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How To Choose The Right Type Of E-Cig

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Last Updated: September 26th, 2018.

This guide is to help you identify which type of electronic cigarette will suit you best. We cover everything from the basic Cigalike, to the more complex and new pod vapes and box mods. We will take you through each, step by step.

Quick Overview of the Sections:

Section 1: Quick Intro, asking Who Are E-Cigs For?

Section 2: Which Type Will Suit You?

Section 3: New users FAQs

Section 4: Some of our Latest Reviews

Section 5: Additional Resources

Who Are E-Cigs For?


It's difficult to pick the right e-cig with so many types and brands on the market. It seems that all we see in the media these days are negative stories related to vaping. With the FDA categorizing e-cigs in 2016 as tobacco products. They restricted advertising, stopping vaping companies from voicing their message. Both Facebook and Google followed suit by banning E-Cig adverts.

We're in agreement that adverts should not target children. Cambridge University reported adverts for candy-flavored e-cigs could encourage children into vaping. That's the last thing we want. But with these one-sided stories, it's hard to find advice about vaping and which to try!

We strongly advise only vape as an alternative to smoking, if you do not smoke DO NOT START VAPING! The vast majority of e-liquids within e-cigs contain nicotine and nicotine is a highly addictive drug.

So, if you are a smoker or ex-smoker, how do you know which type of e-cig to choose from, and which is the best e-cig starter kit? You don’t want to waste your money on an expensive vape only to realize that it’s for a more experienced vaper. The best advice that we can give, start simple. Either a cheap Cigalike e-cig or a more expensive pod type vape or vape pen. The box mod type vapes and the Squonk mods are for the more experienced vapers who want more of a vape hit. Take a look at our quick explanation of each type:


Which Type Of E-Cig Will Suit You?

The Cigalike

The oldest type of e-cig that many old-school vapers started with. Best for people who smoke but want an easy to use e-cig to help cut down with.

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The Pod E-Cig

Also known as pod vapes or just pods, they are sealed easy to use e-cigs with more power and flavor than Cigalikes. Again popular with new vapers and ex-smokers.

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Vape Pen

Slightly larger than pods, but you get more power and a stronger vape. *Suits both mouth to lung and direct lung inhale vapers giving a heavier hit. Suits both new and experienced vapers.

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Box Mods

Box Mod types
Called so because of their box shapes, but some call them vape mods. A lot more powerful that vape pens and often with extra features such as wattage and temperature control. More for an intermediate/experienced vaper.

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Learn More About the Types of E-Cigarette

* There are two types of vaping, mouth to lung (using an atomizer/coil above 1-ohm). This is where you suck the vaper in your mouth then into your lungs. The second is direct lung inhales (with atomizers below 1-ohm, known as sub-ohm vaping). This is where you take the vape directly to your lungs. All Cigalikes and pods mainly support mouth to lung vaping where vape pens and box mods offer both styles.

Note: There are also Squonk mods which are box mods with a rubber bottle contained within the mod. The bottle feeds a specially designed RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) tank. The other type of e-cig available is the mechanical mod. This is an unregulated and basic battery-to-coil setup with no safety features. These types of e-cigs are strictly for more advanced users.

FAQs New Vapers Generally Ask

  If you're completely new to vaping e-cigarettes then you may have a host of questions. You might not even know which questions to ask. We have summarized the most common questions new vapers ask along with the simple answer. Click on the question that's relevant and the answer should appear!
1Which E-Cig Is Best For Me?
Consider the main reason you want an e-cig or vaping device? If it's to try it to see if you get on with vaping then the Cigalike is the best and cheapest option. If you want to give it a go-to quit smoking but want an easy to use the device, then you may want to look at the Pod vapes. If you've tried vaping before and want to give it a real go, giving the greatest flavor and vape clouds. Then your best option is to go with either the vape pens or box mod devices. To learn more check out our guide on the right type of e-cig and their advantages/disadvantages. We also have a guide giving you advice on what to look for when choosing your first e-cig.
2Which E-Liquid Strength Should I Choose?
This is a common question and has is not answered with one type of e-liquid to suit all. What we can suggest, depends on the type of e-cigarette and how much you smoked before you tried vaping. For the less powerful Cigalike and pod vapes, start by choosing a 16-32mg nicotine level. For vape pens and box mods with sub-ohm tanks, the vape cloud is a lot denser, so the levels need to be 3-6mg. If you are still craving nicotine, up the nicotine levels. Another option is using nicotine salts. Salts are higher in nicotine but give a much smoother vape. On flavors, this is a personal choice. Buying 10ml of a variety of e-liquids is ideal, try them for a day to get a good feel for what suits. No good trying one or two puffs at a vape shop, it doesn't give you an idea if it's an all day vape flavor!
3What Resistance of Coil Should I Use?
This depends on your experience with vaping. If your a completely new vaper then we going with any resistance above 1-ohm will suit. With this type of coil or atomizer, you use the same technique as smoking, ie mouth to lung. Anything below 1-ohm requires direct lung inhales. This can be hard to get used too but delivers a stronger more satisfying vape and what most regular vapers use.
4Is Vaping Bad For You?
This is a hard question to answer in its raw form. According to all the latest research, vaping is at least 95% better for you than smoking. It is the remaining 5% of doubt that causes all the headlines in the papers and online. We try to keep you informed of all the latest studies and how the media interpret them, you can read them here. The truth is that no-one knows the long-term effect that vaping has on the body. The chemicals within the vapor of e-cigarettes are safe. Studies showed toxic chemicals in some flavorings. These are now removed from the market. But it is a new form of smoking that only time will tell. Our advice is to use e-cigs to quit smoking, reducing your nicotine levels. Then reduce your vaping habit also.
5Is Vaping an effective tool for quitting smoking?
Yes! Vaping is now the number 1 tool used to help smokers quit smoking. Governments around the world have accepted this. In fact, they now promote the use of vaping to quit smoking.
6Is the nicotine dangerous?
Nicotine is an addictive drug, hence why in Europe you see the warning messages on vape products. The FDA is also pushing better labeling on vaping products. E-liquids usually hold up to 32mg per 100g of nicotine. This amount of nicotine has a similar effect to caffeine in a cup of coffee. But, it's about quantities, nicotine is not good for you. You should be concentrating on reducing your intake.
7Is vaping a gateway to smoking?
No, there has been a lot of media reports about the use of vaping is a gateway to smoking. The media misinterpret studies that state how many children have tried vaping. YouGov and Ash reported soon after, that there is no evidence from their research that e-cigs are acting as a gateway to smoking. It is important to control advertising though, to make sure that non-smokers and kids are not targeted.
8Is passive vaping dangerous?
No, again thanks to the media there have been many misleading reports. In fact, the subject was in a recent debate in the House of Lords in the UK. "The levels of toxicants in e-cigarette vapor are not considered to pose any significant passive inhalation risk. The IBVTA pointed out."

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Do Your Own Homework!

The number 1 rule in finding the best e-cig is to do your research. Everyone has a different opinion on which they believe is the best.

That's no different within the vaping community. Remember, not everyone smoked the same brand of cigarettes, and that's similar to e-cigs.

With that in mind, here are some other great external resources you can use to help:


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