Top Vape E Cig Devices For The Beginner

E-Cig kit from Mig Vapor

Mig Clear Fusion

The Clear Fusion E-Cig Starter kit is an easy to use e-cig and produces a realistic vapor similar to smoking.

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.


Top Vape E Cig Devices For The Return User

The FreeMax Twister AIO Vape Pen

FreeMax Twister

The Twister vape pen E-Cig produces as great tasting vape, easy to use and produces great satisfaction.

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.


Top Vape E Cig Devices For The On/Off User

The Smok Species Vape Kit

Smok Species

The Smok Species E-Cig is designed around the best selling mod of all time, the Alien kit, with improvements.

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.


Top Vape E Cig Devices For Experienced Users

The VooPoo Drag 2 Vape Mod

Voopoo Drag 2

The 2nd version of their best seller, the Drag 2 e-cig kit offers an easy interface and accurate wattage settings.

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.


Best Electronic Cigarettes and Best E Cig Starter Kits In 2020

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Best Vape Devices for 2020  

Picking the right e-cigarette product to suit you can be a tricky task. No matter how passionate you are about e-cigs, you need time to adjust to the community, learn about the different types of e-cigarette and then make educated decisions based on your preferences.

Yes, I'll cover the most important factors to consider when picking the best e-cig.

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What's The Best Electronic Cigarette Kit?

The Cig-a-Likes E-Cig Starter Kit

favorite Cigalike

Cig-a-likes, sometimes known as minis are e-cigarettes that resemble the look of a traditional cigarette and this is the best e-cig for the complete beginner.

They come in both disposable and rechargeable kits, with everything you need to start, choice of flavors and options are relatively limited with this type.

All Cig-a-like vapes have an internal re-chargable battery, often coming with a spare, but you can purchase additions if required.

The Best Cig-a-like Starter Kit
Mig Vapors e-cigarette starter kit

1st: Mig Vapor Clear Fusion

Mig Vapor is one of the oldest vape brands on the market, but one thing they do well, and better than their competitors, is the flavor of their e-cigs. Cig-a-likes all perform to a similar level, but the Clear Fusion seems to have the edge. One huge advantage is, you can use any e-liquid you like, from any store selling e-liquid.  

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.



The Runner Up

2nd: Express ECig Kit

The VaporFi Express E cig  

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.



2nd Runner Up

3rd: V4L Zeus ECig Kit

Vapor 4 Life Zeus E Cigarette Kit  

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.



The Vape Pod E-Cig

Pod vapes

Vape Pods are e-cigarettes that have become all the rage in the last few years. Thanks to their simplicity and great performance, taking over the Cig-a-like type market. Pod vapes do come in a whole host of designs, but they all have a self-contained pod, which holds both e-liquid and a coil.

Once it's empty, you just replace the pod. Most are non-refillable, you just choose the flavor and strength when you pick your kit. You can, of course, buy replacement pods. The refillable pod versions, however, generally do not come with any e-liquid, so you would have to buy that separately. Again, suited best for the complete beginner.

Because of their size, all pod vapes shown have an internal battery which is rechargable.

The Best Vape Pod
The Aspire Breeze 2 Pod System

1st: Aspire Breeze 2.

Aspire have been in the vaping industry for a long time, and produce some of the finest models on the market. The Breeze 2 is no exception. It’s simple to use and delivers a really good vape, thanks to the refillable pods. Ideal for the mouth to lung vaper, that replicates traditional smoking, yet with a smooth and flavorful vape.

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.



The Runner Up

2nd: AVP AIO

The Aspire AVP AIO Pod Kit

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.



2nd Runner Up

3rd: Bo Vape

The Bo pod system

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.



The Vape Pen E-Cig

favorite vape pens

Vape pens are the most common ecig used by the beginner and intermediate vapers. They have a small tank to add your own e-liquid, along with a rechargeable battery. All vape pens are sold as starter kits and consist of the main vape pen, recharge cable, and a spare coil or atomizer. Again, as they are refillable, it is up to you to provide your own e-liquid.

Vape Pens can be used with mouth to lung inhales. With this option, you should look at atomizers over 1-ohm. Below 1-ohm atomizers are meant for direct lung inhales, which produce much higher amounts of vapor.

Vape pens come in a mixture of internal battery devices and some require an external 18650 battery which is purchased separately.

The Best Vape Pen
The FreeMax Twister AIO Vape Pen

1st: FreeMax Twister Starter Kit

The newly released FreeMax Twister 80W vape pen comes with an impressive built-in 2300mAh battery and a great variable wattage feature. So you can adjust the power to suit your taste. In addition this vape pen utilizes mesh coils to maximize flavor and cloud production.

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.



The Runner Up

2nd: SMOK Stick V8

The Smok Stick V8 vape pen

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.



2nd Runner Up

3rd: VaporFi VAIO GO

The VaporFi VAIO GO Evod vape pen

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.



The Box Mod E-Cig

favorite Box mods

Box mods are being used by vape device users moving on from vape pens and want a little more vapor and power. Often used with sub ohm coils to create thick clouds of vaper.

Box mods are often sold as starter kits which includes a tank and a couple of atomizer coils (you can also buy replacement coils). These tanks are refillable, so you do need your own e-liquid. You can pay a lot for mods with certain high-quality chipsets, but here, we list our list of the top regulated mods for the money.

Most box mods require you to purchase a pair of 18650 batteries, but some may include an internal battery.

The Best Box Mod
Best box mod - VooPoo Alpha Zip

1st: VooPoo Alpha Kit

VooPoo has recently released 2 new box mod kits and both are just simply awesome when you look at resposiveness and ramp up time. With the Alpha Zip Kit comes the Maat tank, which in our opinion is one of the best tasting mesh coil sub ohm tanks on the market. Producing a great deep tasting and thick cloudy vape, this kit is the one that all manufacturers are trying to beat in the war for the best box mod.

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.



The Runner Up

2nd: VooPoo DRAG 2 Kit

2nd Best - VooPoo DRAG 2 Kit

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.



2nd Runner Up

3rd: SMOK Species

3rd Best - SMOK Species Kit

Vaping Score:


Out of 10

Based on build, reliability and quality of the device.



The E-Cigarette User

There are many different types of e-cigarette users around, and that's why no single guide can help you identify which is the best for you.

Our guide is a little different, we look at the different types of users and then show you the key things you should look for to pick a more satisfying product.

The Different Types of E-Cigarette Users in 2020

Vapes For Complete Beginners

The complete beginner, has no idea about e-cigs or the different products that are available. They want an easy to use device that requires no knowledge yet provides a satisfying vape.

Vapes For Ex-Smokers

This user has either smoked in the past, or is wishing to cut down or quit. They want to experience an e-cig that feels and tastes like the real thing, satisfying them in both nicotine withdrawal and taste.

Vapes For Ex-Vapers

A user who has tried e-cigs before, but really didn’t have much success with it, yet open to give it another go. With the right device to make the chances of success a lot greater.

Vapes For The On/Off Vaper

The type of user switches from e-cigs and other devices, but wants to vape more and smoke less. Chances are you need a device that’s going to produce a better and smoother vape.

Vapes For Experienced Vapers

The e-cig user who enjoys vaping to a certain degree, but thinks there may be better options to improve their experience. There are luckily many, so we break down your options.


A Brief Introduction To E-Cigarettes

Different stages of vaping

Finding the best e-cig to suit you personally can be a little daunting, considering the amount of sheer choice the buyer has these days. Way back in January 2014 according to a study on BMJ Journals there were 466 different brands of ecig, now in 2020, there's thought to be thousands to choose from.

It was also reported recently, in the transitions in electronic cigarette use among adults study, that half of all users of ecigs (who were tested), discontinued their use within the first set time period. This may be due to the quality of the product, or the wrong type of e-cig (or e-liquid) being used.

So how do you go about finding the right, and more importantly, the best e-cig product to suit you, that you will be able to stick with?

Good question, as most advice is just based on general models, suiting either the complete beginner or an experienced vaper.

We here at SmokeTastic decided to write this guide, to help all sorts of users find the best e-cig to suit them, and form categories to suit the different type of user. Simply identify which category of vaper you fall into, and take a look at our suggestions to find the best e-cig device.

It couldn't be simpler!


The Complete Beginner

If you are completely new to e-cigarettes and want a simple to use device, you have 2 choices:

Cig-a-like E-Cigs – The most basic e-cig which looks like a real cigarette, with low power and a small amount of vapor. The basic Cig-a-like design

The Cig-a-like is a 2 piece design, featuring a battery and a cartomizer (named so because it’s a combination of an e-liquid cartridge, and an atomizer built into one).

The battery is more often than not automatic, which means instead of pressing a button when you vape, it automatically detects airflow and activates automatically.

You do have to pick carefully, as the cartomizers only come in a limited amount of flavors and strengths.

Different Cig-a-like designs

One other thing to be cautious of, is the low power battery and thus a low amount of vapor this type of e-cig produces. Although at first, it may seem to resemble smoking in many ways.

Many people often give-up with the Cig-a-like e-cig pretty quickly and move onto other types like the vape pen.

Learn about the best cig-a-like e-cigs

Vape Pod E-Cigs – Similar in functionality to a Cig-a-like e-cigs, but with a fresh modern design.

Vape pods are relatively new to the market, in comparison to Cig-a-likes, and are by far the most popular option for beginners. Thanks largely to their simplicity and modern look.

Again they are a two-piece design, comprising a battery and a cartridge, known as a pod. This pod is where the e-liquid and atomizer are held, so using the same principles as the Cig-a-like.

Make sure you look at the flavors, and strengths of the pods, as they can be limited. Ideally, you should choose one which is refillable, so you can use the same pod multiple times, which cuts down on cost and allows you to choose any e-liquid you like.

Check out the best vape pods

E-Cig Recommendation For The Complete Beginner

So what’s the best e-cig for the complete beginner?

E-Cig kit from Mig Vapor

Clear Fusion

The Clear Fusion kit from Mig Vapor is the perfect beginner electronic cigarette starter kit. A Couple of huge advantages of this e-cig is the battery life, in comparison to other cig-a-like, and the vape pod, but also the ability to use any e-liquid you like. Saving you money, and opening your choice to the whole e-liquid market.


Best E-Cigs to Help Quit Smoking

You are looking for an e-cigarette that has all the same properties of a cigarette, which includes the pull resistance, taste, and nicotine content. With the idea of slowly reducing your nicotine intake over time.

In this case, you need to look for e-cigs that have a coil, (often referred to as an atomizer) of greater than 1-ohm.

This type of coil is specifically designed for a mouth to lung vape and has a similar resistance to smoking a real cigarette.

The vapor production on these types of devices is also similar to the amount of smoke your use too.

All Cig-a-like and Pod Vapes are of this nature, so the same principles apply here.


The most important thing to consider, is to choose an e-cig that allows you to refill with any e-liquid.

This gives you the option to try multiple different tobacco and regular flavors than the sealed units. It also allows you to choose the strength of nicotine.

If your new to e-cigarettes, then it’s best to start at a reasonably high level. That level depends on how often you plan to use your e-cigarette.

For example, if you enjoy smoking, and just want an alternative then it’s a good choice to pick between 6-12mg strength. If however, you just want a strong hit to get you through the day, then choosing a higher nicotine content will help, but not be as enjoyable.

The best e-cigarettes for ex-smokers

E-Cig Recommendation For The Ex-Smoker

So what’s the best e-cig to help quit smoking?

E-Cig kit from Mig Vapor

Clear Fusion

The Clear Fusion kit, from Mig Vapor is also a pretty good pick for ex-smokers. Try a combination of tobacco e-liquids to start, but try to pick up some fruity flavors as well, you might just surprise yourself, and enjoy vaping that bit more!


The Return Vaper

You may have tried ecigs before and it just didn’t sit right for you. This may have been for a number of reasons. We’ll explore a few to give you a better chance of sticking with it and more importantly, enjoying it!

Why people quit vaping  

There are many reasons why users don’t stick with the e-cig, here are a few, and the things you should try next:

  • The harsh feel on the throat – This is a too often heard about complaint you hear from ex-vapers and one that happens from a misunderstanding in advice.
  • The harsh feel on the throat comes from using too high of a nicotine level in the e-liquid. It’s often thought that if you’re a heavy smoker, you need a stronger nicotine level, but this is completely wrong.

    Think about it a little differently, if you enjoyed smoking and want to enjoy an e-cig, then to use a 3mg e-liquid twice as much as a 6mg e-liquid, will give you the same amount of nicotine and satisfy your cravings. The lower the nicotine level the smoother the vape.

  • Problems with the feel of the draw – There are 2 types of techniques, one where you pull to your mouth, then into your lungs known as ‘mouth to lung’ and the other where you pull directly to the lungs known as ‘direct lung inhales’.
  • The difference between the 2 is controlled by the resistance of the coil, where mouth to lung users use a resistance above 1-ohm, and the direct lung inhale users use a resistance below 1-ohm, known as sub-ohm vaping.

    Chances are, you were using the wrong type of coil to suit your preferred type of technique. Most smokers moving onto e-cigarettes, start with mouth to lung and move onto direct lung inhales over time.

  • The taste wasn’t right – There are so many e-liquids to try and all have a different blend, even if you just look at the tobacco flavor.
  • Try using an e-cig that allows you to refill, this way you have access to thousands more of flavors, and can even blend your own.

    When you switch over to e-cigs, there is going to be a time where you need to get used to it. Many new vapers consider the experience like changing a brand of cigarette, to help them mentally get over that change.

Top Tip:

A top tip from us is to try the different fruit or menthol flavors, instead of trying to find an exact match of your current brand of cigarette. Often a complete change is better than a subtle one.

Check out the best vape pens

E-Cig Recommendation For The Return Vaper

So what’s the best e-cig for the return vaper?

The FreeMax Twister AIO Vape Pen

FreeMax Twister AIO Vape Pen

The FreeMax Twister AIO Vape Pen, is a great choice for the return vaper, simple to use with adjustable wattage and mesh coils to maximize flavor. Simple to experiment with different e-liquids, and play around with airflow to suit your needs.


E-Cigs For The On and Off Vaper

If your the type of user who finds they keep jumping back and forth to the e-cigarette, then there’s a good chance you haven’t found the exact product that suits your type of vaping.

Top reasons of an on/off vaper

This could be due to a number of factors which include:

  • The hit on your throat isn’t as good as smoking. This could be due to the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid. Try switching to a 3mg juice temporarily, to see if that helps. Also, try switching to direct lung inhales, using a coil less than 0.5-ohms, this improves flavor and gives you the hit faster.
  • The taste of the e-cigarette doesn’t really hit the mark. Make sure you buy a device that is refillable and buy some test e-liquid sets, just smelling the juice in a shop, doesn’t really give you an idea if it’s going to be an ‘all day vape’ or not.
  • The e-cigarette airflow isn’t right. This really depends on the type of coil and technique you are doing. If your doing ‘mouth to lung’, then buy a device that allows you to experiment with direct lung inhales. Also, get a device that has a good airflow control within it, allowing you to adjust the airflow to suit your needs.
  • Too much of a pain to set it up. There are many devices on the market, some are incredibly tedious to set up, whilst there are some that are incredibly easy yet still produce a good vape.
Check out the best box mods

E-Cig Recommendation For The On and Off Vaper

So what’s the best e-cig for the on and off vaper?

The Smok Species Vape Kit

SMOK Species

The SMOK Species kit, is an ideal box mod for those who want to really give e-cigarettes a good try. It has excellent airflow, and a huge choice of different coils to experience different pull strengths, and flavor enhancements. Top tip, try using the mesh coils to get the most out of your e-liquid. The SMOK Species also has great airflow control, and allows you to adjust the power to get an incredible custom vape, yet is relatively easy to use.


E-Cigs For The Experienced Vaper

This type of user may be experienced with vaping, and enjoys it to a certain effect, but want to get more from their vaping experience.

Options for more experienced vapers

Luckily there are many additional choices, where you can experiment and try different setups, these include:

  • Wattage and Temperature Control. – This is where you buy a box mod that has both wattage and temperature control. With wattage control, you control the power going to the control, best around 50-100W. With temperature control, you control the temperature of the coil so you never experience a dry hit, you can also set the wattage in temperature control mode with some mods, so the wattage will drop as soon as the temperature of the coil gets too hot.
  • RDA and RTA setups. – This is where you can build your own coils and screw them into your ‘deck’. With RDA tanks you drip the e-liquid manually on the coils and vape. With RTA’s you fill a tank above the coils like a regular tank. Check out the difference between RDA and RTAs for more information.
  • Squonk Mods. – If you love the taste coming from an RDA, but don’t like the idea of carrying a bottle around with you to ‘drip’ onto the coils, then a Squonk mod should be considered. It has a squeezable bottle built into the mod which you squeeze to drip e-liquid on your deck.

E-Cig Recommendation For The Experienced Vaper

So what’s the best e-cig for the more experienced vaper?

The VooPoo Drag 2 Vape Mod

Voopoo Drag 2

The Voopoo Drag 2, is the perfect mod for the more experienced vaper with both wattage and temperature control. The original was one of the best selling mods of all time, and the Drag 2 is an improvement on that. It comes with a mesh coil tank, but you can use RDA and RTA tanks on it if you wish.


Who Are E-Cigarette Devices For?

The popularity of the e-cigarette has exploded in 2019 making 2020 an interesting year for ecig products, the most popular way to quit! The humble e-cigarette has changed a lot over the past few years, so there is a lot to learn especially if you’re looking for the best ecig starter kit, for example. You need to be aware of the health issues relating to e-cigs, to fully understand what vaping represents before making a purchase. The FDA has also been busy studying e-cigs, to make sure the devices available to consumers are of the highest quality.

After reading these resources, you will note, that there is little known about the long-term effects of using ecigs, it is therefore critical that you learn as much about them as possible before starting. Another good resource to use is the Surgeon General site, where they give you an overview of the ecig, and health impacts.

The purpose of these e-cigarette products is simple, it is to be used as an alternative to smoking, and as such, should only be used by adults who want to replace their smoking with an alternative, and arguably, a healthier option. Many people who turn to these devices are in fact successful in quitting smoking altogether, many have simply cut down but some also have tried and failed. So using e-cigs is not, necessarily, going to be the solution to quit smoking for all. The FDA also has strict guidelines on how ecigs are to be marketed, including restrictions on labeling them as a quit smoking aid.

Recommended Users:

E-Cigs should only be used by either, a smoker who is looking to cut down or quit their cigarette consumption, a smoker who wants to avoid the harsh smell of stale cigarette smoke or the ex-smoker who is tempted back.

We strongly advise only vape as an alternative to smoking, if you do not smoke DO NOT START VAPING! The vast majority of e-liquids within e-cigs contain nicotine and nicotine is addictive.

So, if you are a smoker or ex-smoker, how do you know which type of electronic cigarette to choose from, and which is the most suited starter kit? You don’t want to waste your money on an expensive e-cigarette, only to realize that it’s for a more experienced vaper. The advice that we can give, start simple. Either a cheap Cig-a-like e-cigarette, or a more expensive pod type e-cigarette or vape pen. The box mod type vapes and the Squonk mods are for the more experienced vapers, who want more of a vape hit. Take a look at our quick explanation of each type:

Which Type of ECig Starter Kit Will Suit You?


The Cig-a-like E-Cig


The Cig-a-like is the oldest type of ecig, that many vapers start with. Suited for people who smoke but want an easy to use e-cigarette to help cut down with.

The Vape Pod


Also known as pod vapes or just pods, they are sealed easy to use e-cigs with more power and flavor than Cig-a-likes. Again popular with new vapers and ex-smokers.

Vape Pens


Slightly larger than pods, but you get more power and a stronger vape. *Suits both mouth to lung and direct lung inhale vapers giving a heavier hit. Suits both new and experienced vapers.

Box Mods


Called so because of their box shapes. More powerful that vape pens and often with extra features such as wattage/temperature control. More for an intermediate/experienced vaper.

* There are two types of techniques, mouth to lung (using an atomizer/coil above 1-ohm). This is where you suck the vaper in your mouth then into your lungs. The second is direct lung inhales (with atomizers below 1-ohm, known as sub-ohm vaping). This is where you take the vape directly to your lungs. All Cig-a-likes and pod ecigs mainly support mouth to lung vaping where vape pens and box mods offer both styles.

Note: There are also Squonk mods which are box mods with a rubber bottle contained within the mod. The bottle feeds a specially designed RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) tank. The other type of e-cigarette available is the mechanical mod. This is an unregulated and basic battery-to-coil setup with no safety features. These types of e-cigs are strictly for more advanced users.


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Questions New E-Cigarette Users Generally Ask

If you're completely new to the e-cigarette and do not know anything about e-cig products, then you may have a host of questions, especially if you're looking for the best product to suit your needs. You might not even know which questions to ask. We have summarized the most common questions new vapers ask along with the simple answer.

1What Is An E-Cig?

E-Cigarettes have various names like electronic cigarettes, e-cigs or even e-smokes and e-vapes. E-Cigarettes are one of the most popular devices to quit smoking with and are becoming more and more popular. It is important for you to understand the risks associated with them though. The traditional e-cig resembles a traditional cigarette in many ways. Some are even designed to look like them.

All e-cigs are essentially electronic devices, which consist of a simple battery that's activated when the user draws and uses e-liquid that saturates a piece of cotton wrapped around a coil to produce vapor.

This e-cig vapor contains trace amounts of nicotine, which the user can control by choosing a particular strength of e-liquid. E-Cigs are specifically designed for new vapers, they are easy to use and produce a small amount of vapor.

SmokeTastic has been ranking the best e-cigs for many years now, and regularly have to update these listings as new manufacturers release new and improved models.

2How E-Cigs Work?

How E-cigs work

All e-cigs work on the same principles. They have a battery (often automatic, which turns on when you vape), a cartridge known as a cartomizer, or a pod that holds the e-liquid and coil, and that's it! When you activate the battery, the coil heats up which is surrounded by an e-liquid saturated piece of cotton, which produces a vapor. It is this vapor that is pulled into the lungs and smoked.

3Are E-Cigs Healthy?

Healthy aspects of e-cigarettes

It is recommended that all smokers quit smoking, and if they can't do it alone then to use e-cigs as an aid. Public Health England (PHE) concluded that the use of e-cigs is 95% less harmful than smoking. But this means there is still an element of risk. So use e-cigs as a means to quit smoking, reducing your nicotine levels gradually and then slowly come off e-cigs too.

4Are E-Cigs Dangerous?

There are stories around the media of fires caused by e-cigs and although this is true, in 99% of cases it is due to a modified e-cig or custom build.

That said, there are still a number of tips, to keep you and your e-cig safe:

  1. Keep your e-cig out of hot areas and away from direct sunlight. As you would all battery devices.
  2. If your e-cig has a button, ensure it is switched off before placing in your pocket. All the e-cigs on this page are automatic, but you can get button operated.
  3. If you are refilling your pod or cartridge, then wipe away any excess e-liquid. This avoids any possibility of shorts.
  4. Always use the charger that came with the e-cig. Some chargers emit different voltage levels that may exceed your e-cigs requirements.
  5. Always keep away from children and pets.

All the above recommendations, are based on all electronic devices which hold batteries, so it just takes a little common sense!

5Which E-Cig Is Best For Me?

To answer which e-cig is best for you, you need to consider the main reason you want to try vaping? If it's to try it to see if you get on, then the Cig-a-like is probably a sensible choice. If you want to give it a go-to quit smoking but want an easy to use and a simple e-cigarette, then you may want to look at the Pod vapes. If you've tried vaping before and want to give it a real go, giving the greatest flavor and vape clouds. Then your options are to go with either the vape pen or the box mod devices. To learn more check out our guide on the types of e-cigs and their advantages/disadvantages. We also have a guide giving you advice on what to look for when choosing your first e-cig.
6Which E-Liquid Strength Should I Choose?

Which strength of E-Liquid to choose is a common question, and the answer varies from user to user. What we can suggest, depends on the type and how much you smoked before you tried vaping. For the less powerful Cig-a-like and pod vapes, start by choosing an 8-32mg nicotine level. We always suggest the lower amount, 8mg, if you need more of a hit then you can take another pull. The general rule is the lower the nicotine level the smoother the vape. For vape pens and box mods with sub-ohm tanks, the vape cloud is a lot denser, so the levels need to be 3-6mg. Again, we suggest a lower amount of 3mg. Summary of Strengths:
  1. 0mg - For those vapers wishing to quit nicotine completely.
  2. 3mg - The most popular strength for mouth to lung or sub ohm vaping.
  3. 6mg - Strong for mouth to lung and can cause throat irritation. Ideal for the less powerful devices where the cloud is not as strong.
  4. 12mg - Mainly for new users who smoke a lot and using either vape pods or Cig-a-likes.
  5. 24mg - Really high nicotine levels and more suited to those who want to vape one hit to last a longer amount of time.
  6. 32mg - Use sparingly, this level of nicotine is likely to be rough on your throat if used too often.
  7. +32mg - Only suitable for nicotine salts which are a lot smoother, still recommended only for vape pods and Cig-a-likes but used very occasionally.
  8. Nicotine Salts - As stated, nicotine salts are specifically designed to produce more nicotine but have a smoother vape quality. These types of e-liquids are generally higher in nicotine.
  9. CBD - CBD e-liquids are completely different than regular e-liquids and generally do not contain any nicotine.
Try to remember, your using an e-cigarette as an alternative to smoking, so you don't want one huge hit of nicotine to last you all day. This is exactly why we suggest the lower amounts, when you fancy a cigarette, just take a draw or two on your e-cig. We know this is in contrary to what many other sites suggest, but we are going by our professional experience and having recommended many of our readers before, and most importantly, listening to their feedback. On flavors, this is a personal choice. Buying 10ml of a variety of e-liquids is ideal, try them for a day to get a good feel for what suits. No good trying one or two puffs at a vape shop, it doesn't give you an idea if it's an all-day vape flavor!
7What Resistance of Coil Should I Use?

The coil resistance depends on your experience with vaping. If your a completely new vaper then we going with any resistance above 1-ohm will suit. With this type of coil or atomizer, you use the same technique as smoking, ie mouth to lung. Anything below 1-ohm requires direct lung inhales. This can be hard to get used too but delivers a stronger, more satisfying vape and what most regular vapers use. You can learn about the different techniques of vaping here.
8Is Vaping Bad For You?

To answer the question of whether e-cigarettes are bad for you, is a hard question in its raw form. According to all the latest research, vaping an e-cig is at least 95% better for you than smoking. It is the remaining 5% of doubt that causes all the headlines in the papers and online. We try to keep you informed of all the latest studies and how the media interpret them, you can read them here. The truth is that no-one knows the long-term effect that vaping has on the body. The chemicals within the vapor of e-cigarettes are safe. Studies showed toxic chemicals in some flavorings. These are now removed from the market. But it is a new form of smoking that only time will tell. Our advice is to use e-cigs to quit smoking, reducing your nicotine levels. Then reduce your e-cig habit also.
9Is Vaping an effective tool for quitting smoking?

Yes, vaping is an effective tool to quit smoking! Vaping is now the number 1 tool used to help smokers quit smoking. Governments around the world have accepted this. In fact, they now promote the use of vaping to quit smoking.
10Is the nicotine dangerous?

Nicotine is an addictive drug, hence why in Europe you see the warning messages on vape devices. The FDA is also pushing better labeling on all e-cig products. E-liquids usually hold up to 32mg per 100g of nicotine. This amount of nicotine has a similar effect to caffeine in a cup of coffee. But, it's about quantities, nicotine is not good for you. You should be concentrating on reducing your intake.
11Is vaping a gateway to smoking?
No, there has been a lot of media reports about the use of vaping is a gateway to smoking. The media misinterpret studies that state how many children have tried vaping. YouGov and Ash reported soon after, that there is no evidence from their research that e-cigs are acting as a gateway to smoking. It is important to control advertising though, to make sure that non-smokers and kids are not targeted.
12Is passive vaping dangerous?

No, passive vaping is not dangerous. Again, thanks to the media there have been many misleading reports. In fact, the subject was in a recent debate in the House of Lords in the UK. Quote: The levels of toxicants in e-cigarette vapor, are not considered to pose any significant passive inhalation risk. The IBVTA pointed out. End Quote.
13Where do you get your information from?

Our reviews are conducted by actually testing the devices. If it's an e-cig, vape pen, pod or mod, we make sure we test it for at least 3 days prior to writing up some notes. Then after 5-7 days, we complete the e-cig review based on our honest feedback. E-liquids we tend to shorten the review time to 1-2 days. Some of our articles are based on health journals, reports, and studies conducted on e-cigarettes or related to vaping. In this case, we use the following resources to aid us: The above is just an example and the most common e-cig resources we use, we do try to list the resources we use for each article, and that list may include additional resources not shown above.

Need More ECig Help?

If you are still struggling with finding the best e-cig product to suit your needs, well panic not! We have plenty of more guides to help you.

Important Things About E-Cigarettes To Remember!

You have to remember that everyone is different with different preferences, and tastes. So when trying an e-cigarette, you have to give it some time, it takes some getting use too like trying a different brand, but eventually, you do get used to it. This is where the hardship of switching to e-cigarette comes, it takes some time finding the right product, the right e-liquid and strength, and the right flavor, as well as getting used to the switch.

Last Bit Of Advice!

The best e-cig advice we can give is to make the switch a slow one, don't just quit on day one, take a little time choosing the right product by not only using our guides but asking friends and family who may have made the switch. Then when you're ready to buy, choose an e-cig that you can try different e-liquids with, and buy a variety of different strengths and flavors. When you find one you like, slowly use your e-cigarette more and more, reducing your traditional cigarette smoking gradually until you have made a complete switch.

TL;DR - Finding The Best E-Cigs

It's important to remember that vaping an electronic cigarette is a very personal thing. There is not one model that will suit all. Have a think about what type of smoker you are, then try to match an e-cig that you will be most suited too. Many people start with the Cig-a-like type, and give up after a few tries, due to the lack of there performance. We suggest starting on a slightly stronger type of device, like a small vape pen or vape pod.

One of the most important aspects, when you have chosen an e-cigarette, is picking the right e-liquid. Many people assume if they are a heavy smoker they will need a strong nicotine level of e-liquid, this is simply not true. You must remember, that the higher level of nicotine the rougher the e-cigarette will taste. Instead, think about how often you are going to use the device. If you are simply replacing the traditional cigarette with the e-cigarette and want to continue to enjoy vaping as an alternative then choose a relatively low level of nicotine like 3mg. If however, you only want to use the e-cigarette periodically, just to get the hit of nicotine into your system then choose a higher level nicotine like nicotine salts or e-liquid that is over 6mg.

For the reasons above, and many other reasons, it's best to choose an e-cigarette that is refillable. This ensures you have control over which flavor and more importantly which nicotine level most suits you. Refillable devices also work our a lot cheaper in the long run and most manufacturers and top brands provide this type of device.

If you still feel your e-cig is somewhat underwhelming, try moving onto the larger and more powerful vape pens, and again, make sure you get one where you can try your own e-liquids. Our advice always conclude with e-liquid selection is almost as important as choosing the best e-cigarette.

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