About SmokeTastic, The Chief Editor and Our Team

Our Mission


We want to be your trusted ally in your pursuit of finding the best vape products.


SmokeTastic is a wholly owned subsidiary of KingZing Ltd which has its headquarters based in the Bedford, UK and a further office in the San Diego, USA. SmokeTastic has been reviewing all types of electronic cigarettes and vaping products since 2012. SmokeTastic often receives requests from other bloggers to write for SmokeTastic.com, but due to quality issues and many other bloggers writing in exchange purely of backlinks we often refuse, this, we believe, keeps the SmokeTastic site pure and honest, without any outside influences. We will, however, consider such requests, so please write to us with your proven history in the vaping field and we will consider your request.

We do welcome your feedback, and any relative comments will be published or answered, to contact us please use our Contact Us page, our emails are regularly checked (daily), and if you ask us a vaping related question, we will respond!

You can also contact us on our phone numbers, we have two offices one in the US: (937) 660-8080 and one in the UK: 020 8144 2322 if you can’t get through, please leave a message and we will return your call.


Our Reviewing Approach

We have tried to create a site with honest reviews of all the latest brands, but if you think we’ve missed one, please let us know! We also try to help you if you have any questions concerning your device, just shoot us a message and we usually respond within 24 hours!

At SmokeTastic.com we deliver electronic cigarette rankings based on tests that we conduct over 1 week of continual use. Our goal is simple, to locate and identify the best electronic cigarette or vaping product on the market in each category and explain to you why we think it is the best. With hundreds of electronic cigarette companies out there to choose from, it is becoming ever more difficult to locate the right one to suit you.

We believe that testing each brand for a week gives us the confidence of knowing the products good and bad points, we then and only then record a short video and write up our reviews. We are not persuaded or influenced by any of the companies that we show.

We do not claim to be the only site and absolute authority on the subject. Ultimately the decision depends on you and your particular needs. But we do our very best to keep you informed of the information that we think is important before choosing.


Meet The Team

Nicholas King

Owner - SmokeTastic.com

(937) 660-8080

I’m Nick, the Chief Editor here at SmokeTastic and yes, I use to be a heavy smoker, unfortunately, I started out pretty late in my late 20s and blamed it on stress in the office. I say blame it on, but really it wasn’t like that, I just like taking “smoking breaks” with my colleagues, and as we were abroad we socialized in the evening too. So what started as a bit of a fling with smoking ended up being a cruel addiction with me smoking at least 30 a day.

Vaping helped me quit smoking and it became a passion to show others the best products on the market, plus I love reviewing them!

As my career started to accelerate, the smoking and need for smoking breaks became harder and along with the paranoia of the smell that I left in my wake, I knew it was time to quit. By now I had been smoking for over 10 years, so I knew it was going to be hard and e-cigs were not even on the market yet!

Patches seemed like the answer, they were expensive, but for me, they did nothing. I still urged a cigarette and I soon realized my addictive personality was going to win this war. Thank goodness I never tried harder drugs, I think I would be in the gutter somewhere begging for my next fix.

Then in 2006, I saw a headline on the BBC stating that there is a new device for smokers, the electronic cigarette or e-cig for short. I was actually pretty excited about this, as I myself was wondering, why couldn’t they invent a non-combustion cigarette without all the toxins. So I was immediately sold, that the idea was not only good but going to be a game changer!

Being a business analyst, I started my research the next day and found that there was only really one type of e-cigarette available which we now refer to as the Cigalike, named because of its resemblance to the traditional cigarette. I ordered my first e-cigarette with excitement.

Nicholas King Vaping a vape pen

On receiving my first e-cig it was clear that I was actually vaping and smoking, and asking myself why do I actually still smoke. The answer is simple, the taste was not the same and the hit (although equal in nicotine levels) was not as strong. I decided to write about my vaping experience and what I thought were the best e-cigs to try, and share my experience which was reducing my cigarette habit by half. I was inundated with responses from other smokers who shared their stories and advice. Our conclusions were all the same, although the hit on our throats was similar, the actual feel in our lungs was weak.

This was picked up by the vaping manufacturers and before long the EGO e-cigarette was introduced, a more powerful e-cig vape pen with a bigger battery and thus a greater vape production. It was only then that I and many smokers like me managed to give up smoking completely. Since the introduction to vape pens, the e-cig has grown again with vape or box mods producing variable wattages of around 100W coupled with tanks with resistances less than an ohm (known as sub-ohm tanks) which produce huge clouds of vapor.

Many non-vapers may believe that this large amount of vaper is just not necessary and just an image thing, but that simply is not true. It is for us vapers who want to get a stronger hit of vapor in our lungs, we actually wish it could be more discrete.

So fast forward 10 or so years where I am now still vaping, but with only a small fraction of the nicotine, I use to smoke. My fitness has improved, despite my age! There are now hundreds of vaping products on the market and studies being published about them, and it is now my job to research them all and report my findings.


My Personal Tips

Half the battle in switching to electronic cigarettes or any vaping product is the time it takes to transition to this new type of smoking or should I say vaping! I found that in the beginning, I was using both, mainly using the e-cig when it wasn’t convenient to smoke, back then I was using cigalikes, but these days I would suggest starting with a simple to use vaping pod.

My biggest tip is not to just quit smoking altogether and start using vape pods or Cigalikes, start by replacing a few smoking breaks with vaping breaks, and slowly change the amount of nicotine in your e-cig to the level that satisfies the most.

When you have pretty much identified the right amount of nicotine, start trying a different array of flavors, don’t be afraid of trying something you wouldn’t usually pick, as the taste of something in vapor form differs from that of a solid or food form.

It is then, you can start vaping on a larger scale, start by replacing 1 vaping break to 2 and if your anything like me, you will start liking and enjoying the vaping breaks more than the actual smoking breaks! If you get to a point that you feel you’re not getting a bigger enough hit from vaping, you have 2 options; 1, increase the nicotine levels or 2, increase the cloud volume by upgrading to a vape pen or box mod.


Guest Editors


Matt Richtel

Guest Editor

Matt Richtel is an American writer and journalist for The New York Times. He was awarded the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting for a series on distracted driving. Matt has been writing about e-cigarettes for the last 10 years although his work is mainly focused on science, technology, business and narrative-driven storytelling around these issues, which includes electronic cigarettes, and the impact of use on behavior and the brain.

My emphasis is narrative and story-telling about complex issues, including e-cigarettes, vaping, and their impact on daily life and policy


Joseph Allen

Guest Editor

Joseph Allen is an Assistant Professor of Exposure Assessment Science at the Harvard Chan School, where he joined in 2014. At the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Mr Allen is working to transform the design and construction of indoor spaces by revealing how ventilation, temperature, lighting, and noise affect health. Much of his research is based on products within buildings that may affect health.

My research at the faculty at Harvard, on buildings and the indoor environment, is the consideration of products we use in those environments, such as e-cigarettes and how those influence our exposure and health.


Professor David Thickett

Guest Editor

David Thickett works at the University of Birmingham and a Professor in Respiratory Medicine. He has released a number of case studies looking at the health implications regarding e-cigarettes and vaping with a goal to learn the impact on lung tissues.

My interests are predominantly in the areas of primary lung epithelial and macrophage biology, murine models of acute lung injury, epithelial-mesenchymal transition and translational clinical trials to prevent and treat acute lung injury and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis