Common e-Cigarette Problems and Their Solutions

E cig problems and solutions

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Like everything else in life, your experience with vaping is never going to be perfect. Problems will come up from time to time, and some of the challenges you confront may leave you wondering why you even both to vape. There are a number of things that can seem to go wrong while you’re vaping, so it is important to understand the potential problems and get some idea about how to resolve common issues. Here are some of the most common e-cigarette problems and their solutions.

      1. Your e-cigarette starts to taste strange – This is a common problem that is usually caused by a lack of e-juice in your tank or cartridge. It often results in a burnt taste when you inhale, and can be resolved by providing more juice to the device. The problem also occurs at times when you add e-liquid and don’t allow it a few seconds to work its way into the wick or atomizer. The solution for that is easy too: just give your liquid time to settle after you refill the tank. Finally, this could be a sign that the coil has overheated from constant use, or is worn out.
      2. E cigarette problem with tankYour tank sounds funny, making a gurgling sound – This common problem happens to virtually everyone at one time or another. It is usually the result of e-liquid overflowing and seeping into your air holes, causing the liquid to gurgle when you inhale. In most instances, all you have to do is clean your device, removing any excess liquid. Make sure that the tank is not over-filled as well, since that can cause similar problems. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, then you may need to replace the wick or atomizer head – or may even have a bad coil head.
      3. You get e-juice in your mouth – Rare is the vaper who hasn’t experienced the joys of inadvertently inhaling e-juice into his or her mouth. Yes, this happens to all vapers eventually, and is usually simple operator error. In almost every instance, this occurs when you mistakenly put too much e-juice into the tank – filling it above the airflow point. On some devices, this can also occur if your inhalation method involves quick, sustained draws. Try shorter draws and see if that stops the problem.
      4. Not enough vapor is being produced – This one can be tough to figure out, since there are so many potential causes. It could be that your device is not powerful enough to produce the vapor that you need. It could also mean that you simply need an e-liquid with a higher VG content to produce that vapor. If the problem only occurs at certain times, it is likely that you simply need to recharge your battery.
      5. Sore Throat from VapingYour throat is sore after vaping – This can be caused by a number of factors. It could be that you are inhaling too often in an attempt to get nicotine, without waiting for it to be absorbed by your lungs and mucous membranes. Try a more judicious approach to your habit. Alternatively, this could be the result of a series of dry hits of the type you get when you try to vape with insufficient liquid in the device. In most cases, however, this is an indication that you might be sensitive to one of the base ingredients used in many e-juice s: propylene glycol. Sometimes, the dryness in your throat can be resolved with a simple glass of water. If, however, it persists, then you should consider switching to an e-liquid that uses vegetable glycerin as a base.
      6. Your charger stopped working – As difficult as it might be to believe, this happens frequently. Sometimes it is simply the result of a vaper trying to use a charger that is not designed for his device. Other times, it is a simple matter of making sure that the battery terminals are clean. To counter these problems, make sure that you are not mixing up the chargers for your various electronic devices, and always practice sound battery hygiene and safety.


There you have it: easy solutions for six of the most common problems users encounter with their vaping devices and e-cigarette habits. While there are other problems that may arise from time to time, few are as common as these. The good news is that you can resolve these simple challenges with solutions that are just as basic as the problems, and get back to focusing your attention on the aspects of your vaping lifestyle that bring you the most enjoyment.

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