, and our vaping was outstanding. You wouldn’t know that from the code flashes, though. The device may have been sending us false positives because none of what it said was wrong actually turned out to be wrong.

We were also sad to see tank size reduced from 4.5 ml to 3 ml. We understand why it had to be done, and are fully expecting to see shrinking tanks in the years to come. After all, too many EU country regulations and bureaucrats with nothing better to do than monkey with the design of our favorite vaping products and the FDA regulations will probably follow suit. Still, it would be nice to see the nanny-staters leave us alone for a while so that we can enjoy our vaping. Do they really think they’re changing the world by reducing tank size by an ml or two? Or could they maybe work on getting their own lives so that they can leave ours alone?

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Our Recommendation

This one’s an easy call to make. Yes, we were annoyed by the code alerts, but we can live with that. We assume that there was just a glitch in our software or something. What did matter is that the device actually did what we wanted it to do! It also helps that the kit comes with almost everything we could want and that the device is so user-friendly. If you’re guessing right now that we liked what we saw, that guess is correct. It’s certainly not one of the top e-cigs around but it is a great little product that should be a popular gift item. If you’re looking for a new mini, this may be the one you need.

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