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Zamplebox E-liquids Review

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If your open to try new e-liquids and willing to be honest about what you like and hate when creating a profile then this subscription service from Zamplebox is well worth a look. Delivering the finest e-liquids to your door to try out can be as exciting as waking up on Christmas morning wondering what goodies you have. Once in a while though you may get an e-liquid that you hate, but that's all part of the experience!

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If you haven’t heard of Zamplebox and their e-liquids and subscription service yet, then you’re missing out on one of the truly great success stories in the Vapingverse – or vaping universe, as some might call it. Vaping fans who rely on the best e-liquids to feed their devices are always looking for the best flavors at the best prices, with the best delivery options. Well, Zamplebox has taken that need and come up with a solution that tweaks the time-honored mail-order (by internet) product delivery service into something new and revolutionary. In this instance, it’s a subscription service. In This Zample box e-liquids review, we’ll take a look at some of those juices to see how they measure up.

Before we do, though, let’s offer a word about that subscription service. The company already has more than 20,000 active subscribers around the world, giving it a global market of regular customers eager to enjoy their products. The service is easy to sign up for, allows you to choose different vaping experience settings, enables you to select your preferred flavor profile – ranging from fruit and dessert to tobacco or menthol, and then lets you rate flavors as well. You choose your nicotine level and then the type of Zamplebox you want them to send. After you pay, the company sends out your chosen Zamplebox in a nicely-packaged box that contains the e-liquids that match your Zample selection and preferred tastes.

The system is designed to enable you to avoid getting tastes that you don’t want, while focusing on your flavor profile to provide you with a range of new e-juices that you may have never heard of before – all chosen to fit within your profile. In the end, the success of your Zamplebox really comes down to the amount of time you spend creating your profile and how honest you are with yourself about the types of flavors you do and don’t like. But if you already have what you believe to be the best electronic cigarette, then Zamplebox let’s you enhance your experience of vaping further.

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The Brands and Flavors

Let’s not kid ourselves. If you want a rich assortment of different vaping tastes from a variety of different brands, then this company has what you need. Just take a look at a few of the brands and flavors that you can choose from when you decide to opt for this service:


Cyber Liquids

Cyber Liquids offers a brand that prides itself on the best ingredients and innovative recipes. Zamplebox includes dozens of this brand’s products in their zample options, including:


Victory Liquid

This product line offers the subscription service’s best-rated tobacco product and a host of other great tastes:


D Squared

D Squared offers a variety of great tastes ranging from the fruit loop taste of Cereal Number to the hazelnut sensations of Butternutz. Gritz adds a rich custard dessert sensation to your collection, while Banana Slamma throw a caramel and banana dessert at you. They’re all deliciously satisfying.


Phat Clouds

With Phat Clouds, you get affordable liquids that are among the purest flavorings in the market today.


Rich and Famous

The Rich and Famous line offers a unique assembly of flavorful juices. Just look at their selection:



Burly’s brand might only be represented by five different flavors – all tobacco-based – but that doesn’t make the brand any less relevant. In fact, Burly is plenty innovative, as it mixes different taste sensations with that tobacco flavor to create some truly innovative options. Cowboy is a rich blend of graham crackers and tobacco. Lumberjack cuts its tobacco taste with vanilla flavorings. Cool Menthol is exactly what you’d expect – an icy menthol taste. Light Tobacco is just what the name suggests, while Rich Tobacco takes that softer tobacco taste to new and loftier heights.


Below Zero

Below Zero include some truly innovative juice names and even more innovative flavors.


Other brands include Hawt Vapes, Vape Hooligans, Ono Kine, G2 Vapor, Keystone Vapor, and several other hot brands that will thrill your palate and make you glad you signed up for the service.

Our Conclusion

This one was a no-brainer. If you like to try new flavors in your vape pens and aren’t afraid of occasionally receiving something that you might not truly love, then this service is for you. Many of these flavors are among the hottest options out there today. Every single brand has its own following even outside of the subscription service, and it’s almost impossible to go wrong as long as you set up your profile properly. Moreover, even if you only want to try it once, all you need to do is cancel your subscription after your first order to avoid being charged for the next month. Give it a try!


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