The Best Cigalike Kits

The Best Cig-a-like Starter Kit

The VaporFi Express Kit 440

1st: Express ECig Kit

Mig Vapor is one of the oldest vape brands on the market, but one thing they do well, and better than their competitors, is the flavor of their e-cigs. Cig-a-likes all perform to a similar level, but the Clear Fusion seems to have the edge. One huge advantage is, you can use any e-liquid you like, from any store selling e-liquid.

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.


The Runner Up

2nd: Mig Vapor Clear Fusion

The Clear Fusion E-Cig by Mig

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.


2nd Runner Up

3rd Place – V4L E-Cigarette

Vapor 4 Life Zeus Kit

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.


What Are Cigalikes?

Cigalikes are the original products that were released as electronic cigarettes, or what we now call e-cigs. They resemble a typical cigarette and usually consist of two main parts. The first is the low wattage battery which is rechargeable and the second is the cartridge which is mostly disposable. The cartridges come in multiple flavors and strengths, but most start with tobacco and menthol as the cigalike is designed specifically as an alternative to a traditional cigarette.

Technology has come a long way, but cigalikes are still really popular with people wanting to quit smoking as is the main gateway to other vapes like vape pods and vape pens.

The Best Disposable E-Cig

What Are Disposable E-Cigs And How They Differ From Cigalikes

Disposable E-Cigs are now becoming the most popular e-cig to switch regular smokers to electronic cigarettes or vaping. They are designed with simplicity in mind, with no technical know how needed. They consist of the same properties as cigalikes, i.e. a small low wattage battery and a cartridge coming in multiple flavors and nicotine strengths and pretty much perform the same.

The main reason why disposable e-cigs are more popular than cigalikes maybe to do with the price. Disposables are by far the cheapest way to try vaping, but vaping them on a regular basis can prove to be a lot more expensive than other vaping options.

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By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: May 31st, 2022.


Finding the best Cigalike electronic cigarette can be a little daunting, but we have tried to make it as easy as possible and quick to identify which brand is the best for you. In fact, we have made it as easy as counting to 1, 2, 3! Simply select the feature that is important to you and read the review of the brand we think suits.

3 steps to find the best cigalikesCigalikes are really meant for the smokers of the vaping community and often used by many people when they want to give vaping a proper and good start. They differ in quality from the cheap disposable electronic cigarettes that you see in convenience stores and gas stations. They consist of high-quality components that produce superior vapor and taste. The battery comes with a USB charging cable and should last a couple of years, the cartomizers (or butt, the name comes from combining the words carton and atomizer, the contents of the butt) contain the e-liquid which is flavoring and nicotine, so you get to choose. You buy these cartomizers separately and it is often equated that one cartomizer is equal to one packet of cigarettes.


Take a Look At The Best E-Cigarettes

Anyways, that's a quick intro, let's get on with the best cigalikes on the market.

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