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FAQ Guava Blast ELiquid Review
August 28, 2017
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Full indepth review of VIP Affinity ELiquid
7.2 Final Score
VIP Affinity ELiquid Review Bottom Line

VIP Affinity ELiquid do offer some really good flavors, but be warned! Some initially taste really good but they soon get a bit sickly, so try them out for a day before committing to larger orders! We personally loved the Tranquility and Serenity flavors, which produce such a smooth and what we class as a great all-day vape!

Full In-depth Review of VIP Affinity E-Liquids

Review of VIP Affinity E-LiquidOne of the biggest joys of the vaping experience is the opportunity to test and enjoy a variety of different e-liquid recipes that you’ve never previously encountered. While some people find that one special juice and just stick with it year after year, the more adventurous among us like to branch out and try new liquids. If you’re a brave soul in search of new taste adventures, then the VIP Affinity line might be just up your alley. In this VIP Affinity e-liquid review, we’ll try to give you a better idea about what you can expect.


VIP Affinity

The VIP Affinity line is an ideal e-juice option for a companion to the best vape mod you may own. So, if you’re thinking about using it with a cheap vape pen device, think again. With its 70% VG and 40% PG base ratio, this is a thick juice that most normal coils cannot handle that well. You’ll need a sub-ohm setup to truly get the most out of every draw.

You should also know that these liquids come in different strengths. While you might be tempted to grab the strongest you can find – opting for a 6% nicotine strength, for example – I’d recommend trying something at the lower end. The nicotine level comes across as stronger than it is, so you should probably choose the 3% strength. After all, you can always go up in nicotine content if that lower level is too weak for you.

3 flavors from VIP Affinity

The Flavors

The flavor names are somewhat difficult to understand since they’re designed to be exotic and thought-provoking rather than descriptive. Take Tranquility, for example. It’s a fruity blend that combines strawberries and passion fruit with delicious ice cream and vanilla pods. It offers just the right amount of creamy flavor, without being so overpowering that it’s almost difficult to stomach. Out of all the options we tried, this is the one that would best serve as an all-day vaping flavor with the best e cig you have.

Our second favorite was the Serenity III. Add milk, yogurt, and mango together, imagine how that would taste, and you’ve got a pretty good idea about what Serenity is all about. Needless to say, this one was difficult to put down once we started vaping with it.

Packaging of VIP Affinity ELiquidsThe Nirvana IV has a name that should be difficult to live up to, but with almonds, brown sugar, and milk, it starts from a firm foundation. I expected something that was a little like baked goods and wasn’t disappointed in the least. And though some e-juices seem to have certain accents that leap out at you while you’re vaping, this one doesn’t. In fact, it’s difficult to make out any of the individual recipe ingredients. Instead, they all just blend together to create an entirely new taste sensation – as all the best recipes do. If your new to vaping and looking at vaping to quit smoking then this flavor may just convert you once and for all!

The Karma II is another interesting flavor, that combines a milky sensation with rose syrup and cardamom seeds – for a spicy flavor. Let’s be honest here: you might see the word “rose” and think that a flower is a strange flavor to include in an e-juice. You’re right! But, from our perspective, it works. When we vaped with it, the Karma produced a spicy taste – and while you could definitely smell and taste the rose, it just gave the entire experience a different sensory sensation. Frankly, this isn’t something that I would use daily, but it is a pleasant diversion that makes for a nice after-dinner treat.


Our Summary

So, what’s the verdict, you ask? Well, each of the flavors we tried was easy to vape, with a rich VG-heavy base that gave us voluminous clouds of vapor to enjoy. The tastes were all sound too, with some more pleasant than others. Overall, we found the experience quite enjoyable, and highly recommend this exciting array of juices for your own vaping needs.

Nicholas King
Nicholas King
Nicholas King is the sole owner and editor of SmokeTastic. Nicholas, use to smoke 30 a day back in 2011 before converting to vaping. With a depth of knowledge in the vaping industry and the research he conducts, makes him one of the most recognized and experienced vapers in the industry.