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There are more than a billion people worldwide, who are addicted to the evil habit of smoking. These addicts are finding it difficult to come out of it. Though there have been counseling sessions for the addicted person, it has not been proven to be effective. But the discovery of electronic cigarette has made a huge impact on the smokers, who are trying to come out or at least lessen their existing consumption levels.

bmc public healthRecently a 6 month pilot study was conducted by the BMC Public health on the impact created by the usage of electronic cigarettes. If you are a person interested in knowing the benefits of the electronic cigarettes, then this study would reveal many fascinating facts.

Study: Effect of Electronic cigarettes


The main objective of this study is to measure the effectiveness of E-cigarettes in helping the smoking addicts to come out or reduce their smoking levels.



Some 40 heavy smokers unwilling to quit were considered for the study. These forty people were then asked to smoke a type of e-cigarette called the categoria for a period of 24 weeks. They were then asked to come at the end of 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 24 weeks to note down important characteristics. The measures that were taken during each visit include

  1. Product use
  2. No of cigarettes smoked
  3. Exhaled carbon mono-oxide levels

Based on this data the smoking reduction rate and the abstinence rates were calculated and the results were published.


Around 67.5% of the study participants were able to adhere to the instructions provided and appeared for the review at the end of the 24 week program. Another interesting aspect is that 22.5% of the participants totally quit smoking the regular cigarette and moved to E-cigarette. The combined reduction and abstinence rates were found to be as high as 55%. One more interesting outcome of the study is with regards to the real reason behind the reduction and abstinence rates. The research group found that the nicotine level in the blood slightly increased after the 24 week period. So the reduction in nicotine level cannot be the real reason behind the reduction rates. The actual reason was found to be the elimination of the ritual associated with smoking the regular cigarette, in terms of taking the hand near to the mouth while taking a puff.

withdrawalThe usual withdrawal symptoms that are associated with the intake of drugs for nicotine dependence were not found while using e-cigarettes. The symptoms that were recorded on using e-cigs include slight mouth ulcers and dry cough. But over a period of time, these withdrawal symptoms started to go away. Another reason that has been attributed to the decrease in smoking levels is the reduction of eCo (Exhaled carbon monoxide) levels. The participants who completely quit smoking are more like to recommend the Categoria range of e-cigarettes to their friends, who are trying to get de-addicted from smoking. Those participants who didn’t see any change in their smoking levels are not likely to recommend the usage of these electronic cigarettes.

The complete technical details related to the different measurement aspects and the results during the course of the 24 week period can be obtained by following the link https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3203079/?tool=pubmed

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The study concludes that e-Cigarettes can help smokers to reduce their smoking levels and also to quit smoking completely, without being a pharmacy product. It is able to achieve this without resulting in adverse withdrawal symptoms.

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