The 2016 Guide on The Best E-Cigarettes

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SmokeTastic believes that the electronic cigarette could be the answer to an alternative smoking solution, satisfying not only your craving for nicotine but also making your smoking experience an enhanced and more satisfying pleasure!

Now, a lot of other e-cigarette review sites will list which are best, but this is not as easy as just looking at a chart and picking the number 1 spot! There are many factors that you have to consider and due to the market innovation and competition over the years, there are many brands and many different types of electronic cigarettes to choose from.

“SmokeTastic are here to make it as simple as possible for you to understand the different types of e-cigs on offer, and the type that would most likely suit you best.”


The Fundamentals

Vaping really worked for me, and when I went back (on the odd occasion) to regular cigarettes I actually preferred the e-cigarette! This is not uncommon, as most vapers get use to their e-liquid and with so many varieties of flavors it’s not hard to find something that meets your own requirements and smokes, or vapes much better than the traditional cigarette. Yes vaping does take a bit of getting use too, but after a couple of weeks you will soon find yourself turning to the electronic cigarette far more than the traditional cigarette! But you do need to know which brand to go for!

The first thing to consider is the type of electronic cigarette which is going to be best for you. Let’s take a quick look at the types available and who they are most suited for:

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Types Of Electronic Cigarette

The Cig-a-Like E-Cigarette

rechargable cig-a-like e cigaretteThe cig-a-like electronic cigarette is one of the most popular types of electronic cigarette that new vapers try when they buy their first electronic cigarette. It’s built to resemble the look of a traditional cigarette, hence the name. They consist of an atomizer and cartridge (mostly built into one piece known as a cartomizer) and a small battery which is rechargeable.


  • Small and convenient
  • Easy to use, just charge and vape
  • Great to give an electronic cigarette a try
  • Starter kits are readily available
  • Many great brands to choose from



  • The battery is low power and thus the vapor is low in volume
  • The cartridges (also known as cartomizers) are quite expensive
  • Although they are good to try, most vapers move on to the eGo or mods soon after.


eGo Electronic Cigarettes

ego e cigaretteEgo e-cigarette is, in general, a better quality product than the standard types of rechargeable electronic cigarettes on the market these days and is probably why it is preferred by a lot of people who consider themselves as heavy smokers.
There are lots of options of styles, colors and sizes to consider when it comes picking your eGo e-cigarette. They are also easier to use and maintain compared to the more advances vaporizers on the market. This type of e-cigarette is also known for producing the most vapor and throat hit. We take a closer look at this type and the better brands available on the market:


  • Relatively small and convenient
  • Choose your own e-liquid brand and flavors
  • Larger battery, and thus produces more vapor than cig-a-like e-cigarette
  • Starter kits are available from many brands



  • Heavy vapors need to carry spare batteries and e-liquid with them!
  • Can get messy, with e-liquid leaking. You also need a steady hand to fill it up!
  • Can get on the expensive side, if you don’t know what you’re looking for!


Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

disposable e cigaretteNow disposable types are a completely different animal, but work on the same principles as a rechargeable one, they have the same components, i.e. a battery, atomizer and cartridge of e liquid but the unit is completely sealed.
This means as soon as either the battery or vapor run out you have to throw it away, just like a traditional cigarette. The main disadvantage of this type is that you are not getting the quality components as you would with the other products; they are meant to be used once and are only built to last a short amount of time.
Although the convenience of these disposable products is great, simply unpack and start smoking. In our opinion these types of products are great for those people who want to get an idea of what e smoking is like, but you are not really experiencing the possibilities available to you, and would always recommend the first two options.


  • Small and cheap
  • Easy to use, just throw away after use
  • Cheap way to give an electronic cigarette a try
  • Many great brands to choose from



  • Out of all the types available this produces the least amount of vapor
  • If you continually use disposables it will be the most expensive option
  • Bit of a gimmick, no real vapers would even bother with them!


Electronic Cigars

electronic cigarsThis is an interesting type! And although when we first received our first e cigar back in 2003 we were all laughing and thought it was a bit of a gimmick!
Now the main difference between the e cigar and the e cigarette is the look, the functionality is exactly the same, but the e liquid flavor is tailored to the cigar smoker. Now in our opinion your far better going with a rechargeable type and choosing a cigar flavoring, but if you have room in your pocket and want to look a little different then possibly go with this option, but bear in mind that you are restricting yourself with flavors and replacement accessories.


  • Look like a regular cigar
  • Perfect for those who are use to smoking cigars regularly



  • Vapor content is very low, so not much of a hit.
  • Battery is small, and thus does not last long
  • There are better e-liquid flavors that match cigars for the eGo and mod types of e-cig
  • A bit of a pointless gimmick!


Personal Vaporizers/Mods

Personal Vaporizers ModsThis type is taking e smoking to a new level, and you can spend hundreds of dollars personalizing your e smoking to suit you. As e smoking becomes more and more popular the demand for the perfect smoke is becoming ever more demanding, and hence, as I mentioned before, you cannot expect to have one type or one setup to suit all smokers and this is really the huge benefit of personalized vaporizers.
They consist of a variable voltage and wattage battery allowing the user to choose their perfect power level, an atomizer which can either be a sealed unit or allow the user to rap their own gage wire over a wick which can alter the resistance or heat levels and a reservoir or chamber to hold the e liquid.
The e liquid can either be bought off the shelf or self mixed to again suit your flavor and thickness of vapor. We would never recommend a new user to choose a personalized vaporizer as their first electronic cigarette, as you can soon become frustrated with the setup and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might find it tough to produce a vapor that is of any quality.



  • You control the volume of vapor
  • You can mix and match different brands together
  • You choose your e-liquid supplier, flavor and strength
  • Many brands offering starter kits



  • More complicated to learn about the different components and maintenance
  • Usually these type of e-cigarettes are larger than the other types on the market
  • Can get really expensive
  • One type of e-cigarette to move onto once you know you like it!


So now we have considered the different types that are available, we thought we would make your job in choosing your first product a little easier. On our site you will find what we found to be the best quality products available on the market. Take a look at each of the guides, and choose for yourself which is most suited for you!

Take a look at our guide on the types of electronic cigarettes for more information.

Latest Updates: January 2016

Most of us are now back to work and although it’s a new year, things seem remarkably the same! Well except the extra 2 inches on our waist lines that is! In the electronic cigarette world things are now starting to move pretty quickly, there’s rumors of a 68% tax on all electronic cigarettes being sold in Washington, which is going to put a lot of bricks and mortar type shops out of business I expect! As soon as anything is concrete we will report on it.

Regulation Update: January 2016

So what’s happening with the regulations of electronic cigarettes? One moment it’s in the news then it goes quiet! Well as the proposal from the FDA currently stands e-cigarette companies will have to undergo a very expensive application known as the Pre-Market Tobacco Applications (PMTA) process this is related to every vaping product released after Feb. 15, 2007. But of course it’s not over yet, the regulation bill is currently in review by the White House Office of Management and Budget after being open to the public to comment. We will keep you informed, in the meantime you can read the regulation update here! Our blog has seen some great articles and research posts over the last month, thanks to the editors for there expert advice and information around the electronic cigarette scene, we will of course be regularly updating it as always, so it’s a great resource if you want to stay up to date with all the news and events going on!


SmokeTastic Editor

I’m Nick, the featured editor here at SmokeTastic and yes, I use to be a heavy smoker of 30 a day. About 5 years ago I tried my first electronic cigarette and comparing the brands available today it was bad, really bad! But I really liked the idea of them and knew they were going to get better as more companies released improved versions. It was a really exciting time for me, having tried other smoking cessation products like patches and gum and although over the first 6 months I smoked and vaped I soon became an ex-smoker and loved trying out all the different new releases! I have learned a lot over the years and love sharing my experience with my readers. Hopefully I can help you make the right choice to find the best possible electronic cigarette type and brand to suit you perfectly.

I have tried to create a site with honest reviews of all the latest brands, but if you think I’ve missed one, please let me know! We also try to help you if you have any questions concerning your device, just shoot us a message and we usually respond within 24 hours!

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