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Review of Vaporfi E-liquids

For critics of vaping, one of the most oft-cited complaints leveled against the industry is the charge that no one really understands how these products are made, which ingredients are used in them, and what those ingredients might do. To prove their point, they usually allege that vaping juices and devices are all made in mysterious foreign countries – places in which quality apparently remains a foreign concept. Of course, that’s pure fantasy, but it gets them through the night. Meanwhile, in the real world, proud US-based manufacturers like Vaporfi continue to prove doubters wrong. In this Vaporfi e-liquid review, we’ll take a look at just how they manage to do that.


Who Are They?

If you’ve ever worried about quality, then VaporFi is the company you’ve been waiting for. This US-based e-juice manufacturer is everything that the critics claim to want. They have their own laboratory, and it is registered with the FDA. As a result, the company complies with all relevant guidelines, including those that require that GRAS approve all ingredients – and that those ingredients be of such a high quality that they are considered superior to that used for food. The company also ensures that its component ingredients qualify as kosher.

That FDA registration means that each of the company’s recipes has been registered with the Food and Drug Administration. The fact that the ingredients are chosen only from those that are considered a higher grade than food is evidence that they are of a high enough quality to be safe for inhalation. In short, there are few companies out there today that offer a more transparent glimpse into their operations, flavor recipes, and ingredient composition. So much for the critics’ arguments, I guess.

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Base Composition

e-liquid compositionThe typical VaporFi blend comes in a PG/VG breakdown of 70 to 30, which allows for rich flavor with somewhat smaller clouds of vapor. To provide more flexibility, however, the company also offers a 50/50 mixture that dramatically increases the vegetable levels to ensure that even larger vapor clouds are created. They also have a recently-released option that is specifically targeted toward sub-ohm vapers. It offers a60 VG base for even larger clouds. For maximum dripping results, you can even opt for the 70% VG Grand Reserve e-juice line. These juices also come in a variety of nicotine strengths, ranging from as low as 0mg to a high of 36mg.


A Variety of Flavors

Like other brands, this company offers its customers a wide variety of taste options. It almost doesn’t matter where your taste preferences might lead you; VaporFi has at least one flavor that is sure to strike your fancy. We were fortunate enough to review several of the most popular options, and walked away truly impressed by the pure flavor, rich vapor, and satisfying feeling that these unique blends provided.

Flavors are categorized by type, with general groups that include traditional tobacco-flavored products, menthol varieties, fruits and desserts, and more. Traditional tobacco flavors include luxurious blends that mimic the great taste of a classical Cuban cigar, the exotic flavors offered by the sweet Reserve Moroccan Gold, and the Classic Tobacco blend that provides that familiar cigarette tobacco taste so many new vapers find themselves missing when they first give up the smoking habit. There are more of course, such as the ancient aromas offered by the Sahara Gold, and the outdoorsy flavors of the Heavenly Clove juice.

Without doubt you need a decent electronic cigarette to go with the e-juice. We personally suggest taking a look at the VaporFi Vox 40 or 80 TC Mod or if you want something a little smaller and more discrete then check out our favorite vape pens.



vaporfi menthol e-liquidMenthol flavors encompass a wide array of different options as well. Fresh Mint is exactly what it sounds like: a menthol taste that offers that fresh hit on the taste buds that you enjoy with your favorite mints. Peppermint Party brings that classic peppermint candy taste to your vaping experience, while Menthol Freeze provides an icy blast of mint flavor you’ll labor in vain to find anywhere else. Northern Lights combines sweetness and a cool twist to achieve a unique blend that may turn out to be your favorite menthol option yet, as Mighty Menthol brings to mind the cool satisfaction of a classic menthol combustible cigarette.



vaporfi desert flavorsIf inhaling dessert is more your cup of tea, then you’ll be thrilled by the company’s Smooth Chocolate recipe and its creamy, chocolate silk flavor. Forget eating breakfast; vape it instead, with the Glazed Donut flavor that gives you that sugar experience without calories or plaque. Good old fashioned buttery pie crust is in vogue again, with Pie Crust Vape Juice, or you can just make Maple Syrup your preferred taste sensation and enjoy its sweet caramel notes and velvety smoothness. If you want Fruity Cereal, you’ve got it; go wild and feel like a kid again! Rainbow Custard combines strawberries, tangerines, and Crème anglaise to create a unique blend you’ll want to try again and again.



vaporfi fruit flavorsFruits are on display as well, as Blue Dazzle Berry allows you to experience a powerful burst of blue raspberry deliciousness. Summer Lovin’ will inspire your passion with its uplifting tanginess, while Island Frost will bring you back down to earth with its unique combination of blueberries, mint, lime, pineapples, and coconuts. Meringue O Tang, Pineapple Pow, and Monkey Business all provide you with an array of fruity choices – any one of which could turn out to be your next favorite e-juice of choice. Space precludes a complete listing of their wonderful fruit selections. Suffice it to say that each has its own unique charms.

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Other Varieties

There are other flavor varieties that are not so easy to categorize, but remain equally worthy of mention. Sparking Champaign allows you to celebrate your vaping experience with each inhalation, as Black Velvet provides a soft drink touch with a hint of cherry. If you want an espresso, Catch Ya Latte offers more than just an incredibly clever name; it also provides a wonderful mixture of caramel, hazelnuts, and syrupy goodness in a blend that will remind you of the finest latte.


Custom Blends

VaporFi Custom Blends

On the company’s website, you’ll find its most welcome taste option yet: the Custom Blend offering. This product offering allows you to be the mixologists, and choose your own unique blend of ingredients and flavors. VaporFi provides an interactive portal that enables you to select from a list of ingredients and create up to 30,000 different e-juice combinations. If you have ever encountered a mixed e-juice and felt that it would be better if only it had one or two added ingredients, then this ordering option is for you. Create your own flavorful concoction, place your order, and receive a 30ml bottle of your custom blend. You can even select from two different PG/VG ratios to ensure that your juice is perfect for your needs.



VaporFi SummaryFinally, the company has two extra products that can spice up your juices even more. Their Fruit Sweetener can provide that splash of fruity sweetness to even the most classic of tastes, while the company’s unique Flavor Enhancer product is designed to ensure that you taste every note and receive the full cacophony of flavorful sensations.

There are many companies making e-juices these days, and many of them produce truly great vape devices and electronic cigarettes and e-liquid. VaporFi deserves special mention – and our wholehearted recommendation, precisely due to its ability to cater to virtually any flavor need its customers might concoct. That, coupled with the company’s unyielding commitment to quality assurance, makes this one product line you won’t want to ignore.


VaporFi Products to Consider

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  • VOX productVaporFi VOX 40 and 80 TC MOD – The VOX range is one of VaporFi’s most popular box mods, with a built in 2200/4000mAh battery (depending on model) it produces lovely vapor. You can use it in either variable wattage or Ni200, SS316L and TCR temperature control modes and supports all types of coils!

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  • VEX unitVaporFi VEX 75 and 150 TC MOD – With pretty much the same specs as the VOX mod with the added advantage of having removable 18650 batteries make the VEX series another very popular mod. The advantage of removable batteries is that you can carry spares, although with a huge range of 2500mAh -5000mAh (depending on model) it’s unlikely you’ll run out of power any time soon!

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  • PRO 3 unitVaporFi Pro 3 Starter Kit – The Pro 3 is really designed for the beginner/intermediate vape who wants to mimic traditional smoking as close as possible without huge clouds of vapor. In it’s 3rd release the Pro 3 is one of the best starter kits available.

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  • Rebel 3 unitVaporFi Rebel 3 – Without doubt this is their most popular vape pen they offer, with a huge 3000MAh battery which creates the thickest vapor and wonderful taste. You can understand why vapers are loving it. Designed mainly for the intermediate to advanced vaper who prefers lung inhales.

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  • VAIO reviewVaporFi VAIO Mods – 2 options to choose from whether you want an external 18650 power source (model 75 version) or an internal 2100MAh battery (the 80 model) the VAIO is one of the box mods on the market with an internal tank, making it not only look cool, but also easier to carry around and have all the functionality of the other box mods on the market.

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