Best Cigalike E Cigs

Finding the best cigalike electronic cigarette can be a little daunting, but we have tried to make it as easy as possible and quick to identify which brand is the best for you. In fact we have made it as easy as counting to 1, 2, 3! Simple select the feature that is important to you and read the review of the brand we think suits.

3 steps to find the best cigalikesCigalikes are really meant for the smokers of the vaping community and often used by many people when they want to give vaping a proper and good start. They differ in quality to the cheap disposable electronic cigarettes that you see in convenience stores and gas stations. They consist of high quality components that produce superior vapor and taste. The battery comes with a USB charging cable and should last a couple of years, the cartomizers (or butt, the name comes from combining the words carton and atomizer, the contents of the butt) contain the e-liquid which is flavoring and nicotine, so you get to choose. You buy these cartomizers separately and it is often equated that one cartomizer is equal to one packet of cigarettes.

Anyways, that’s a quick intro, let’s get on with the best cigalikes on the market

The Best Cigalikes So Far This Year:

Updated: 6th June 2017.

1st Place - Best Overall Quality and Taste

Halo Cigs - 1st best cigalike

Halo Cigs

Halo's G6 starter kit is perfect for those smokers out there wanting to start with an electronic cigarette.

Not only does it look and feel like a traditional cigarette, it tastes and feels like one when you smoke or vape on it. A smooth but gentle throat hit with great flavor, the G6 should be considered by all smokers. Available in a number of colors and with options to add different flavors, check out the G6 now!

Check Out Halo Cigs G6Or Read Our Review!

2nd Place - Readers Choice!

V2 Cigs - 2nd best cigalike

V2 Cigs

Is a company that has been around since the beginning and claimed to be at one stage the most popular electronic cigarette in the United States.

Since then though the market has erupted and although they are one of the top brands, whether they are the top selling brand is debatable!

They have released a number of models which are all of high quality and get a lot of praise from their customers. We have always liked V2 Cigs, but our readers still claim they have the best cigalike electronic cigarette on the market.

Check Out V2 CigsOr Read Our Review!

3rd Place - Best For Upgrades!

2nd Cigavette - cigalike e cig


Cigavette have existed in the electronic cigarette sector since the beginning and have always been well known for their superior quality and flavors.

A couple of years ago they went quiet, whilst reestablishing their brand and cigalike range, but now they are back and they bring with them one of the best cigalike ecigs on the market. Rather than releasing a number of different models, Cigavette took a different approach and concentrated on quality of taste and vapor of their model.

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