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Hi! I’m Nicholas King, the founder, and Chief Editor at SmokeTastic. As an ex-smoker and now vaping enthusiast for over 13 years myself, I understand the transition between smoking and vaping. My aim is to share useful information about all the different vape and e-cig products on the market, self-help tips, and detailed reviews.

I hope you find something on SmokeTastic that helps you with your decision process.

More About Nicholas…

We like to say vapor production is the most important factor in our reviews. Ok, that may be true, but who wants a lot of vapor if it doesn’t taste good? With so many e-liquids out there, why settle for a taste that you don’t love?

In fact, one of our top 5 ranked brands, VaporFi, now offers 30,000 flavor combinations with their custom blends of up to 3 different flavors!

Even if you know exactly which starter kit you want to buy, you still have lots of options for flavors and nicotine strengths.

How to Choose a Flavor

smok Micro One eliquidWith flavors like Funky Monkey and Thug Juice, it may be tempting to pick a flavor based on its name. It may sound like fun, but this is definitely not the best way to approach your e-liquid buying decision.

Once you get the hang of vaping, we recommend branching out and seeing what else might please your taste buds. I’ve heard of vapors who start out with tobacco flavors, then find over time they like fruit, drink, or desert flavors.

A lot of brands have variety cartridge packs, which are great for trying lots of different flavors without buying a full package of each.

Each of our brand reviews all have a little information on the flavors, so if you’re set on a certain brand, we may be able to help you find a good match. Do remember that some people experience side effects of e-liquid, so do a little research before choosing.


How to Choose Strength

Once you have a flavor picked out, the next question is, “Which nicotine strength is best for me?”

The answer to that is, it depends on your smoking style.

Most e-cig companies give a handy chart specific to their liquid, but you can use these numbers as a general guide.

  • 3.6%+ (36mg) – If you smoke heavy and want a throat hit to knock your socks off.
  • 2.4% – This would be comparable to a full flavored cigarette.
  • 1.8% – This strength is similar to a regular strength e-cig.
  • 1.2 – Choose this if you want a “light” flavor.
  • 0.6 – For the ultra-light cigarette smokers.
  • 0% – Nicotine free (zero nicotine).

We think it’s smart to start off with the strength that you have most recently used. Some people think the vapor is a little harsher when first switching, others think e-cigs are a little weaker and recommend one step up.

Concentration of PG/VG

best e-liquidsAll E-liquids are made up of 4 basic ingredients; Nicotine and Flavor which we have already covered, but just as important are PG (Propylene glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) both are used as food additives, the levels of which however, can dramatically effect the flavor and amount of vapor.

 A General rule of thumb is this: VG produces a smoother and less irritating vape with increased vapor whilst PG holds the flavor better and provides more of a throat hit.

This simple rule will help you when you get more experienced with vaping and try out different brands so you can buy e-liquid to suit your vaping requirements.


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Importance of Reviews

A lot of brands are hit and miss on flavors. This is why reviews are so important for online shopping. But you’re here reading e-liquid reviews, so you already know this.

Our top-ranked brands do all do a great job with consistently good flavored vapor by producing their liquid in the USA, with very high-quality control standards, and fresh seal packaging. Unfortunately, most brands will leave you with chemicals, burnt, or stale taste.

Most of the top brands offer traceable e-liquid, so you can confirm the freshness and ingredients of every batch. Other brands custom-create your flavors, so you can be sure you’re getting the freshest e-juice possible.

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The Best E-Liquid Suppliers

It is so important that you consider a highly reputable vendor to get your e-liquid from, listen to the experts and remember just trying an e-liquid in the store doesn’t really represent what it will be like vaping it all day. Look for e-liquids with USP-grade PG/VG and laboratory-tested nicotine to be sure that you are dealing with a high-quality product. Although you can still try out cheaply manufactured substandard homebrews, it is highly recommended that you consider buying American-made e-liquid which is high quality. With USP-graded companies, you can be sure that the quality, consistency, strength, and purity of the e-liquid is tested and is fit for your health. Going for other companies that do not adhere to the requirements of USP, could mean that you risk being exposed to dangerous contaminations in your e-liquid.

Do not get it twisted when importers and DIYers claim that they have used USP-grade ingredients. This could be true but this does not necessarily imply that their e-liquid is up-to-par. For high quality, safe and consistent e-liquid, a producer needs to ensure they have clean facilities, good manufacturing, and laboratory procedures, which might not be the case with importers and DIYers.

With these considerations, you can be sure that you will land your hands on the best e-liquid. Look for high-quality vendors and follow your taste buds and moods to know which e-liquid has the best satisfying experience. You can also take your satisfaction experience to a whole new level by experimenting with different PG/VG ratios, nicotine levels, and flavors, as long as they appeal your taste buds and satisfy your cravings.

E-Liquid Reviews

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