The best box mod on the market

What is a Box or Vape Mod?

Box mods and vape mods (which are the same thing), but just to cover the basics first, in the world of electronic cigarettes the term ‘box mod’ refers to largely any electronic cigarette device that isn’t made in the standard tubular shape.

Over time as the term vaping was more frequently used the term ‘vape mod’ is now used. Unsurprisingly there are quite a few box mods that have been designed in the shape of a box, but the market is now completely swamped with all manner of different mods which in many cases do not resemble boxes at all.

Suffice to say therefore the name itself can be rather misleading that all you basically need to know is that if it isn’t in the shape of a tube, it’s a box mod.

The Best Box & Vape Mod

Finding the best Box Mod or Vape Mod to suit you is definitely an important process in getting the perfect vape, it doesn’t matter if you are using standard coils, sub ohm coils, or RBA’s. The box mod is probably the most important tool in vaping, behind the coil set up.

Check Out The List of The Best Box Mods!

You will need a box or vape mod if you have moved on from the eGo type of electronic cigarette and want to get more power which is adjustable, to your coil setup. Most common coil setup these days is the sub ohm, which means less that 1 ohm in resistance when the old eGo e-cigarettes were around 2 ohms.

You can read our guide on sub ohm vaping for more information. But this means that more power is produced and thus more vapor production to give you an excellent and more advanced vape.

As for what they do, the vast majority of box mods being released these days are regulated or digital in nature and allow the user to change the voltage or wattage as and when required. The biggest difference being, when you pick up a standard electronic cigarette or a cheap mod you will usually be looking at a standard or maximum power output of about 20 watts.

With a high-quality box mod, on the other hand, it’s possible to up the wattage to around the 150 mark or even higher. Of course in a realistic sense, this is more power than pretty much any standard vaper will ever need as even with a 30-watt device this is usually more than enough power to get by.

In terms of what all this extra power is of any real use, it’s really all just for show and appeals to those who like the idea of billowing out the enormous clouds and mastering all manner of impressive tricks and showpieces. So let’s now explore the best box mods on the market. Starting with the lower wattage devices and moving onto the high more advanced box mods, which are more suitable for temperature controlled coils or dripping.

Here are some of our favorites:

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