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May 26, 2015
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This is NOT an official statement of the world health organization. World health organization does NOT endorse this site and World health organization is not associated with the site in any way. Please visit their website for official statements.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is responsible for the coordination and regulation of health issues in the various countries that are under United Nation organization. WHO as is usually called leads any group or individual that wants to conduct any research, experiment  testing or anything that has to do with good condition of the human living within the united nation and most times promulgates rules and regulation in this regard. WHO also provides benchmark and authority on health matters, implementing regulations and standard based on substantial evidence obtained from its monitoring and testing done on a particular subject health matter.  WHO also provides methodological backing for every group and agency working on the general good living of people in the united nation.

WHO provides regulation on tobacco products consumptions. It has been promulgated that tobacco products poses serious health implication to the people that consume them. This is what has made the products manufacturers to produce devices that will provide alternatives to people who cannot do without nicotine substance that is obtained by smoking ordinary cigarettes. The manufacturer called these devices as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) devices and an aid to tobacco harm reduction. These, the World Health Organization accepted and endorsed as means of suspending and even totally abstaining from smoking which has been tagged as a very dangerous habit.

One of these Nicotine Replacements Therapy (NRT) devices is the Electronic Nicotine Device System (ENDS) which is usually shortened as electronic Cigarettes or E-Cig. Electronic Nicotine Devices System (ENDS) is a device used to induce nicotine substance into the lung without actually smoking nicotine substance or traditional cigarettes.

The Electronic Cigarettes manufacturers have been advertising that Electronic Nicotine Device system or E-Cig is a good remedy from smoking nicotine substances. Some of these manufacturers have even published and announced that the device has been endorsed by the World Health organization to reduced nicotine inhaling. But the latest news and reports from this Organization (WHO) is saying something otherwise.

who views on ecigarettesThe World Health Organization is not encouraging the use of Electronic Cigarette as most makers claim as a Nicotine Replacement Therapy device. The Organization has absolved itself from promoting and enjoining people to be using E-Cig as is shown in the advertisements of such where World Health Organization logo and name are displayed as an indication of support of the organization.

This maybe because of the addiction that nicotine has and the unknown long term effect that this addiction may have. We take a look at vaping addiction in more detail:

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In one of the latest updates into this matter, the World health Organization has declared that the Electronic Cigarettes have not been checked for enhancing nicotine replacement therapy. But instead, the organization (WHO) is challenging the makers of this device to undergo thorough researches and studies into knowing the effect the device has on the users or consumers.

World Health Organization asserts that even though the Electronic cigarette does not have that lethal effect as is obtained from smoking traditional cigarette. But E-Cigarettes still contains nicotine in fluid form and so still poses serious health issue to the consumers. Besides, the makers of E-Cig still make use of other enhancement substances which have not yet been disclosed of their chemical characteristics. So, the World Health Organization is not assuring the good health condition of consumers of this serious device.

The organization also discovers that the electronic nicotine device system (ENDS) is now produced in every nook and cranny of the world as consumer base are now expanding considerably thereby making regulation and technical support for the product to be totally unrealistic. WHO believes that the E-Cig has not been categorized as some drugs in some countries and so cannot be regulated under drug related policy. The E-Cig cannot be controlled like other nicotine substances like tobacco products.

Many legislators of some countries have approached world health organization to advice and recommend the use of Electronic cigarette as a means of protecting users from smoking hazard knowing full well that nicotine still has some good usefulness to people’s health. The organization has thus expressed its view in this regard.

WHO has expressed for further testing and research on the electronic nicotine Device system. This is in support of the earlier recommendation of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Tobacco Regulation to provide advanced control and regulation policy on all tobacco related products.

According to World Health Organization, Electronic cigarette is a device produced to be inhaled by putting one of its ends into the mouth. When inhaled, the device brings into the lung a combination of oxygen and vapours. This combination is expected to have the same chemical characteristics as that of nicotine.

While many manufacturers of the best E-Cigarettes have disclosed the chemical substances of this device, the World health organization is still claiming that the full chemical contents of the inhaled vapours have not been ascertained. So, full disclosure and evaluation of the chemical substances is still a serious subject to be discussed by the organization.

The world Health Organization has viewed Electronic Nicotine Device Systems as non Nicotine Replacement Therapy after some tests carried out on some products of E-Cig. Nicotine Replacement Therapy provides break-off from the habits of smoking by inducing nicotine in a regulated proportion into the respiratory system of the consumers. Eventually, this therapy will eliminate the consumers need for the substance. Tests carried out on Electronic Cigarette did not provide this desired result.

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