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If you’re one of the many millions of smokers who have finally made the decision to switch to the e-cigarette to finally kick the tobacco habit for good, congratulations. The vaping experience should offer you everything you need to ensure that you leave those old smelly cigarettes behind forever, so long as you pick the best e-cigarette that is! Of course, you may be somewhat hesitant, to begin with, and wonder where the right entry point might be and which product you should choose. Here are some tips for finding the right electronic cigarette that can help to ensure that your transition from smoker to vaper is as smooth as possible.

Whether your a smoker looking to cut down or someone who wants to quit smoking for good and want to try the best e-cigarette specifically to mimic smoking, we can help. In this guide we take a look at the best e-cigs there are on the market just for smokers.



Know Your Goal

Are you intending to quit the nicotine habit altogether, or simply looking for a safer alternative? That question matters tremendously, because if you’re only planning to vape for a short time on your way toward being nicotine-free, then you may not want to invest in durable vaping devices. Disposable e-cigarettes may be enough to meet your needs. If, however, you enjoy your nicotine and just want something safer, a reliable and rechargeable vaping device that you fill with your own e-liquid may be the best bet. Understand the different types of electronic cigarette by reading our guide.


Know Your Budget

You probably already realize that you’re almost guaranteed to save money by switching from tobacco to e-cigs. However, if you plan on doing it long-term, and want a reliable device, you need to expect a more substantial initial investment. Do your homework and select a device in your price range.


Looking for a Particular Flavor?

flavorsYou can get different flavors with the disposable variety of electronic cigarette, but you should also know that your options will be more limited. Every major brand offers traditional cigarette flavor as well as menthol. If you want something more exotic – and e-juice can get about as exotic as you can imagine – then a refillable device is probably going to be your best bet. Once you get some experience, you can even create your own flavors at home – or visit one of the sites that allows you to order custom-mixed e-liquid flavors.


How Complex Do You Want this to Be?

There are essentially two different choices here: single-piece disposables that you use and then discard and refillable devices that have tanks and atomizers powered by a rechargeable battery. The disposables may be enough to get you started – and for those who plan to transition away from nicotine altogether, but they offer less flexibility, fewer flavors, and a limited choice for nicotine strength.

The tank varieties offer an almost limitless customization potential and can be used with an incredibly wide array of e-juice flavors. They also last longer than the disposables and can save you money if you vape frequently and on a long-term basis. There are also higher-end devices that offer more flexibility for customization. You can change mods, tanks, batteries, and gain even more control over the amount of flavor and vapor your device produces.

To get a better idea, take a look at our beginners guide to e-cigs which will take you through all the basics you need to know.


Know Your Supplier

ecig supplierYou also want to decide how and where you want to get your vaping supplies. Disposables are available almost anywhere cigarettes are sold, making them perhaps the most convenient option in that regard. However, if you have a vape shop nearby, or are comfortable ordering from internet stores, then you can find an incredible variety of options available for purchase. The online option also tends to offer more competitive pricing options, so that’s a great way to go if your budget is a concern.


If You Plan to get Serious, Start with a Kit

If you know that you’re going to be vaping long-term, then there is no sense wasting time and money with lesser quality products. Do a little research, read some reviews online, and find a quality product that offers pre-made liquid cartridge refills or that you can refill with your own preferred e-juice. Since most products can be found in some type of starter kit, focus on finding one of those. A kit comes with the atomizer, battery, tank, and charging cables. In short, with the right starter kit and e-juice, you can get started as soon as your product is in your hands. Or you could dive straight into making your own coils with the best RDA atomizers!

It may seem like the e-cig buying experience is complex, but it is actually simpler than it might seem. Just focus on identifying your needs and then select a product that meets them. With these tips as a guide, you’ll soon discover that finding the right electronic cigarette is so easy that you’ll wonder why it took you so long to make the commitment to switch to vaping.

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Learn How to Find the Best E Cig
One of the best electronic cigarettes

Finding the Best E-Cig

Over the last 5 years or so the electronic cigarette has increased dramatically in popularity and as a result, there are now hundreds of manufacturers designing and researching new models and types to produce more vapor and taste. This is great, but now the market is swamped with different vape pen models and types!

Above you will find the best e cigarettes per type, take a look at each and read the review to get a better idea.

There are many types of e cig on the market. These types can be broken down into 4 simple categories:

  • Cigalike These devices were first introduced in 2003 and resemble the look of a traditional cigarette. Best used for beginners wanting to quit smoking.
  • Vape Pens – Vape pens are more advanced than the Cigalike and thus produced more vapor and taste. Best used for people who have already tried Cigalikes with no success and those who want a subtle yet good vape.
  • Box Mods – If you want more control of the vapor volume and wattage, box mods allow you to adjust wattage and temperature accordingly. Best used for people who have already tried vaping.
  • E Cigars – This type of electronic cigarette resembles the idea behind the Cigalike, but obviously looking more like the traditional cigar, with a stronger flavor and targeted to satisfy those cigar smokers out there.

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Switching To Vaping

The Best Electronic Cigarette

As millions of people consider making the switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs or vape pens as a way to help them end their tobacco dependency, many can find the transition more than a little confusing. After all, manufacturers have flooded the market with so many different brands and types of vaping products that sifting through all of the different choices can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to know which tanks, batteries, coils, and other components are needed to ensure the perfect vaping experience. Fortunately, manufacturers have addressed that issue by offering a variety of different electronic cigarette starter kits to make the selection process as easy as possible.

The 5 Basic Steps to Find the Best Electronic Cigarettes

The 5 Basic Steps to Find the Best Electronic Cigarettes

There are many leading brands when it comes to shopping for e-cigarettes, vaporizers, vape pens, and vape mods online. So, finding an e-cig of your choice should present no difficulties. However, since there will be nobody to assist you in choosing a product, SmokeTastic will guide you through a few things to consider when shopping online. It is important that you are aware of the various types, sizes, flavor, and brands so that you can find something that meets your needs.

There are so many different options out there today that even many of the experts have trouble keeping track of them all. The good news is that there are some basic criteria you can use to choose your vaping device. Let’s now look at the 5 simple steps:

Step 1 To find the bestDecide Whether you Want to use Vaping to Quit Nicotine.

You need to decide whether you want to use vaping to quit nicotine altogether, or just want to transition from tobacco to this safer alternative. That decision will have a lot to do with the type of electronic cigarette you ultimately decide to buy. After all, if you are just going to rid yourself of the tobacco habit, then chances are that you can get the job done with disposable e-cigs or another low-cost, low-effort option. If, on the other hand, you want to continue to use nicotine long-term, then it would probably behoove you to think about clearomizers and other more sophisticated devices.

Step 2 To find the bestLearn Something About the Different Brands You’re Considering

This is a fairly new industry, so it’s almost certain that you’ve heard little to nothing about most of the companies that manufacture these products. Spend some time researching them. Find out who makes the types of devices you are considering, and compare their capabilities. Keep in mind that there are relatively few real manufacturers; most of the smaller companies simply brand products from the larger manufacturers.

Step 3 To find the bestCheck Out the Online Reviews

The internet is a perfect way to research this topic and learn more about others’ experiences with these products. Be aware, however, that false reviews are still a problem on some sites. As a general rule, be wary of products that have universal favorable ratings from consumers. It is rare to find a product of any kind that everyone loves.

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Step 4 To find the bestGet a Feel for the Flavors Before you Choose

Vape shops can really come in handy with this one. Visit your local vaping shop and ask to try some samples of different flavors. It is common for many shops to have a vaping bar, specifically designed to provide this sort of taste-testing. If you’re serious abo8ut vaping long-term, you want to make sure that the flavor option you choose is one that is going to be acceptable for months or even years to come.

Step 5 To find the bestTry Them Before you Commit

This advice has two meanings, of course. Many companies offer both disposable e-cigs and more complex vaping devices. It can be helpful to start with their disposables to see whether you like the taste experience before switching to one of their more expensive, full-featured models. In addition, it is wise to remember that many companies offer a 30-day guarantee, which means that you get your money back if you’re not satisfied with their products.

Above all else, never settle for less than the best. If you are serious about vaping, then you will have to recognize that the industry is like every other in the marketplace today. You get what you pay for! Fortunately, however, there are so many different options out there that you can almost certainly find one that is perfect for you within your desired price range.

Hot tip from one readerTop Tip!

There’s no doubt e-cigarettes and the various vape mods can proved you with a great alternative to smoking. Here’s one top tip from one of our readers:

Choose the right flavor. There are many different flavors available to choose from but different brands carry different flavors; some fruity and some exotic. Buy the smaller 10ml bottles first, don’t just try them in a shop and buy a big bottle, the taste changes the longer you vape it.

A Little Info About Vaping

Let’s Talk About Vaping!

If you listened to the media and government pronouncements, it would be easy to misunderstand what vaping is all about. After all, many in the media frequently offer reports suggesting that vaping is a risky activity that could be every bit as bad as tobacco smoking. To back up their claims, they often turn to government officials or paid government researchers who make similar claims – always accompanied with hypothetical dangers and the suggestion that we just don’t know how dangerous vaping actually is. All of this can lead many people to be extremely confused about the vaping lifestyle, and hesitant to consider quitting their tobacco habit and turning to electronic cigarettes instead. That’s dangerous and could cost smokers their lives. To counter those negative claims, it is important to understand electronic cigarettes and how they are safer than tobacco cigarettes. So, what is vaping?

A Definition

Direct Lung_1Put simply, vaping is simply a process whereby you use a personal, tobacco-free vaporizing device to create vapor that you then inhale. This vapor can contain nicotine in varying levels, or be completely free from nicotine. Any comparisons to smoking end there, however. There is no annoying smell, no possibility of cigarette burns, no ash to clutter your home, car, or office, and no worries that you might contract any of the well-documented smoking-related health complications.

The vaporizer itself creates vapor by heating e-liquid to a temperature that converts it to vapor form. That vapor then passes through the electronic cigarette device to be inhaled by the user. For vapers who use e-liquid that contains nicotine, this process delivers the chemical in vapor form into the mouth – where it is then absorbed through the mucous membranes of the nose and the tissue of the lungs. Unlike paper-burning cigarettes, there is no tar, carbon monoxide, or similar compounds released into the body.

Where Did this Idea Originate?

The first known vaporizer was reportedly designed and built by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. He was moved by his father’s battle with smoking-related cancer – a battle he ultimately lost – and wanted to create a safer alternative to smoking. He invented a tabletop vaporizing unit known as the Ruyan in the 1960s. Four decades later, the phenomenon caught on in the West, as smokers in the United States moved in large numbers from their traditional cigarette habits to the new nicotine delivery systems.

Vape Mod Example

The Electronic Cigarette

What are electronic cigarettes?
An electronic cigarette is a gadget that heats a liquid consisting of both nicotine and flavoring to create a vapor, which can be inhaled in a similar way to a traditional cigarette. The main difference is that electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco and no burning or combustion is involved.

The Confusion

Much of the confusion about electronic cigarettes is the result of a near-absolute dearth of understanding throughout the media and government circles. Unfortunately, their failure to understand these products has led to confusion in the broader society as well. The fact is that different people can mean very different things when they use the words “electronic cigarette.”

Take the cigarette lookalikes that are commonly seen in gas stations. You’ve probably seen them at one time or another – with brands like Blu and Vuze seemingly everywhere these days. Because those types of e-cigs look so much like traditional tobacco cigarettes, it is easy for some people to assume that there is little difference between the two types of products. That is simply not the case.

Those are but one kind of electronic cigarette. There are also larger, more mechanical-looking devices like clearomizers and other mid-sized products, or even the mods and APVs that many more experienced vapers prefer. These larger devices all provide an increased opportunity for vapers to customize their experience – altering the amount of flavor or vapor that they receive using various high-tech features and control options. When the media focuses on e-cigs, they tend to speak as though they are the same as tobacco cigarettes – and point to lookalikes to prove their point. They understand that the average viewer who is unfamiliar with these products will see them alongside combustible tobacco products and think them to be the same.

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About E-Juice…

e-liquid differences_1Since vaping is about the vapor produced, it is important to understand the products used to create that vapor: the e-liquid. Here too the media and government officials openly dissemble about the nature of the products in question. They often defend their opposition to e-cigarettes by saying that no one really knows what manufacturers place into these liquids. That’s silly, of course, since we know full well the type of ingredients used in e-liquid recipes.

E-liquid begins with the base. This is typically vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). The latter is thinner than its vegetable counterpart, which helps to enhance flavor. E-juice manufacturers use one or the other – or both – base ingredients to achieve the type of vapor and flavor potential their customers want. Both are perfectly safe for use in vaporizers.

The third ingredient used in e-juice formulas is the flavoring. Flavoring ingredients are food-grade compounds and – like the base ingredients – safe. Finally, manufacturers often include nicotine in their recipes, in varying levels of strength to satisfy different customer demands. Some e-juices contain no nicotine at all.

That’s it. There are no hidden ingredients and no grand conspiracy to deny government officials pertinent information that they need when making decisions about the public health. Instead, there are just four basic ingredients that go into the making of most e-juice – unless, of course, the e-liquid is nicotine-free, in which case there are three ingredients used. Scary, right?

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Is it Safe?

Here’s where the rubber meets the road for most non-vapers: the safety question. If you only listened to media reports, you would think that this was an issue that has received no scientific scrutiny whatsoever. That’s not true, though. There have been numerous studies conducted on electronic cigarette usage, and they have almost uniformly found that vaping is a significantly safer alternative to tobacco usage. There is no combustion, and studies have shown that what toxins may be released are at such trace levels that they are almost indistinguishable from those typically found in the air surrounding the samples.

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Quit Smoking?

Finally, there is one other thing that needs to be understood about vaping. It is a viable smoking cessation tool. Yes, government scientists will be quick to argue that many of the studies that suggest this fact rely on anecdotal self-reporting, but so what? How else would you conduct a scientific study that determines whether vaping can help with smoking cessation except by relying on the reports of those who have tried to use vaping to end their tobacco habit?

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There is no getting around the simple truth, and that is that vaping is a great alternative to smoking – regardless of what government mouthpieces might say. The inhalation of vapor produced by heated e-juice is both safe and enjoyable, and something that everyone should aim for, at least for those who want to escape the bonds of tobacco addiction.

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