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Mix Your Juice!

If you're into mixing your own e-liquid, then use our simple calculator to find out exactly what to mix and the correct quantities to use. Mixing should only be done by experienced vapers, using the correct protective gloves and goggles. Nicotine should be handled with care and respect.

The E-Liquid Calculator!

After Mixing Instructions

After the mix is complete, follow the steps below to get the best possible taste from your e-liquid

  1. Give the bottle a good shake, for at least a minute, or until you see the e-liquid full of tiny bubbles
  2. Leave to stand in a dark, room temperature place, like in a cupboard for 2 hours with the lid off
  3. Shake again, screw the cap on and return it to the dark cupboard
  4. Allow to steep for at least 3-7 days (the longer, the better), giving it a shake once a day

Want An E-Liquid Calculator On Your Site?

This e-liquid mixing calculator can be used by anyone who wishes to add an e-liquid calculator to their website. If you want to include this e-liquid calculator then just insert the following code:
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Please note: This code includes a link at the bottom of the calculator back to us.

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